spotlight young mom nyaguthii kioi

The Spotlight is on: Nyaguthii Kioi

We are super excited to feature our first Spotlight Young Mom from another continent!

Meet Nyaguthii Kioi and read all about this positive young mom and her sweet little boy from Kenya.

young mom nyaguthiiTell us about yourself and your family:

I just turned 20 and I have an amazing 5 month old baby boy who I absolutely love. My family is made of my mum, my sister & my brother. I’m also pretty close with my extended family on my mum’s side.

What were your biggest concerns when you first found out you were pregnant? How did you handle it?

How my life would change and if my mum would accept it. I gathered courage, prayed about it, and told her. She was amazing!!

What kinds of things do you do to treat yourself, for fun and to stay relaxed?young mom spotlight kenya

I write a lot to unwind. Especially when my stress levels are high. I love hanging out with my cousins and chilling to good music.

What are your favorite things about being a mom

Oh my baby! He just lights my world. My best feeling comes from seeing his smile. I live for that smile. Also when I’m breastfeeding him and he lifts his hand to touch my face. It’s too sweet.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? If you didn’t have any obstacles, what dream would you pursue?

I’m going to be successful. I’m doing well in school and about to be employed. I’ll hopefully be able to provide for my son without depending on my mom & aunties.young mom and baby nyaguthii kioi

What advice would you give to other young girls who just found out they’re pregnant or recently became a mom?

Being a mom is the greatest blessing. It’s motivation to be the best you can possibly be. It’s rough, but hold your head up high. God gives you only that which you can handle. It may seem bleak, but remember, it gets rough before it’s better. Await your dawn, don’t dwell on the darkness.

This mommy is so proud of her son and we love her ambition to become financially independent!

Are there any moms out there in another country that want to send a message of support to Nyaguthii? If you loved reading her story, comment below!    🙂

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