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The Spotlight is on: Genesis Quintanar

This teen mom did everything she could to graduate high school, despite all obstacles.

Read how Genesis didn’t give up and how much she loves being a young mom!

What were your biggest concerns when you first found out you were pregnant? How did you handle it?
genesis young mom 3I was 16 when I got pregnant by my boyfriend of a year and a half, he was only 15. It was my junior year of high school and I was due on January 29th 2012. I turned 17 in December and about 13 days later my water broke and I had my son 5 and a half weeks early. He was a healthy premature baby weighing at almost 7 lbs.

After I went back to school, it was too much for me to handle so I finished my junior year at an independent studies school. After that time, I had became a single teen mother and then in a few months the father of my son came back into my sons life. Him and I are fine now and we are just friends for our son. Senior year came, and I was behind on some credits so I went to a continuation school to catch up on my first semester. I went back to my local high school thinking everything would be just fine because I was ahead on my credits and community service hours.

The drama between my ex (baby daddy) was the same and with some girls. Typical high school drama. But, my mom had gotten sick with something. She’s okay now, thank God, but I was missing a lot of school to where I wouldn’t be able to graduate. I worked my butt off the very last week to find that I passed all of my courses and hours. I graduated June 13th with the class of 2013! It wasn’t easy at all, but it was not impossible.genesis young mom

I am now 19 and my son is two years old. He is healthy and happy as can be, despite the drama I’ve had with his father and my own mother. I was kicked out of the house a few times, but I still manage to have a warm and safe place for my son to sleep and food in his tummy. My son is my world, my all. He is the reason why I am who I am today and he has made my life brighter. I know I can accomplish anything I set my mind to. College is being put on hold due to a few mistakes with my financial aid. I’m not working right now. But I am looking even though it’s very hard. I love my family even though things didn’t work out for me and the father of my son. We may be apart but we are always going to be a family, and I wouldn’t change that for anything in the world.

What kinds of things do you do to treat yourself, for fun and to stay relaxed?
I take walks either with my son or by myself. Or I take nice relaxing baths. You have to put yourself genesis young mom 5first so you can be healthy to take care of your children.

What are your favorite things about being a mom?
Watching my son smile and laugh. Knowing that despite my mistakes and past, he’ll love me regardless. His hugs and kisses brighten up everything.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? If you didn’t have any obstacles, what dream would you pursue?
5 years from now I see myself in college with a steady job as well. I would still want to live with my mother so I can take care of her, but in a house not an apartment. I will also have my own car.

What advice would you give to other young girls who just found out they’re pregnant or recently became a mom?
It’s not just for yourself but it’s also for you child.

She’s chasing her goals and dreams, so what about you? Leave a comment below to tell Genesis how you can relate to her story.

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