Work at Home Mom Jobs -Are they too good to be true?

Pregnant at 19, now a Presidential Director for ViSalus- Kacey Brock speaks about work at home mom jobs, dishing the truth about hers. She shares the good and the bad parts and what it Really takes to be successful while working from home.

It is absolutely possible to make a great income from work at home mom jobs.

I can’t speak for all companies, and I can’t make income claims, but I have made a wonderful income through ViSalus Sciences, promoting the Body by Vi Challenge. After 3 months in the business I was matching my full-time income at the bank I was working and within 6 months I was making more than double.

visalus familyBeing an independent distributor means you are working for yourself! The company has the policies, procedures, system, compensation plan and everything already figured out for you, and all you have to do is promote! The effort you put forth is what determines your income and success.

The only thing I miss about working a “real job” is the social interaction and the relationships that were created from working with the same people everyday. I still talk to some of my old co-workers and I still get social interaction of course, but if I just locked myself in the house all the time, I wouldn’t get much of it. However, I am a member of a local gym, a bible study, a Christian mom’s group, and I try to take every opportunity to hang out with friends and be social. I have also made wonderful new friendships because of my ViSalus team and the ViSalus community.

I try to keep a schedule to keep myself focused. Mondays are usually a big workday for me. I take this day to plan out my week, check reports, make phone calls, etc. I try to get as much of my ViSalus business done during the weekday, as well as, working out and school work so that it is finished before my family gets home.

When I had a “real job” I worked everyday from 8-4. I went to the gym til 5 or 5:30, then picked up my son, came home, made dinner, then spent most of the evening in my office doing school work, and then when I started ViSalus while working, ViSalus work too. The only time I spent with my family was the weekends if I wasn’t busy throwing in a photoshoot.

Now, I wake up, take my son to school, head to the gym for an hour, then come home work on ViSalus, and/or school work. There are times when I have to do parties or team/corporate calls in the evenings or weekends but these things usually only take up to a few hours from my family a week. Although, when I want to take a whole day off from work I can! Another perk of working from home!!

Work at home mom jobs would benefit anyone willing to do it!body by vi challenge pics

Working from home is very beneficial for mom’s who want more time with their family but who also want to help contribute to the family income and/or enjoy the feeling of success and accomplishment that comes with a career.  I find that the busiest people I know are the people that do the best at this business; they know how to manage their time!
People that cannot self-motivate would not be able to work from home. There are times when I am not self-motivated, but it doesn’t last very long! I have to be busy; I have to be accomplishing something! If I get a little UNmotivated, I just try and plug into something that motivates me! Whether that be a book, or just some fun music, a motivational speaker, etc. Luckily, ViSalus also has regional and national events quarterly; these events really get me pumped up and ready to work!!

I think that a mom considering quitting her job to work from home should do it! However, they should definitely have a plan if they can’t go through a period without the income their current job provides.

I would also do a little research on the type of business they are wanting to do or the company that they are wanting to work with. Find a company that others have had success with and that will be able to sustain for many years. Find a company that is moving and growing and that matches your values and even your personality. I actually did no research before jumping into ViSalus. However, I also had a decent paying, full-time job. I didn’t intend to build a business out of ViSalus, I just thought, “Maybe I’ll get some free stuff from being a promoter.” I had no idea what I was doing, but I did work hard and it was fun. I had already realized that at my “corporate” job, no matter how hard I worked I still only got the same raise as everyone else that didn’t majorly screw up and that it would take me a long time to get anywhere, especially with being “so young” and a woman.

While promoting the Body by Vi Challenge, I started noticing that the rewards and income from the company equaled, if not exceeded, the work I was putting into it. Not to mention the company totally matches my personality!! I went from having to wear pantyhose and skirts and having to look “professional” and in my opinion, boring, to quitting my job, putting a fun, red streak in my hair and wearing green tubesocks to our corporate events (green is a corporate color) !

visalus team picIn 5 years, I see myself at the top of this company. I know this company will be around for years to come because of the people that have had major weight loss and health transformations with the products. I have had many people tell me that they will NEVER stop using the products. The products appeal to men and women, the overweight and the fit. The company is also the #1 fastest growing company in our industry and we haven’t even left the U.S. and Canada! I want to be at least a 5 star Ambassador in 5 years. I will not quit and that’s the beauty of this type of business if you don’t give up! In 5 years at my old job, I probably wouldn’t have been making much more than I did when I quit, but with ViSalus, the income potential is essentially unlimited!



kacey brock visalusKacey Brock is a 27 year old wife and mother to a 7 year old son. Fitness and health have become her passion through her involvement with the Body by Vi Challenge. She began promoting for ViSalus in April 2011 and was able to quit my full-time job in banking as a loan processor in February of this year. She is currently a Presidential Director with the company. Kacey strives to educate herself and her family on better nutrition and health and help others do the same. She is in the process of finishing her B.A.A.S in business this December. Some of her hobbies include photography and singing.

You can find Kacey at her ViSalus website