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It’s Talk It Out Tuesday!

“Do you have any home remedies for when your kids are sick?”

I know there is nothing in the world worse than having sick kiddos. It’s especially horrible when they’re so little that they can’t even tell you what’s wrong. There are tons of doctor appointments, medications, tissues, tears, and snuggles when our babies aren’t feeling well. But what else can we do? Here are some home remedies that YMC followers shared with us:

Instagram User sabaah96


IG User @sabaah96 says…

Nothing like a hot honey and lemon water to soothe a cold/sore throat!




Instagram User ambertheal

IG User @ambertheal says…

I steep ginger with lemons in hot water. Then let cool to lukewarm and add a touch of honey  and get my son to drink it. Works so well for sore throats and for upset tummies. For stuffed up noses and chest congestion, I run the hot water in the shower and sit with him in the bathroom. The hot steam helps loosen everything up.



FB User Holly Udy Patino


FB User Holly Udy Patiño says…

I use garlic/mullein oil for ear infections and it seriously works! I’d say it is just as effective as antibiotics without ruining your child’s gut health. I also use oregano essential oil (mixed with coconut oil) since it’s a natural antibiotic and it’s also antiviral. It’s great for just about any illness! I just mix it with coconut oil and put it at the bottom of my daughter’s feet (this way it quickly gets absorbed into the body) and then put socks on. I am amazed at how effective it is! (if my daughter has an ear infection, I use this in addition to the garlic/mullein oil in the ears)


Instagram User lindsayloowoo3

IG User @lindsayloowoo3 says…

Vicks VapoRub on the bottom of their feet with socks. Clears the nose every time!



Instagram User bronobell


IG User @bronobell says…

I use Echinaforce. It works like a charm for colds & flu. A couple of drops in their drinks for a day or two and they’re sorted.



Instagram User boob.e.life


IG User @boob.e.life says…
Eucalyptus oil and sitting in a steaming bathroom with baby works wonders!



Thanks mommies! You girls had some awesome ideas and I’m sure we all learned new ways to help our little loves to feel better the next time they’re sick! If you have a home remedy that you swear by that wasn’t mentioned here, make sure to leave it in the comments below!

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