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TIOT: Gender Reveal Party Ideas!

It’s Talk It Out Tuesday!

“I need some original ideas for a gender reveal party… help!”

Read to see what our YMC followers suggested for the young mom that sent in this week’s question…

missy whitlock-ghormley FB young mom

FB user @Missy Whitlock-Ghormley says…

I decorated my house in pink and blue, had everyone who thought it was a girl eat off of pink plates drink out of pink cups use pink forks etc and blue for those who thought it was a boy. Then after dinner I handed out cupcakes with pink filling on the inside. It was a lot of fun especially since I have 2 boys. I’ll definitely do a gender reveal with future children!

kelseybri93 IG young mom


IG user @kelseybri93 says…

I did balloons in a box and the color of the balloons revealed the gender!


mommy2014x2 IG young mom


IG user @mommy2014x2 says…

You could put the frosting color in the middle of the cake. That way when you cut the cake it reveals the gender.


ashbertone IG young mom


IG user @ashbertone says…

We did two separate boxes one decorated in girl and one boy. My boyfriend opened the girl and I did the boy…. Well, it was a GIRL! We had pink and blue candy everywhere, big pitchers filled with blue Gatorade and pink Gatorade, we had a girl and boy cake, and we told everyone to wear either pink or blue for voting! 🙂


vegaslove89 IG young mom


IG user @vegaslove89 says…

Do a balloon drop… that’s what I did for mine. It turned out really well! 🙂 Just another variation of the balloon box, I guess. The video is on my (IG) page.

We LOVED all of these ideas and hope that this helps out the Mom-To-Be with her gender reveal party!

What did YOU do for your gender reveal party? Didn’t have one? What ideas have you seen that you thought were adorable? Comment below and let us know!

…and don’t forget to submit YOUR Talk it out Tuesday questions so you can be featured next and get feedback and advice from young moms just like you!

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