low self esteem

Low Self Esteem after Becoming a Mom?

I’ve never met a woman who hasn’t had to deal with low self esteem at some point.

Between all the messages from the media telling us that our skin has to be flawless, our teeth pearly white, our hair voluminous and flowing… it’s easy to feel like we don’t measure up physically. On top of that, we’re expected to be smart, funny, charming, popular, a perfect hostess, a great cook, and physically fit.

And we’re supposed to be all of that after becoming a mom, too.

But there’s absolutely no way those expectations can be met.

Self esteem is ultimately about loving yourself the way you are and telling the media and anyone else with these insane expectations to f*** off.

But that’s not always easy to do and if a woman has low self esteem, becoming a mom will just amplify it times a million.

I know because this topic comes up often in our Young Moms Club private Facebook group.

That’s why I invited a good friend of mine, Regina Bailey, the CEO of Someone Cares and Author of “99 Excuses not to tell the Truth about my Teen Years” to join me in a discussion about some ways that moms (and specifically young moms) can improve their self esteem.


Like we said in the interview, we’d love to hear from you if you have any ways to build self esteem or if you’re currently struggling with low self esteem.

Leave a comment so we can chat about it!

never get offended

Never get Offended again! (if you remember these 2 things)

Here’s a fact about me: I like, never get offended.

Even if people are mean to me, talk behind my back or say horrible things to my face. I just don’t take offense to it. Even if it’s true.

It wasn’t always like this, though.. I spent most of my childhood, teen years and early twenties being offended when people were mean to me, which was a lot.

But then one day I noticed that I hadn’t been offended in long time, like years. At first I thought that maybe I had just built up a tolerance. But after really thinking about it, it dawned on me that nothing had really changed except my thinking about 2 things in particular.

So if you ever get your feelings hurt about things people say to you or about you, if you take it personally that certain people are trying to hurt your feelings or if you are trying to figure out why people are such rude assholes sometimes, then you’ll want to watch today’s Figure it Out Friday video..

Never get Offended again! (if you remember these 2 things)- Video Transcript

Hey, Whats up, it’s Danielle Ford, the founder of Young Moms Club where young moms go to empower themselves and design their perfect lives.

I’ve encountered a lot, a lot , a lot, a lot.. of offensive women in my life and I also had a really offensive husband, so I am no stranger to being offended.

And it’s probably because of those people, it’s kind of one of those “glass is half full” kinds of things but it’s probably because of them that I don’t really get offended, it takes a lot for me to get offended by something.

I still encounter people who say rude things or who don’t like me (if you can believe that) , it still happens to me but I can’t even remember for the life of me the last time I actually got offend by somebody.

So in today’s video I’m going to tell you the realizations I’ve had that assured that I never get offended by anyone ever again, so keep watching.

There are 2 things that you need to have in place to make sure that you never ever get offended again.

never get offended againNumber one is: You need to accept yourself the way you are. Now you don’t necessarily have to like it, but you have to accept it.

And number two is: You have to fully accept the fact that you don’t have any control over any other people. The absolute only person you have any control over whatsoever is yourself.

And If you fully understand and accept those two things then you’re never going to be offended again and the reason for that is really simple.

When someone says something that is offensive, then their opinion is either one of 2 things. It’s either wrong or its right, right?

So if their opinion is wrong, like if somebody says something that is wrong, well then, who really cares? Like  what if somebody says like “You’re a bad mom”.. If you know that you’re not a bad mom then why do you care what they think? Even if they give an example tof something you did that they think is and like “You picked your kids up late, or you’re too protective, or you’re not protective enough, or you’re this or you’re that”. Even if they’re right about that, maybe, but you know that you’re not a bad mom, then who cares? Why should you care about that? They’re completely wrong. Fuck em.

And that applies to everything, your appearance, your skills, your smarts, whatever. If someones giving you their opinion, it’s negative and they’re wrong, there’s no reason to take offense to it.

Now there is a second element to that can make you offended if you choose to, and its when someone says something offensive and you know you’re wrong like we just talked about- or you know they’re wrong- like we just talked about but then you take offenses to the fact  that they said it. You’re like “well why would you say that! You know how hard I try to work be a good mom. I’m so offended that you said that to me” well that’s where the second part comes in

Because If you fully realize that you don’t have control over other people, you do not need to understand them, you do not need to agree with them whatsoever, then there’s no reason to be offended.

So if like your best friend out of nowhere is like “You’re a shitty mom” instead of being like “oh my god, she thinks I’m a shitty mom” you would be like “hmm well that’s not true”, you know? and then, instead of being like “why would she say that? why is she trying to hurt me?” you know you can be like “well I don’t have control over her and I wonder why she’s doing that did something happen? why is she being a bitch? is she posing, you know, whats going on?” and so you know it’s not personal, you don’t take offense to it. And then you can then choose to go deeper into it, or not, it’s your choice, but there’s no reason to get offended by it because it’s not true and you cant control her.

Now what if someone says something to offend you and they’re right? Well that is where fully accepting yourself  comes in. And I’m not saying that it’s easy, it’s something that everybody struggles with, but you have to do it, you have to really work on fully accepting yourself.

You have to fully accept that you are in the right spot, the way you look, where you are, financially, whatever else is going on, your family, your career, all that stuff, you are right now, where you need to be.

And that doesn’t mean that you need to be 100% happy with it and you can be wanting to change your appearance somehow or wanting to work on your education or grow in your career or change where you live, or whatever, but you have to fully accept and love the way that you are right now, that’s so important, just love yourself, imperfections and all.

So then if someone offends you and they’re right, then you’re just like “Ok tell me something I don’t know.”

And then we’re back to that other topic of like “Why would they say that, to me, you know, why would they want to hurt me and offend me in that way.” and then we go back to the fact that we can’t control other people, we have no control over other people, we have no understanding of why they do the things they do, we don’t need to understand it, and we don’t need to validate  like why they’re such an asshole.

So lets say that maybe you’ve had a baby and maybe you have some weight to lose. And you’re not happy with it and you look at your body and you’re like “Oh man I really wanna lose some weight, maybe I should diet, exercise, yada yada”. But in the mean time, you’re like, “This is my body, I had a child, this is what happens, I love myself,” and just be happy with the way you are.

So now let’s say that you get in a fight with your boyfriend and he knows all your insecurities, he knows what’s going to hurt you, and he knows that you wanna lose some weight, and that you might not be 100% comfortable with your appearance, and so you know, you get in a fight and he’s like “Well you’re fat” cause he’s really trying to hurt you.

But that’s not gonna hurt you or upset you!or offend Because you love yourself the way you are, and even if he is right, you know it doesn’t matter because you’re happy with how you are and you’re right in the exact spot that you need to be. And of course again that crosses over into the like, “Why would he say that” aspect and you have no reason to understand everything he does because that would make you crazy, it’s not your place to know why he’s being a total dick. The reasons behind why he’s being a total dick crosses into relationship advice and that’s just like a whole other video or series of videos.

But that’s all for today. So my point is really just love yourself, be happy with where you are, you don’t have to necessarily love it, you can want to change, there’s a million things that I want to change, you know, like I’m always working on stuff, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not happy with where I am right now.

And if you really get all spiritual and everything and you really believe that everything happens for a reason, then you can’t not believe that you are in the right spot, right now, and just remember not to let anyone offend you, not to let them hurt your feelings, because whether they’re right, wrong or indifferent, you are just you and no one else is.

And as far as like, caring what other people think, my dad said something one time about my ex husband. And I couldn’t understand why he was doing some of the things he was doing and saying and everything and he’s crazy but my dad said “You cannot rationalize with an irrational person”. You can’t. If you are a sane person, then you can’t understand why somebody else is saying thing that don’t make sense or they wanna hurt you or whatever. Because if you could understand them, then you’re just as damn crazy as they are. So be lucky that you can’t.

“You cannot rationalize with an irrational person.” -Click to Tweet this wisdom


It’s very hard but work on loving yourself in the meantime and being very happy with where you are right now.

Ok that’s all for today, if you liked this video then please click like, subscribe to the YouTube Channel, share with any friends that need to hear this, and if you’re not part of the club yet, then head over to, enter your name and email and I will connect with you one on one, I’m gonna send you a free e book, its an easy read with a little work book at the end, called “The 7 Steps to Being a Kick Ass Young Mom” and I will send you videos like this weekly and any other important updates that you need to see. Ok so, thank you so much for watching, and I will see you next week.

<3 Danielle

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TIOT: Home Remedies for Kids

It’s Talk It Out Tuesday!

“Do you have any home remedies for when your kids are sick?”

I know there is nothing in the world worse than having sick kiddos. It’s especially horrible when they’re so little that they can’t even tell you what’s wrong. There are tons of doctor appointments, medications, tissues, tears, and snuggles when our babies aren’t feeling well. But what else can we do? Here are some home remedies that YMC followers shared with us:

Instagram User sabaah96


IG User @sabaah96 says…

Nothing like a hot honey and lemon water to soothe a cold/sore throat!




Instagram User ambertheal

IG User @ambertheal says…

I steep ginger with lemons in hot water. Then let cool to lukewarm and add a touch of honey  and get my son to drink it. Works so well for sore throats and for upset tummies. For stuffed up noses and chest congestion, I run the hot water in the shower and sit with him in the bathroom. The hot steam helps loosen everything up.



FB User Holly Udy Patino


FB User Holly Udy Patiño says…

I use garlic/mullein oil for ear infections and it seriously works! I’d say it is just as effective as antibiotics without ruining your child’s gut health. I also use oregano essential oil (mixed with coconut oil) since it’s a natural antibiotic and it’s also antiviral. It’s great for just about any illness! I just mix it with coconut oil and put it at the bottom of my daughter’s feet (this way it quickly gets absorbed into the body) and then put socks on. I am amazed at how effective it is! (if my daughter has an ear infection, I use this in addition to the garlic/mullein oil in the ears)


Instagram User lindsayloowoo3

IG User @lindsayloowoo3 says…

Vicks VapoRub on the bottom of their feet with socks. Clears the nose every time!



Instagram User bronobell


IG User @bronobell says…

I use Echinaforce. It works like a charm for colds & flu. A couple of drops in their drinks for a day or two and they’re sorted.



Instagram User


IG User says…
Eucalyptus oil and sitting in a steaming bathroom with baby works wonders!



Thanks mommies! You girls had some awesome ideas and I’m sure we all learned new ways to help our little loves to feel better the next time they’re sick! If you have a home remedy that you swear by that wasn’t mentioned here, make sure to leave it in the comments below!

Don’t forget to share this post AND if you’re a young mom or a teen mom with mama drama in your life… TALK IT OUT! Submit your question or problem anonymously HERE and we’ll feature it on an upcoming Talk it out Tuesday.

TIOT: How To Tell Your Parents You Need Space

It’s Talk It Out Tuesday!

“How do you let your parents know you can handle being a mom and need space to learn and figure things out on your own?”

Becoming a young mom isn’t easy and at first your parents want to help you A LOT! But after a few months you finally have the ropes figured out and it can be really hard to tell your parents that it’s time for them to back off and give you some breathing room! We don’t want to hurt their feelings, but at the same time we want to have the room to parent our own kids. Here’s some advice from other young moms who have been there:

IG USER azaleas_momma


IG User @azaleas_momma says…

Talk to your parents. Let them know how you feel and your point of view. You are a parent now yourself. We all make mistakes but have to learn from them. Be an adult and talk to them in a respectful way, that they won’t get offended. Good luck momma!


IG USER mommyofkyree



IG User @mommyofkyree says…

My boyfriend’s mother is the epitome of this. We have tried so many times to respectfully ask her to let us learn but she takes it to heart and gets offended then walks around like she has an attitude. We still haven’t found a solution to this problem.


IG USER eli_jade



IG User @eli_jade says…

There is no way! LMAO. My boyfriend’s mom thinks I’m back talking & have attitude and threatens to kick us out. You just have to ignore it or walk away.



So, it seems like this is a very common issue AND apparently not an easy one to find a solution to! I, personally, remember dealing with this when my first daughter was younger and time did help. I think my mom just had to realize that I was capable over time.

Do you have any advice for all these young moms and the teen mom who originally asked this question? If you do, leave us a comment! I’m sure we would all LOVE to hear any other comments or expert guidance on dealing with our parents.

Also, if you need help with something or just want to get some advice with a problem in your life, make sure you fill out our form so we can post your question for next week’s Talk it out Tuesday here. Also, as always, feel free to share this article and don’t forget… comment below!

TIOT Blog Post- Birthing Stories

TIOT: Giving Birth as a Young Mom

It’s Talk It Out Tuesday!

“Do you have a birthing story to share with an expectant young mom?”

Pregnancy can be scary at any age, but especially as a young, pregnant teen. One of our followers wanted to know if any of the other young moms out there have birthing stories that they could share with us. So we asked… and you answered! Here are a few of the stories:


abbylockyerrr IG User

IG User @abbylockyerrr says… I was 3 days past my due date, and my mom and I had been out all day shopping, after we got home I started having mild contractions, I was already 5 cm dilated and I thought this could be it! I got to the triage and they checked me, still only 5 cm, so they had me walk around the hospital for an hour and a half. They checked me again and I was 7 1/2 cm! I was so excited. So they put me in a room and I waited.. and waited.. And guess what? Waited! Haha. Around 1 am my midwife broke my water. I started having labor around an hour later, so I got some medicine in my IV and I fell asleep for a little, then I woke up having to poop around 4 am. I bolted to the toilet and barely anything came out so the nurse had to get me off the toilet and my midwife checked me and I was 10 cm and they had me start pushing, I pushed for about 50 minutes and I had my baby in my arms ❤


just.ashaa IG User


IG User @just.ashaa says…

I’m a 15 year old single mom. The baby’s daddy came up to the hospital when I had Jensen. He wasn’t in the delivery room because he said he was “sick to his stomach”. Jensen was born all natural, on September 8th, 2014 at 20 inches long and 7.8 pounds.




YMC Admin Kim N.YMC Admin Kim N. says…

I have two girls so I’ve got two different stories to tell about my very different experiences with the birthing process. My first daughter was born when I was only 17. I started to feel very early labor symptoms and small contractions at about 6 am. I had a rough night’s sleep so I was exhausted already. That day the contractions lasted throughout the whole day and I was doing everything I could to stay busy and walking around because I didn’t want to be stuck in a hospital bed until I absolutely had to. Finally just before 9 pm I was at the drugstore getting ice cream and kept having to drop to the floor because the pain was getting worse so my mom and my boyfriend at the time decided it was time to go to the hospital. I was admitted around 9 pm and was only about 4 1/2 cm dilated. After a few hours, I was told the baby’s heartbeat was dropping so they wanted me to get an IV and monitor hooked up, so they administered Nubain for the pain. Then after hours of waiting, at around 1 am, my nurse told me I was basically “stuck” at 5 cm and wasn’t going to get any further along until I slept. By then the drugs were wearing off so they insisted I get an epidural. I was so insistent that I was going to have the baby without an epidural, I argued with the doctors until they finally convinced me. Once I got the epidural hooked up, I fell asleep and when I woke up the nurse decided that it was time for them to break my water. A few hours later, they came back to administer Pitocin to move things along but, surprise! She was ready to come out by then. I had a painless delivery since I had gotten the epidural and all went so well after that.

My second daughter was born was almost 6 years later and was a totally different experience. I woke up with pretty decent labor pains around 7:30 am. Within an hour I realized that the contractions were getting much more intense and that this baby was NOT going to wait much longer to make an appearance! So we left for the hospital close to 9 am and I was admitted immediately. I knew things were moving along really quickly so I was adamant that they called the anesthesiologist right away to get my epidural. They were making me wait for what seemed like forever and all I could think about were those movies where the doctor tells the mom that it’s too late and she’s just going to have to do it naturally, so I threw a hardcore fit. I was cursing at everyone, yelling, and acting super demanding to the point where they had to close the door to my room. LOL. Finally the anesthesiologist showed up and got me all set up and before I knew it, it was early afternoon and they were telling me it was time to push. There was one little problem… I was so drugged up that I couldn’t feel any pressure or feel any muscle control so I couldn’t even push when I was told to! They even had to have people hold my legs up on either side because I was too numb to do it myself. I coughed and they said, “Wait, do that again!”. I kind of looked at them like they were crazy, but they said when I coughed my stomach muscles tensed and it was like I was pushing. I laughed at the thought of that and they said, “Oh, do that again too!” since that worked the same way coughing did. So at that point I literally had to laugh/cough my daughter out of me. It felt like the silliest thing ever!

So now that we’ve shared our stories, we hope that our YMC teen mom that asked this question has a smooth and successful delivery and a healthy, happy baby! Did you have an interesting birthing story you want to share? Comment below!

If anyone else has a subject they want help or feedback on, make sure you fill out our form to be anonymously featured on the next Talk it out Tuesday here. Also, as always, feel free to share this article and leave a comment below!


public speaking tips get respect

6 Public Speaking Tips- Use these everyday to get Instant Respect!

A few months ago, I teamed up with 7 other moms here in Vegas to start a charity. We call ourselves TMIVegas aka “True Moms in Vegas.” (I will spill all the details about that soon!)

While we’re working on the business side of things and planning the future of our organization, we are spending some time helping out other organizations.

So last weekend, we all volunteered at a good friend of mine, Regina Bailey’s, event “The Someone Cares Self Esteem event and Photo Shoot”. My role was to be a “happiness coordinator” and make sure all the girls were chatting and comfortable. I also volunteered to do hair for the photo shoot.. I love doing hair.

Anyway.. there were 3 speakers lined up and a couple minutes before one speaker was set to go on, she texted Regina that she couldn’t make it. I asked Regina what she was supposed to talk about and she said “Communication”.

I’ve never spoken publicly about communication but I did give a TEDxWomen talk and had been featured in a documentary about public speaking, so I felt confident enough to share what I knew.

I told Regina that I would speak, if she liked, and about 2 minutes later, I was up at the podium, with 20 adolescent girls staring at me, waiting to see if I earned their approval or not.

I even started my 30 minute speech with, “I have no idea what I’m going to say to you right now.” ..Luckily it got better from there..

public speaking

I just went with my gut and started telling them the importance of public speaking, even if they felt like they would never have to speak on a stage in their life.

I told them that knowing these public speaking tips was the difference between getting a job or not, getting a loan, landing their dream guy, and ultimately.. earning respect.

After I talked, I had the girls come up to the front, one by one, and we worked on their public speaking.

public speaking tips

I would ask them a few questions and have them answer them normally and then we would talk about what they could change to appear more confident and earn instant respect.

All of the other girls were giving advice to the girl up front.. they started giving each other public speaking tips!

Then after getting feed back, I would ask them to answer the questions again and every single girl progressed by like 5000%. I’m not exaggerating. Ok, maybe a little.

public speaking advice

It was really just incredible to watch these girls blossom and gain more confidence in their speaking abilities, just by learning a few new things.

So in today’s video, I’m sharing with you the same exact 6 Public Speaking tips that I shared with these girls.

They’re super simple, it’s just sometimes we don’t notice that we’re doing- or not doing- certain things.

So what did you think of these tips? I want you to now go and try them out and then report back to me with what kind of a difference it made.

<3 Danielle

most of your thoughts are wrong

Most of your Thoughts are WRONG!

I don’t know about you, but my mind goes a mile a minute. If I would ever go to a doctor, she’d probably diagnose me with severe ADHD.

law of attraction danielle fordI just can’t help it, though. I try to calm the monkey in my mind. I meditate. It helps. But still, I’m constantly being bombarded with random thoughts.. and this is bad for 2 reasons.

1) It can make it tough for me to focus.


2) Most of the thoughts I have (and you have.. and everyone has..) are UNTRUE.

And to be able to find your strengths, set goals, go after your dreams and all those big things you want to do, first and foremost you have to separate your untrue thoughts from your true thoughts.

I know I might sound a little coo-coo right now but I’ll explain more in today’s video and I’ll give you examples of some thoughts that pop in my head.

Don’t judge me.

OK so now that it all makes sense (I hope!), I want to know what kind of thoughts you have that aren’t true. What are you going to do to separate them?? Lemme know and let’s chat about it! <3 Danielle


The Spotlight is on: Kaitlin Kadar

We are so excited to have Kaitlin joining the club and telling her story. This young mom’s experience with breastfeeding, school, being a teen mom, and working her butt off definitely inspired us today. Check her out!

young spotlight parents kaitlinTell us about yourself and your family

I’m an 18 year old woman from Akron, Ohio. My daughter, Emma, will be 2 on September 8th. I believe in extended breastfeeding, extended rear facing, cosleeping, cobathing, and baby-wearing. I’m a nursing student and I’m president of my class. Emma’s father is still in the picture, we’ve just been through many struggles and don’t know exactly where we are right now. My heart knows what I want but my head tells me what I need, so it’s been very difficult.

What were your biggest concerns when you first found out you were pregnant? How did you handle it?
Honestly, my biggest concern was probably getting the money for formula and diapers because neither of us had a job. So that’s why I breastfed. Jeff (Emma’s father) had gotten a third shift job and was still attending high school. It was embarrassing walking the halls with a big belly. People who I’ve never talked to suddenly wanted to be my friend and all of my actual friends trailed off. Funny how things work, huh? I ended up getting a job two months postpartum and went back to school and earned straight A’s my entire senior year, bought my first car, breastfed my daughter and pumped for what seemed like all of my free time, and I was working. I walked the stage with my class. I was so proud of myself.kaitlinl daughter

What kinds of things do you do to treat yourself, for fun and to stay relaxed?
I don’t have much spare time! I’m in nursing school I have a toddler and I’m working at a factory, there’s no time for extras if I want to do my best in everything I do. Occasionally I’ll take my daughter to go get a treat from the store, or we’ll have a picnic at the park. I guess that’s what I do to stay relaxed. 🙂

What are your favorite things about being a mom?
I feel like I was made to be a mother. I love everything. From the stinky silly toots my daughter says are yucky, to the hugs and kisses every night. I must have done something right to deserve this. I love the crazy bed head. I love the snuggles, the silly remarks from Emma, her sass, her giggles. I love how much she has made me grow. I love how much she has taught me. I’m supposed to be the teacher, but with her and me, she’s far more of the little teacher. She’s given me purpose.

young mom kaitlin

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? If you didn’t have any obstacles, what dream would you pursue?
In five years, If I keep on track, I’ll have my bachelor’s in science and nursing, and working on the next step which will be my masters in nursing. I’ll have my own house and I’ll work in the medical field instead of the rubber factory I work at. LOL! If I didn’t hit the obstacles I hit, I wouldn’t be who I am today… So I wouldn’t exactly say I would be pursuing other dreams, because I’m pursuing all of my dreams. Right. Now.

What advice would you give to other young girls who just found out they’re pregnant or recently became a mom?
Moms to be or new mommas… Hmmm.
To never let yourself part ways from family! No matter WHAT, you can do anything you want to do. Nothing is holding you back. Don’t put off school because you doubt yourself. That’s silly. Work for what you have and you’ll feel so much better about it. It’s much more rewarding. Oh, and do research on EVERYTHING! Breastfeeding, water birth, home births with doulas, circumcision, epidural, episiotomy, cloth diapering, formula, car seat safety, EVERYTHING!

WOW, Kaitlin is such a knowledgeable and strong mom!

Between school, working, and putting 100% into being a great mommy we are so proud to have her story to share. Wanna give her props? Have questions? Comment below!

beauty secret

My #1 Beauty Secret (That costs around $12!)

Normally my Figure It Out Friday videos are a little bit more umm… important than this one is.

I usually cover topics like self care, and going after your goals and getting confidence, but I’m always getting asked what I use on my skin and hair.

beauty secret coconut oil picSo today I’m letting you in on my #1 beauty secret and believe it or not, it costs me around $12 a month.

Ok.. I can’t contain myself, I’ll tell you what it is now.. it’s…. COCONUT OIL!!

I am freaking obsessed with coconut oil. I use it in the bedroom, in the bathroom, in the kitchen, in the sun. It replaces things in my medicine cabinet. I use it for the dog. I could go on and on but I already did that in the video 🙂

In today’s video I’ll explain exactly how I use coconut oil, what the benefits are and why it’s not just a beauty product but a health product as well..

So now I want to know from you, are you gonna go out and get ya some coconut oil?

Do you already use it and love it? Do you use it for anything I missed? Let me know in the comments!

Here’s to your beauty and health!
<3 Danielle

ed bernstein danielle ford las vegas

Interview with Danielle Ford on the Ed Bernstein Show

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Ed Bernstein, a Las Vegas personal injury attorney, who has had a TV show for over 25 years.teen pregnancy las vegas

In this interviewed we talked about..

  • My back story and why I started Young Moms Club

  • What YMC offers young moms

  • Challenges that most young moms face

  • How we can help to lower the rate of teen pregnancy

Here’s the full interview..

Thanks so much for having me as your guest, Ed! 🙂