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The Spotlight is on: Eleigh Arnold

This young mom found true love in her family life.

Hear what Eleigh has to say about being married to her high school sweetheart and raising her adorable little boy, Bauston.

eleigh arnold young teen momTell us about yourself and your family:

I’m Eleigh (Ellie)! I’m married to the love of my life, Sean. We met my junior year of high school and have been inseparable ever since! I got pregnant at the end of that next summer right before my senior year was beginning. Bauston, my son was born in April of 2013! He’s the best thing that has ever happened to us!

What were your biggest concerns when you first found out you were pregnant? How did you handle it?

I was really worried about how I was going to finish school. I looked into online schooling and dropping out of school. Eventually I talked to my principal and she suggested I graduate early. It was difficult with no lunch hour and 8 classes, but I managed and graduated early!

eleigh arnold spotlightWhat kinds of things do you do to treat yourself, for fun and to stay relaxed?

I love to take care of my health and fitness. I just got a new job and am now able to afford a gym membership, so I joined a gym and have started a new fitness journey. I also love to spend time outside just laying in the sunshine. If the day is nice, then I’ll sit outside when Bauston goes down for a nap!

What are your favorite things about being a mom?

I love seeing Baus learn new things! He is already so smart and athletic and he’s only one. He can shoot a basketball already!! I spoil him as much as possible! I love to buy him cute outfits! Another thing I love is snuggling him in bed first thing in the morning! I go get him from his crib, get him a bottle and snuggle him!

eleigh arnold teen mom

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? If you didn’t have any obstacles, what dream would you pursue?

I see us finished with college and loving our careers, hopefully another baby and in a great family home. My all-time dream is to be an interior designer. Hopefully I can change my major and get into something I will love doing forever.

eleigh arnold young mother


What advice would you give to other young girls who just found out they’re pregnant or recently became a mom?

Enjoy every little moment. Every kick, every movement, every hiccup, labor and the newborn snuggles because before you know it your little one is going to be running all over the house and won’t want any momma snuggles anymore. Also, document every big moment, first teeth, first words… every month they’ll be doing something new so make sure you get it at least written down.

We just love hearing about teen moms who finish school and live out their dream life. So happy for Eleigh and her husband who are doing a great job raising their little one.

As young moms we know that time flies and our kids grow up so quickly! Do you have anything to tell Eleigh? Are you a young mom who stayed with the father of your child and lived your happily ever after? Let us know in the comments below!


The Spotlight is on: Kaitlin Kadar

We are so excited to have Kaitlin joining the club and telling her story. This young mom’s experience with breastfeeding, school, being a teen mom, and working her butt off definitely inspired us today. Check her out!

young spotlight parents kaitlinTell us about yourself and your family

I’m an 18 year old woman from Akron, Ohio. My daughter, Emma, will be 2 on September 8th. I believe in extended breastfeeding, extended rear facing, cosleeping, cobathing, and baby-wearing. I’m a nursing student and I’m president of my class. Emma’s father is still in the picture, we’ve just been through many struggles and don’t know exactly where we are right now. My heart knows what I want but my head tells me what I need, so it’s been very difficult.

What were your biggest concerns when you first found out you were pregnant? How did you handle it?
Honestly, my biggest concern was probably getting the money for formula and diapers because neither of us had a job. So that’s why I breastfed. Jeff (Emma’s father) had gotten a third shift job and was still attending high school. It was embarrassing walking the halls with a big belly. People who I’ve never talked to suddenly wanted to be my friend and all of my actual friends trailed off. Funny how things work, huh? I ended up getting a job two months postpartum and went back to school and earned straight A’s my entire senior year, bought my first car, breastfed my daughter and pumped for what seemed like all of my free time, and I was working. I walked the stage with my class. I was so proud of myself.kaitlinl daughter

What kinds of things do you do to treat yourself, for fun and to stay relaxed?
I don’t have much spare time! I’m in nursing school I have a toddler and I’m working at a factory, there’s no time for extras if I want to do my best in everything I do. Occasionally I’ll take my daughter to go get a treat from the store, or we’ll have a picnic at the park. I guess that’s what I do to stay relaxed. 🙂

What are your favorite things about being a mom?
I feel like I was made to be a mother. I love everything. From the stinky silly toots my daughter says are yucky, to the hugs and kisses every night. I must have done something right to deserve this. I love the crazy bed head. I love the snuggles, the silly remarks from Emma, her sass, her giggles. I love how much she has made me grow. I love how much she has taught me. I’m supposed to be the teacher, but with her and me, she’s far more of the little teacher. She’s given me purpose.

young mom kaitlin

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? If you didn’t have any obstacles, what dream would you pursue?
In five years, If I keep on track, I’ll have my bachelor’s in science and nursing, and working on the next step which will be my masters in nursing. I’ll have my own house and I’ll work in the medical field instead of the rubber factory I work at. LOL! If I didn’t hit the obstacles I hit, I wouldn’t be who I am today… So I wouldn’t exactly say I would be pursuing other dreams, because I’m pursuing all of my dreams. Right. Now.

What advice would you give to other young girls who just found out they’re pregnant or recently became a mom?
Moms to be or new mommas… Hmmm.
To never let yourself part ways from family! No matter WHAT, you can do anything you want to do. Nothing is holding you back. Don’t put off school because you doubt yourself. That’s silly. Work for what you have and you’ll feel so much better about it. It’s much more rewarding. Oh, and do research on EVERYTHING! Breastfeeding, water birth, home births with doulas, circumcision, epidural, episiotomy, cloth diapering, formula, car seat safety, EVERYTHING!

WOW, Kaitlin is such a knowledgeable and strong mom!

Between school, working, and putting 100% into being a great mommy we are so proud to have her story to share. Wanna give her props? Have questions? Comment below!

TIOT - When Should I Tell Him I Have Kids

TIOT: When Do You Tell a Guy You Have Kids?

It’s Talk It Out Tuesday!

“When is the right time to tell a guy you have children? Is the first date too soon?”

This question was sent in by a young mom hitting the dating scene. We got lots of responses from women and even a guy’s perspective! Check out what YMC followers said about this week’s question…

FB User Aubrie Phenix


Facebook User Aubrie Phenix says… I’d say tell them right away, first date or sooner. They deserve to know the package deal they’d be getting. Not to mention, if they won’t give you a chance just because you have kids, chances are they wouldn’t make a very good father and it’s not someone you would want in their lives or yours anyway.


IG User waitingongrace



IG user @waitingongrace says… I’d tell him, but I wouldn’t bring him home to the kiddos until you’re sure he’ll stick around.


IG User jasminder_03


IG user @jasminder_03 says… Before the first date to see if they’re still interested. Why waste your time if they don’t want someone with kids? But I agree, definitely don’t introduce them to the kids.

FB User Ryan Schlotter




Facebook User Ryan Schlotter says… We deserve to know ASAP.


IG User prvncess_lyric


IG user @prvncess_lyric says… You should let them know soon. If he doesn’t want to stick around, don’t get pissed or upset because you should never let someone come before your child/children. If he doesn’t care about you having kids, then that’s great. But you should never introduce your kids and your date until you know for sure he’s the right guy. It’s only right.

Thanks for your opinions everyone! All of the ladies (and guy) seem to be on the same page. What do you think?

Are YOU a young mom on the dating scene who has told your dates about your kid/kids? Are you a guy who has dated young, single moms? When were you told about her children? Leave a comment below!

…and don’t forget to submit YOUR Talk it out Tuesday questions so you can be featured next and get feedback and advice from young moms just like you!

shayla brown spotlight

The Spotlight is on: Shayla Brown

This young mom has amazing advice and is really taking charge of her life.

Ambitious and finding a balance between career and family, see how Shayla is working her dream job and being an awesome mom!

shayla brown young momTell us about yourself and your family:
I am a single mother of a simply gorgeous daughter, Ava Marie. She is two years old and full of life. She gets that from muah… My profession is in radio advertising. I attended the school of Academy of Radio and Television. My mother and father and the Lord are my support system. My goals are being reached daily. I truly celebrate the small successes that will get to me to my large SUCCESS.

What were your biggest concerns when you first found out you were pregnant? How did you handle it?
What the heck am I going to do with a child (i.e. money, daycare, etc.)? To be honest I handled it with again the support of my family and friends. I applied myself like never before in life.

What kinds of things do you do to treat yourself, for fun and to stay relaxed?
I enjoy wine. Lol…. on occasion. I also enjoy cooking, and making sure I stay linked with my few true girlfriends and have dinner and or, go dancing!

What are your favorite things about being a mom?shayla brown spotlight young mom
I enjoy my daughter as a whole. Being a mother is such a gift from God that not every woman gets the chance to experience. The responsibility of taking care of someone else makes me feel good. I enjoy the unconditional love that is experienced.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? If you didn’t have any obstacles, what dream would you pursue?
I see Ava and me in my own home, producing, and hosting my own radio/tv show. Oh, while owning my own catering business.

What advice would you give to other young girls who just found out they’re pregnant or recently became a mom?
There’s no such thing as a perfect parent/person. You will learn patience. Remember it is a virtue.

We love Shayla’s drive and the happiness she has found being a mom to her baby girl! Share in the comments your favorite thing about being a young mom.

young mommy honour toth

The Spotlight is on: Honour Toth

This young mom has found the definition of creating your perfect life!

Read about Honour and how she has created a stable life for her and her adorable little girl that is full of success, love and happiness!

Tell us about yourself and your family:
My name is Honour and I have a 7 year old daughter named Kiarah. I got pregnant at 16 and had her a month after I turned 17. Her dad was my high school sweetheart, we were together 5 years and broke up just before she turned 3. She doesn’t remember her dad and I ever being together. In her mind it’s always been me and her 🙂honour toth spotlight young mom

I am now dating an amazing man named Andrew who loves my daughter as if she was his! We have two Pomeranians also, so our house is very full!!! My boyfriend is a welder so he isn’t home very often, so it’s mostly me, my daughter, and our pups. But we go visit dad at work when we can! When we are home without him we stay busy with outings, try to go on a mom/daughter date once a week (her choice of activity within reason), and she is busy with her gymnastics! She’s obsessed!! Every other weekend when she goes to visit her biological dad I throw Passion Parties for a little extra income and relax time 🙂

What were your biggest concerns when you first found out you were pregnant? How did you handle it?
I was 16. I was scared my family would disown me, but my mom was my biggest support system! I was scared to lose my friends… and even though I couldn’t go do everything they were doing, I got to stay home with my new best friend so I didn’t feel like I lost anything. I actually gained! I was scared I would not be able to get/finish my education, but there are so many programs and schools out there so it’s not an issue. You can still get as far in life as you want!! I was scared I would be a bad mom because I didn’t have a ton of experience with babies, but it came naturally and learning what didn’t was fun for me!!

What kinds of things do you do to treat yourself, for fun and to stay relaxed?
Well, I am a consultant for Pure Romance. So throwing Passion Parties on the weekend is so much fun! My lady nights definitely relax me… But my favorite way to relax without working is having spa nights with my daughter! We love doing our nails! I also enjoy lying in bed and reading! Nothing like getting lost in a great book! My daughter is my best friend so when it’s been a really hard honour tothday, just playing with her is my best way to relax and feel happy 🙂

What are your favorite things about being a mom?
That I have my best friend with me at all times! The proud feeling I get when she does almost anything!!! The warm feeling I get when she says, “Mama, I love you!” I love the morning with her! She is always in such a good mood! Listening to her “great ideas”, her imagination always puts a smile on my face! My favorite thing about being a mom is every moment!!! It’s the best thing I have ever done in my life!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? If you didn’t have any obstacles, what dream would you pursue?
In 5 years I’d love to be married to the love of my life (my boyfriend now)! I want to maybe have one more baby and seeing as I learn something new every day being a mom, I hope for that to continue and still learn new and exciting things everyday for the next five years and longer!!! I want my daughter to be excelling in grade 7 and happier than ever. A nice house with a picket fence wouldn’t be bad either 😉honour toth young mom

What advice would you give to other young girls who just found out they’re pregnant or recently became a mom?
It is hard; it is a complete life changer! But the minute you hold your baby and feel that unconditional love it will be easy to make the changes you need to, to be the best mom possible! Just know you now have a little person that will love you unconditionally and should be your best friend for the rest of your life! Enjoy EVERY moment! Even the hard times because they grow so fast and you WILL look back and laugh at all the moments you DID want to pull your hair out at the time. Being a mom will be the most rewarding thing you ever did in your life! Remember always listen to others advice, but only do what you feel is right! No one knows how to raise your baby but you, but the advice is helpful. Don’t ever look at having a baby as an end to your life as you know it, it’s just a new chapter and worth every change you’ll ever have to make. Yes, you will have hard days, but just take a deep breath and stare down at your little angel and it will make any problem better and you WILL smile through it 🙂

young mother sabina lynne waldrop

The Spotlight is on: Sabina Lynne Waldrop

This is one strong mama! Read about how Sabina overcame so many obstacles as a young mom. She is such an inspiration!

Tell us about yourself and your family:

Hi! My name is Sabina I am 18 years old. I started my family when I was 17. Aubrie, my daughter, is 17 months old and it’s just me and her. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

So let me just start this off my saying that because me and Aubrie’s biological father are not on good terms, I do not want to focus on the negative but I also know that everything he did to me and everything I’ve been through has made me the person I am today. So here it goes, this is my story.

I first met Adam Jackson through a friend in high school. Of course he was Mr. Prince Charming. I was a cheerleader and he was a football player. How perfect, right? It was the end of my sophomore year and the end of his senior year of high school. We really hit it off. You all know how that goes we were young, dumb, and in love. Our relationship was great. Or so I thought. Here I am, an insecure 16 year old girl that was so shy and naive, who was trying to find herself. He was hilarious and we always had a great time together. He stood up for me and I felt so safe with him.

Sabina Spotlight Young Mom 3He became very jealous of me. He was graduated from high school and I was a junior. He had his friends watch every move I made in high school and text him if I did anything like talk to a guy and I had a lot of guy friends. He would wait outside in the parking lot almost every day when I got out of school. At first I was like “how sweet” but I later realized it was his way to make sure every guy at that school knew I was his. So time went on and became even more outrageously jealous. He found out that I said I liked a guy. You know how that high school girl talk goes “He’s so cute”, “I like him”, or “He’s so sweet”. And he instantly changed. He threw all my stuff on the floor while he was screaming at me calling me everything under the sun. He made me feel so low, like dirt. I said to myself that night that I would do whatever it took to stay with him. He made me feel not good enough and that I was so lucky to have him. I continued to be in a terrible relationship that began to get emotionally and physically abusive, all the while thinking it was my fault he acted the way he was. Wrong!

When we found out I was pregnant I took the test at his house. He held me in complete silence as I cried. I was terrified at first but became happy as the time went on. He promised me and this baby the world. I believed him. I was raised in a Christian home, so this really caused a lot of chaos in my family. My dad pretty much disowned me.

Months went on and our relationship grew toxic. He said things the hinted the fact that he didn’t want to be with me anymore and I was crazy and just made me feel so unwanted. He said I was the one that was tearing us apart. I was pregnant and in high school! Can you say hormone over load? I couldn’t help it. Being pregnant is supposed to be such a wonderful experience while you anxiously await the arrival of your baby. I didn’t know what to do. I later found out he was cheating on me the entire time. I felt so stupid and hurt. And he got mad at me because I said I liked a guy to my friends? Hello! Red flag!!Sabina Spotlight Young Mom 2

My water broke at 6:30 in the morning and I was in labor for 11 hours. Aubrie Nicole Waldrop was born October 14th at 5:50 p.m. weighing 8 lb and 14 oz and 21 inches tall. She was so beautiful. I didn’t want to put her down.

I went on home school for 6 weeks while i was trying to get use to being a new mom. My parents tried to be Aubrie’s parents. They would scream at me every time she cried “What did you do to her?”, “Why is she crying?” as they would try to take her away from me. I became depressed and had bad anxiety. Every time Aubrie cried i would freak out waiting for someone to try to take her from me. I felt like a terrible mother. I lost a bunch of weight and began to get sever acne from all the stress I was under. After those 6 I went back to school. It was so hard to leave her at the babysitters every morning but I had to look at the bigger picture and set an example for my daughter. I was so lucky to still be able to go to Homecoming, prom, and graduate with my class. My parents continued to act the same way, making me feel not good enough for my own child.

After I had Aubrie I completely changed. I stopped putting up with people and things that brought me down or got in my way. I was so blind and oblivious to the way that Adam treated me but I saw the way he was with Aubrie crystal clear. I told him I was not going to chase him around and make sure he did what he was supposed to because it was so exhausting. And of course after I stopped doing that he stopped seeing her or getting anything for her. He blamed it on me because I didn’t tell him to come see her, to get her diapers, ect. I felt like he should have asked me and if he was around her the way he should have been he would have known when she was almost out of something. I felt like I was a single mom. I was buying everything for her out of my graduation money. I was the only one putting any effort in raising and taking care of her. So I made it official, I broke up with him. And I haven’t heard from him since.

Now I am currently living in NC. I moved away from everyone in high hopes to start a great life for the both of us. I am going to school to become an RN, I work at Sally Beauty Supply and Aubrie is enrolled in a great daycare. Even though things aren’t 100% perfect still, I truly am happy. I am glad that I’ve been through everything that I have because I wouldn’t be where I am today. I am no longer depressed like I used to be my face has cleared up and I’m back to a normal, healthy weight. Me and my parents have a better realationship now. This change was good on the both of us. I think we have a closer mother daughter relationship because I don’t have all my focus on the negative stuff anymore. We are just taking life one day at a time and enjoying the ride and each other.Sabina and Aubrie Spotlight Young Mom

What were your biggest concerns when you first found out you were pregnant? How did you handle it?

I knew that Aubrie’s biological father was not a great person. Not even that he wasn’t a great person but not even a decent person at that. You have all these expectations that you want for your children and if your anything like me everything HAS to be perfect. So you could only imagine all the worries and concerns I had. I was so frustrated because he would always say “We have 9 months to get everything ready, Sabina. That is more than enough time.” He never helped me get things ready. I was still living with my parents at the time and I painted and set up her nursery all by myself with some help from my mom.

What kinds of things do you do to treat yourself, for fun and to stay relaxed?

I am such on a busy schedule right now I don’t have time to relax. But when I do have a little extra time I like to catch up on my favorite shows while I get things ready for the next day. I bought some nail polish, foot soak, foot scrub, and some lotion to help treat myself for always being on the go and always being on my feet. I hope to use it real soon!

What are your favorite things about being a mom?

I like dressing her up and putting bows in her hair. I like taking her outside and just seeing that sweet smile she gets when she’s exploring something new. Her laugh is the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard. I love watching her grow and see the beautiful little girl she is becoming. I absolutely love hearing that sweet little voice that I created call me momma. All my troubles melt away.Sabina Spotlight Young Mom 1

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? If you didn’t have any obstacles, what dream would you pursue?

I see myself working as an RN in a hospital somewhere. I would love to be a traveling nurse and just take my baby to see the world with me. And then when we find the perfect place just settle down and start our lives. I want to give her the life I’ve never had. I want her life to be filled with adventure, love and happiness. I want to teach her to be independent and confident in herself that she could do anything she wants to. I will be her biggest fan.

What advice would you give to other young girls who just found out they’re pregnant or recently became a mom?

I would just say hang in there. I strongly believe Aubrie was my miracle. I believe she was put in my life to become a stronger person and stop putting up with people walking all over me. I needed her to be where I am now. And I think that goes for anyone. They were put in our lives for a reason. I dont know where I’d be with out her. I know for a fact I wouldn’t be where I am right now. God wouldn’t give you more than you could handle. This is just part of a bigger, better plan he has in store. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Always know you are good enough no matter what. You are only one person and you will make mistakes. But just keep moving forward and don’t let this break you.

We love how Sabina was able to overcome so many obstacles. We are so proud of you for sharing your story with other young moms.

Leave a comment for this awesome young mom or tell us how you can relate to her story.

Past TIOT Stepmoms

TIOT: Should Stepmoms Have Boundaries?

It’s Talk It Out Tuesday!

“How much communication should you have with a stepmom? And what topics are ok for her to have an opinion on?”

We got a lot of responses to this subject and here are some of the things YMC followers had to say about this week’s question…

Momma2 two boys


Twitter follower @Momma2 two boys says…

Stepmoms are part of the family too and shouldn’t only be allowed to have opinions on certain things. I think this question is what’s wrong with society and viewing stepmoms. They should be treated with respect as a member of the family.




IG user @mommasalmaa says…

I don’t think they should have much of an opinion on how the child is raised. I mean, if you have a stepmom because your biological mom passed or something, then obviously she’s your mother figure so any opinion is fine. If it’s because of a divorce, then I think she has no say in anything really.





IG user @arielle_rose86 says…

If the stepmom plays a bigger role in the child’s life, they should have just as much say.





 IG user @kelsey_trevor_luis says…

I am both a stepmom and a biological mom and let me tell ya, stepmoms can really get the crap end of the stick. No matter how much you do for your step children, society in general will act like you should have no opinion and that nothing is your business. But, no matter what, all you can do is love your step children and try to be peaceful with their biological mom.



sandoval_loveIG user @sandoval_love says…

So, I’m a stepmother and have had a stepmother in my son’s life at one point. In regards to being the step mother, I used to have great communication with my daughter’s mother! Unfortunately, circumstances have changed and now we have almost zero communication and it’s really hard. I think each situation is unique and I’m not going to go into detail of ours, but it’s 100% a priority , no matter what, to keep the best interest of my “stepdaughter” (I hate calling her that) on the front lines. I think it’s beyond important to remove our personal feelings from the situation as much as possible even though it’s a huge challenge at times, especially when we have teenagers!

I also understand being on the other side of it too. At one time my son had a stepmother in his life because I was absent for the majority of the first 3 years of his life and I was honestly thankful for her. Our communication was minimal because when we did communicate she felt it was necessary to push her weight around which always led to an argument because I was insecure about my position. I had a lot to prove and did so. She did have a say so and I had to accept that but unfortunately she is no longer in the picture. When she left we were on good terms but I’m thankful for her position in my son’s life in light of my absence.

I’ve learned a lot over the past 6 years being on both sides of the fence so although I understand it’s so easy to think of a stepmother as a nuisance, it’s also important to look at our position for what it is and make the environment we provide for our children as pleasant as possible. It’s definitely challenging but can be so rewarding. I love my “stepdaughter” like she’s mine and it’s not a competition. I’ve always done my best to make it clear her mother cannot be replaced and even though things are hard and I may not agree with the lifestyle, I always have respect and do my best to be a helper instead of a road block. And I continue to pray for things to turn around! This is a great topic!

We thought this was a great topic too! Thank you to all who contributed and gave such incredible feedback from so many different viewpoints! We hope that your advice was helpful to our young mom.

Do YOU have any experience as a stepmom? Do your children have a stepmom in their lives? What is your opinion on placing boundaries on stepmoms and their involvement in their stepchild’s life? Leave a comment below!

…and don’t forget to submit YOUR Talk it out Tuesday questions so you can be featured next and get feedback and advice from young moms just like you!

teen mom julie langridge

The Spotlight is on: Julie Langridge

Meet our brand new young mom Julie! She is such a positive teen mom with a great support system, you’ll love reading her story.

Tell us about yourself and your family

I am 17 years old and about to graduate high school. My daughter Andie was born on March 10th and is now just over 2 months old. She makes me smile every day and even though her father and I were nowhere near ready to raise a baby, we are doing the best we can and have no problems loving her!!

julie langridge spotlight young mom

What were your biggest concerns when you first found out you were pregnant? How did you handle it?

I found out I was pregnant just after Christmas. I was already 22 weeks in and had no idea! It was a huge shock to my entire family and I cried for a very long time, but with my boyfriend firmly by my side I went back to school with my head held high. It was difficult to be the talk of the school, but all of the staring and rude comments died down after a while. Only two months later my little girl came into the world (two months premature) and all of a sudden what seemed like the end of the world was the beginning of a whole new adventure.

Julie Langridge baby teen mom

What kinds of things do you do to treat yourself, for fun and to stay relaxed?

My parents have been great helpers with Andie. When my boyfriend and I need a break or just a night to ourselves they have no problem helping us out. He and I go for walks and talk about whatever is going on in our lives. We have date nights to ourselves and it really helps us keep our sanity and makes our love grow stronger.

What are your favorite things about being a mom?

My favorite things about being a mom are just beginning as she is still so little. Right now just knowing that she needs me and cares about me puts a huge smile on my face. Also putting her in little outfits is lots of fun! 🙂

Julie Langridge teen mom pic

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? If you didn’t have any obstacles, what dream would you pursue?

In five years I see myself remodeling houses and making people proud of where they live. I hope to go to school for interior design! Also I see my little family living in our own house and feeling great. Andie will be 5 years old and be having a blast at school!!

What advice would you give to other young girls who just found out they’re pregnant or recently became a mom?

Try not to focus so much on the negative aspects of being a young mom. Think about all of the beautiful things you and your child are going to do together. Also you will have a lot more time to spend with them as oppose to everybody else. Changing your attitude and getting excited about your new baby will make a huge difference in your life, trust me!

What kind of support have you gotten since becoming a teen mom? Is the dad around to help support you and your child? Do your parents help out at all? Tell us all about it below in the comments.

juggling life blog header

Juggling and Keeping Your Sanity: How to find balance in a crazy world

Do you ever feel like once in a while life as a young mom can get a little bit overwhelming?  Or maybe a LOT?  You are NOT alone!

So many of us young moms feel that way and it’s totally normal, I swear!

Lots of teen moms feel like it’s almost impossible to find a balance while being a brand new mom, keeping up with school, planning for college, saving up for a car, dealing with relationship stuff, and whatever else life throws your way! I know, it totally sounds like a lot. And it is. BUT there IS a way to manage it all, keep your sanity and be super happy!

Here’s a few ways to help you juggle (and keep yourself from going crazy) when you feel like your life is a three-ring circus!

young moms multitaskingManage your time – You might have heard the saying “You have the same 24 hours in a day as Beyonce” so why shouldn’t you get everything done that you want to do? I hate to support this because I’ve tried to argue with this, but it’s totally true. It just has to do with how you manage your time! Here’s 3 time management tools that I can’t live without:

  • MY CALENDAR – OMG where would I be without my calendar. Literally if it’s not in there, it doesn’t exist in my life. (I tell people that all the time) But seriously, the 2 seconds it’s going to take for you to pull a day planner out of your purse or even just schedule it into your phone on your calendar, will save you a HUGE headache later. I was famous for double-booking myself and my kids until I started scheduling every little thing, color coding it for my own stuff and my kids’ stuff, and then even setting tons of alarms/reminders for stuff. (Ok, the color coding might be a little OCD, but you get the idea…)
  • TO-DO LISTS  I LOVE making lists. If you were to go into my phone right now, you would see a list of the kids invited to my daughter’s birthday party, a list of stuff to get done this week, another list for groceries, and a list of apartments with notes since we’re getting ready to move. I take notes for everything because when you have 100 things on your mind, trying to remember specifics can get tricky.  Don’t be afraid to make lists on post-its, phone apps, mini-notebooks… whatever you like. This way you have something legit written down and there’s no second-guessing yourself about details. Plus, it’s an excuse to carry around a super cute little notebook if you want 🙂
  • DON’T PROCRASTINATE – I used to sit there and stare at hard projects at home or work, or having to study for a big exam, and put them last because I knew it was the one that was going to be the hardest and take the most effort. So instead, I would preoccupy myself with distractions and smaller, less important stuff that had to get done eventually. But then I always ended up stressing out more than ever and sometimes missing deadlines. Attack the tough stuff a little bit at a time OR just take a chunk of time and dedicate it to powering through whatever it is that you have been avoiding. I promise you your stress levels will go down big time!

piggy bank savingsMake a Budget and STICK WITH IT-This is a super-hard one to do, especially if you’re an impulse buyer like me. As I got older I realized my credit mistakes when I turned 18 totally caught up with me and made my life harder. So, I decided to actually make a budget and make sure I followed it. I have a color-coded excel spreadsheet (yep, there’s the OCD again) but there’s apps and websites like Mint or Learnvest you can use for free! Another cool thing you can do is sign up for SaveUp and get rewarded for paying your bills on time and putting money into a savings account! How cool is that? Just make sure that you put will love the feeling of knowing where the heck all your hard earned money goes and how to make sure you can afford to take care of you and your baby.
helping young mom friendDon’t be afraid to say YES – Ok, I know we all love being independent young moms who are out to prove that we can conquer the world. While this is entirely true, I want you to remember something: You’re still human! Sometimes we find ourselves feeling like we might need help but we’re too stubborn or determined to ask. (I may be speaking from personal experience…. maybe.) So here’s the thing, if someone is willing to help you out by offering to pick up your kids from school, babysitting for an hour so you can go to take your midterm, or even offering to pick up some stuff at the store for you while they’re out so you can avoid the mission of packing up the diaper bag and the kids and spending 20 minutes loading up the entire car just to go get a gallon of milk, just say these simple little words: “Yes, thank you so much.”
I know, I know. You are fully capable of taking care of those million things to do all by yourself. I am NOT doubting you at all! But, if you can realize for a second that those people who love you and see you after you got 2 hours of sleep with a restless baby last night are trying to help you simply because you might actually benefit from it, why not let them? It’s not a bad thing to need other people sometimes. We all do. So don’t be afraid to take help when it’s offered and, more importantly, don’t be afraid to ASK for help too!

There are so many more ways to help keep your sanity and I promise to share them with you later in another blog post. But, for now, make sure you use all these tools to help manage your life and to live every day how it should be: HAPPY!

What are some tips you have for other young moms out there who might need help juggling their busy lives? Tell us in the comments below so we can all be supportive to each other 🙂

young mom tyteana milton

The Spotlight is on: Tyteana Milton

Tell us about yourself and your family

I’m 15 years old. I had my baby September 2013. She weighed 8 lbs 9 oz and that was the best day of my life. My baby girl is now 8 months. She can crawl and is on her way to walking. She knows how to sit up by herself, she can say ma-ma and da-da, and she’s growing two teeth at the bottom.tyteana young mom 2

What were your biggest concerns when you first found out you were pregnant? How did you handle it?

My biggest concerns were how am I going to tell my parents that I’m pregnant? Are they going to be mad and kick me out? Will they make me get an abortion? If I am able to keep the baby, how will I provide for it? I had a lot of concerns and worries and I was very scared. I didn’t handle it very well and kept it a secret for a long time, not knowing that I could have hurt the baby if I didn’t see a doctor.

What kinds of things do you do to treat yourself, for fun and to stay relaxed?

I treat myself by spending time with my baby. She is the joy in my life. I should treat myself by going out with friends and getting away from her for a while, but it’s so hard. I heard that you should get “away time” from the baby and

What are your favorite things about being a mom?

Being able to give my baby love and to care for her. I love holding her in my arms and listening to her soft breathing and to feel her little heartbeat. I also love seeing my baby growing up and learning new things.

tyteana young mom 3Where do you see yourself in 5 years? If you didn’t have any obstacles, what dream would you pursue?

I see myself with a career in Psychology, living in a nice home that I’m going to provide for my daughter. I see my baby making excellent grades in school.

What advice would you give to other young girls who just found out they’re pregnant or recently became a mom?

To the young girls who just found out you’re pregnant, please tell your parents or someone who has authority and let them know that you’re pregnant. Don’t risk your life or your baby’s life just because you are afraid you’re going to get in trouble. For the young moms, you’re going to love being a mother and your baby is going to fall in love with you. Also, I wouldn’t recommend you to get pregnant again because we are so young.

Telling your family about being a pregnant teen can be tough. Did you keep it a secret when you found out that you were pregnant? Tell us in the comments section how long you hid it for and how you finally broke the news!