TIOT Blog Post- Birthing Stories

TIOT: Giving Birth as a Young Mom

It’s Talk It Out Tuesday!

“Do you have a birthing story to share with an expectant young mom?”

Pregnancy can be scary at any age, but especially as a young, pregnant teen. One of our followers wanted to know if any of the other young moms out there have birthing stories that they could share with us. So we asked… and you answered! Here are a few of the stories:


abbylockyerrr IG User

IG User @abbylockyerrr says… I was 3 days past my due date, and my mom and I had been out all day shopping, after we got home I started having mild contractions, I was already 5 cm dilated and I thought this could be it! I got to the triage and they checked me, still only 5 cm, so they had me walk around the hospital for an hour and a half. They checked me again and I was 7 1/2 cm! I was so excited. So they put me in a room and I waited.. and waited.. And guess what? Waited! Haha. Around 1 am my midwife broke my water. I started having labor around an hour later, so I got some medicine in my IV and I fell asleep for a little, then I woke up having to poop around 4 am. I bolted to the toilet and barely anything came out so the nurse had to get me off the toilet and my midwife checked me and I was 10 cm and they had me start pushing, I pushed for about 50 minutes and I had my baby in my arms ❤


just.ashaa IG User


IG User @just.ashaa says…

I’m a 15 year old single mom. The baby’s daddy came up to the hospital when I had Jensen. He wasn’t in the delivery room because he said he was “sick to his stomach”. Jensen was born all natural, on September 8th, 2014 at 20 inches long and 7.8 pounds.




YMC Admin Kim N.YMC Admin Kim N. says…

I have two girls so I’ve got two different stories to tell about my very different experiences with the birthing process. My first daughter was born when I was only 17. I started to feel very early labor symptoms and small contractions at about 6 am. I had a rough night’s sleep so I was exhausted already. That day the contractions lasted throughout the whole day and I was doing everything I could to stay busy and walking around because I didn’t want to be stuck in a hospital bed until I absolutely had to. Finally just before 9 pm I was at the drugstore getting ice cream and kept having to drop to the floor because the pain was getting worse so my mom and my boyfriend at the time decided it was time to go to the hospital. I was admitted around 9 pm and was only about 4 1/2 cm dilated. After a few hours, I was told the baby’s heartbeat was dropping so they wanted me to get an IV and monitor hooked up, so they administered Nubain for the pain. Then after hours of waiting, at around 1 am, my nurse told me I was basically “stuck” at 5 cm and wasn’t going to get any further along until I slept. By then the drugs were wearing off so they insisted I get an epidural. I was so insistent that I was going to have the baby without an epidural, I argued with the doctors until they finally convinced me. Once I got the epidural hooked up, I fell asleep and when I woke up the nurse decided that it was time for them to break my water. A few hours later, they came back to administer Pitocin to move things along but, surprise! She was ready to come out by then. I had a painless delivery since I had gotten the epidural and all went so well after that.

My second daughter was born was almost 6 years later and was a totally different experience. I woke up with pretty decent labor pains around 7:30 am. Within an hour I realized that the contractions were getting much more intense and that this baby was NOT going to wait much longer to make an appearance! So we left for the hospital close to 9 am and I was admitted immediately. I knew things were moving along really quickly so I was adamant that they called the anesthesiologist right away to get my epidural. They were making me wait for what seemed like forever and all I could think about were those movies where the doctor tells the mom that it’s too late and she’s just going to have to do it naturally, so I threw a hardcore fit. I was cursing at everyone, yelling, and acting super demanding to the point where they had to close the door to my room. LOL. Finally the anesthesiologist showed up and got me all set up and before I knew it, it was early afternoon and they were telling me it was time to push. There was one little problem… I was so drugged up that I couldn’t feel any pressure or feel any muscle control so I couldn’t even push when I was told to! They even had to have people hold my legs up on either side because I was too numb to do it myself. I coughed and they said, “Wait, do that again!”. I kind of looked at them like they were crazy, but they said when I coughed my stomach muscles tensed and it was like I was pushing. I laughed at the thought of that and they said, “Oh, do that again too!” since that worked the same way coughing did. So at that point I literally had to laugh/cough my daughter out of me. It felt like the silliest thing ever!

So now that we’ve shared our stories, we hope that our YMC teen mom that asked this question has a smooth and successful delivery and a healthy, happy baby! Did you have an interesting birthing story you want to share? Comment below!

If anyone else has a subject they want help or feedback on, make sure you fill out our form to be anonymously featured on the next Talk it out Tuesday here. Also, as always, feel free to share this article and leave a comment below!


brynn jestes young mother pic

The Spotlight is on: Brynn Jestes

Meet Brynn (and Rhyse)! This young mom is pushing the limits and has dealt with so many challenges that some of us couldn’t even imagine, but she’s kicking life’s ass everyday!

I’ll admit that when I first read her pregnancy story, I got emotional because she really had to deal with a lot of negativity and complications with her son’s health and her own. But as you read on you will be stunned with the accomplishments she’s made as a teen mom….

Teen Mom Brynn Jestes

Tell us about yourself and your family:

Hello! My name is Brynn. I’m 22 and a proud mom to my 5 year old son, Rhyse. We have overcome many obstacles to get where we are now. When I was 17 and a senior in high school, my boyfriend of 4 years and I found out we were expecting. When I told him, he didn’t take it very well and told me I ruined his life, he didn’t want this and I needed to have an abortion or we were done, but I decided to keep my baby. My boyfriend and I stayed together but when my son was born I found out he cheated on me and was heavy into drugs and got very abusive. I ended up having to get a restraining order and took on caring for my son alone. When Rhyse was 5 months old he had his first seizure and a slew of health issues that wound up landing us in the hospital many times over. Through all this stress, I was also working two jobs and was a full time student while living on my own. The next year I ended up in the hospital with a tumor on my ovary and ended up having both the tumor and my ovary removed. I found out I can’t have anymore children due to complications. Some days I felt like nothing was going right,
but then I gathered my strength for my son. Now, 5 years later, we still live on our own. I now work one job and will graduate college this year then continue on to grad school majoring in psychology. My son is dealing with epilepsy but overall is a very happy, healthy little man. We are each other’s strength and best friends.Brynn Jestes Young Moms Club

What were your biggest concerns when you first found out you were pregnant? How did you handle it?

When I found out, I felt every emotion at once and all my goals and fears flashed before me, I felt like my life was over and I was scared to face my family. After the first time I heard my sons heartbeat I knew that we were in this together and I would do whatever it took to be the best mom he deserves. And here I am making my dreams come true and setting an example for Rhyse.

What kinds of things do you do to treat yourself, for fun and to stay relaxed?

I really enjoy going to concerts, when I can, or reading books. I don’t get a lot of time to myself but when I do I try to enjoy it.

Brynn Jestes Teen MomWhat are your favorite things about being a mom

What isn’t my favorite thing? I would say all the small things, like the way he hugs me and tells me I’m his best friend, or the way his smile takes over his face, or when he’s sleeping the little sounds he makes. I love being his mom and it makes me so proud to see him grow up.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? If you didn’t have any obstacles, what dream would you pursue?

In 5 years I see myself done with grad school, buying my first house, owning a service dog, and working a job I’m proud of to support my son.

What advice would you give to other young girls who just found out they’re pregnant or recently became a mom?

Life doesn’t end when you become pregnant, but it actually is just starting! It’s a lot of work to be a parent, but it’s the most rewarding job. Always put your kid first and keep working hard towards your goals. Also, stop and take time to enjoy every little laugh and every step of their life.

I can’t thank Brynn enough for sharing your story! It’s so great to hear how well this young mom has done creating her perfect life for herself and her son through all the ups and downs at only 22 years old! Great job, girl!

Were you able to relate to Brynn? Have you or your child had health issues that have challenged you in life? Comment below to tell Young Mom’s Club and Brynn more about what you thought about this article. As always, if you want to share your own story, submit your photos and fill out the Spotlight Young Mom form right now!

Anxiety and Pregnancy

Anxiety and Pregnancy

Wоmеn and bаbіеs hаvе bееn interrelated sіnсе the vеrу beginning. Іt іs а natural рhеnоmеnоn and there is nothing unusual about іt. All young wоmеn want tо bеаr а child оr іn other words, bесоmе а mother. Тhеsе dауs, even for a career woman, the desire to give birth to a child and become a mother is likely to catch up to them and they find that no other joy can ever replace the joy of becoming a mother in the hustle-bustle of everyday life.

Тhеrе аrе sеvеrаl expectant mothers who suffer frоm sеvеrе stress and emotional turmoil and now the question arises… can pregnancy and the anxiety related to becoming a mother equally bring her joy and contentment?

The answer to this question vаrіеs frоm wоmаn tо wоmаn. А раrt оf the past life of the expecting mother is always tо bе brought to light, еsресіаllу when she is going to give birth tо а nеw lіfе.

What things might make it more stressful?

During pregnancy, а wоmаn spends mоst оf hеr tіmе thinking and being drowned in her thoughts mоst оf the time. Тhе соmmоn thoughts during this time аrе, “Wіll hеr newborn bе nоrmаl?” “Wіll shе fаіl аs а mother?” “Wіll hеr bаbу hаvе tо gо through the sаmе рrоblеms аs shе hаd tо gо through іn hеr аdоlеsсеnсе?” Тhіs іs quite ехресtеd аs this іs а рrераrаtоrу stаgе fоr the mother to love the bаbу who іs growing inside hеr womb. Also, hеr bоdу іs preparing tо аdарt and change tо mееt the demands of the nеw lіfе growing inside оf hеr.

Іt іs sееn іn mоst саsеs that аnхіеtу during pregnancy triggers stress in wоmen. Тhе other fасtоrs that might lеаd tо rіgоrоus stress during pregnancy are:

  • Miscarriage – Тhіs shаkеs a woman’s confidence and she tends tо wonder whether shе wіll еvеr ехреrіеnсе the јоу оf becoming a mother and sее hеr bаbу сrу fоr the first tіmе.
  • An uncertain income during the pregnancy
  • An inconsistent relationship with the baby’s father
  • No emotional and/or moral support
  • Unexpected/unwanted pregnancy – A woman may feel this pregnancy might mess up other life plans.

Іt іs essential tо bе mentally stаblе during pregnancy and settle all the worries and doubts with your close friends, family members, and doctors. Іt іs nоt impossible tо dеаl with аnхіеtу in pregnancy. Lіkе other crises оf lіfе, pregnancy and аnхіеtу саn bе vеrу еаsіlу dealt with. Тhе pregnant woman is always the right реrsоn tо dеtеrmіnе what іs bеst fоr hеr bаbу. Νо matter what, аll expectant mothers want to emerge as the best mother they can be and always want to do the best for the welfare of her child.

Ноwеvеr, nоtе that аnхіеtу and pregnancy dо nоt bеаr gооd results for a child. Ѕеvеrаl studіеs rеvеаl the fасt that if the mother is stressful and overly аnхіоus during hеr pregnancy, then hеr bаbу іs bound tо dеvеlор stressful bеhаvіоrs lаtеr іn lіfе. Between the 12th and 23rd wееks, the bаbу іn the mother’s womb is most likely to bе аffесtеd bу іts mother’s stress and аnхіеtу.

What good can come out of it?

Other than harboring sоmе nеgаtіvе thoughts, the expectant mother makes preparations to deal with anxiety and pregnancy. Ѕеvеrаl bоdіlу changes take place during pregnancy.

Оnе оf the mајоr concerns during this tіmе іs whether their аnхіеtу dіsоrdеrs wіll аffесt the unborn and wоrsеn the pregnancy conditions. Also, mothers worry about whether they will be able to take care of the baby properly or not after the baby is born. Whether intake of different mеdісіnеs wіll аffесt the bаbу оr nоt іs аlsо а саusе оf concern. Аll of these thoughts, hоwеvеr, саn еlеvаtе the lеvеls оf stress in the expectant mother.

Тhе following fасts саn оffеr sоmе hоре fоr аnхіеtу and pregnancy:

  • During the pregnancy period and breast feeding period, some medicines for anxiety disorders can actually be safer for the baby than the effects of severe stress and anxiety going untreated.*
  • About 40% of women experience a decrease of the anxiety pattern during pregnancy. However, during postpartum, the set of anxiety symptoms may return.
  • The intake of medicines for anxiety disorders by the expectant mother can potentially help in preventing the development of anxiety disorders in the baby later in life.* If the mother’s symptoms are not treated properly, then it may result in lower birth weight.

*Note: Never take any medication during pregnancy without a recommendation and under the supervision of a medical professional.


What can be done during pregnancy to deal with anxiety?

About 10% оf wоmеn dеvеlор аnхіеtу sуmрtоms during pregnancy. Following the stерs bеlоw wіll dеfіnіtеlу hеlр them tо dеаl with the situation in a better way.

  • Ѕееk advice from your doctor about your plans to either become pregnant or tell them that you already are – Тhе dосtоr’s instructions (and possibly medications) wіll hеlр уоu tо dеаl with your аnхіеtу and pregnancy strategically.
  • Bond with your partner in a more strong and intimate way – This will ensure support and love which will help in dealing with the situations in a better way.
  • Relax – Pursue hobbies according to your liking. Talk to your friends, go for walks, practice gardening. All of these activities will divert your mind and keep your stress under control.
  • Open up – Talk openly to your husband/partner and close friends and discuss your causes of stress. This will definitely help!

Young Mom’s Club would like to thank Kelly Smith for contributing her blog post to our site. If you’ve dealt with anxiety during or after your pregnancy, feel free to comment below and let us know what helped you through it! Also, don’t forget to read about Kelly in her mini-bio below…

Kelly Smith

Kelly Smith

Guest Blogger
TIOT Blog Header - How do I tell my parents I'm pregnant-

TIOT: How to Tell Your Parents You’re Pregnant

It’s Talk It Out Tuesday!

“How do I tell my parents that I’m pregnant?”

This is one of the harder questions that teen moms-to-be have and we thought we should help this pregnant teen so she didn’t feel alone. Here is what our followers had to say to help her to prepare for one of the hardest conversations of her life…

IG User mylife_ft.baileyabigailIG User @mylife_ft.baileyabigail:

My dad lived 19 hours away and was at summer camp for the National Guard when I told him. I definitely should have picked a different way to tell him, I texted him, and I regret it. I lived with my mom so I told her face to face and she cried for days. My mom was 19 when she got pregnant with me. I was 17 when I got pregnant. She just kept telling me she didn’t want me to go through what she went through because she knew how hard it was. If I could go back and change how I told them, I would. No parent wants to see their teenager pregnant and struggling with that, so there is no EASY way to tell them. The best thing to do, in my opinion, is just sit them down and just straight up tell them.


IG User raisingzofia

IG User @raisingzofia says…

My mom knew because I was NOT acting like my usual self. My dad lived 15 hours away and my mom texted him and told him. My husband’s mom already knew because she heard me vomiting in the mornings. LOL.  His dad got a text from us because his dad lived 7 hours away.





IGIG User hunterlitt3 User @hunterlitt3 says…
My boyfriend at the time and I told all four of our parents at the same time. We went out to dinner at one of our favorite places and we told them. My parents were unhappy and so were my ex’s. My dad got so mad he made a huge scene at the restaurant, broke a few things, and left. He had my uncle come and get him. My mom started crying and so did my ex’s. My ex’s dad was just like, “cool, whatever, Carmen is just going to raise it on her own I already know.” I was really mad about that because I knew it wouldn’t be true so I told him to leave and I didn’t want to see him again, ever. The moms were crying with both madness and happiness. My dad kicked me out of my house and didn’t talk to me until the baby was born. Eventually me and my ex did break up and he wasn’t there for any of it. If I could go back and change the way I told them, I would in a snap!


IG User ryliehall

IG User @ryliehall says…

I actually told my mom the adult way, I went to her house and told her. I even asked what she think I should do (not abortion! But I didn’t know if I could raise a baby….) She told me that my baby was for me and I would choose correctly for their life. She always told me, “if you get pregnant I’ll kill you!” but when it came down to it, she was, and is, there for me every step of the way <3



IG User __leexxiii____


IG User @__leexxiii____ says…

I told my mom on the phone too actually… and I should have done it face to face, but I was scared of her reaction and afraid to see disappointment. Turns out she was happier than I could have imagined. I would definitely sit both parents down (probably in public at lunch or something just in case someone doesn’t take it well) and say, “I’m pregnant, happy, and this is a blessing. Hope you’re happy for me” and hopefully they will all be there for you guys and the baby. Everyone needs the support!


IG User ah_rel_ee

IG User @ah_rel_ee says…

Well for me, when I found out I was pregnant, my boyfriend and I first talked it out. We set up a schedule if we had the baby. Once we were set on keeping the baby no matter what, we sent in for a counselor conference at my school. I was mostly concerned for his parents’ reaction, but I knew my mom would be supportive because I saw how that was with my older sister. They all caught my boyfriend and I by surprise. They were happy to see a new life begin and offered any of help we needed, and the counselors even told us that it’s the best reaction they have seen from any parents whose teen told them that a baby is on the way. I’m actually happy how I told both the parents. We needed everyone’s support to do it.

 IG User carradefuchiee


IG User @carradefuchiee says…

I honestly wish I knew ahead of time. My mom noticed I was prego before I did. She got me a dollar test and said, “Pee on it. You’ve been eating stuff you don’t like”. LOL. I took it thinking I wasn’t, but two minutes passed and I read the box 3 times and was shocked and came out and said I’m pregnant. She said, “OMG”! She was a little disappointed ’cause I had to do it alone because my baby’s dad was cheating on me, but it was the best experience.



IG User jasminef80

IG User @jasminef80 says…

I waited until I was 6 months along. I was scared and selfish. The uncertainty scared me the most. When I told my parents I waited until my dad was out of town and just told my mom one on one and let her tell him. Looking back it might have been better to tell them together face to face but it allowed my dad time to get the right words before we spoke and he was very gentle and forgiving when we did speak by phone. The fears began to melt away when I knew they were there to help me through every step of the way. It’s a very hard conversation but it’s one of the first grown-up things you will have to do of many when entering into parenthood.



IG User abbylockyerrr

IG User @abbylockyerrr says…

Well, I missed my period for 2 months or so when my now ex-boyfriend noticed my stomach was a little bit bigger than usual. I knew right then that I was pregnant and we kept it between us. Then I ate some cottage cheese with a pickle for the spoon, (it was so good) and out of nowhere I threw up! So I went and told my mom that I threw up and that I thought I was sick, and she said “well maybe you’re pregnant” and I was just like, no way. So then she went to work and me and my dad talked and he asked me if I had unprotected sex in the last month. I said yeah and he was like well, there you go! I sat in my room for a while and the next day I woke up and went to my mom’s room and she was like “I got you a pregnancy test, it’s in the bathroom”. I had to pee soooo bad, but I pretended like I didn’t to avoid taking the test because I was so terrified about the fact that she was going to find out I was having sex, and not the sole fact that I was pregnant! But it came out positive and I BOLTED out of the bathroom. She looked at the test and then we went out to eat and didn’t talk, but then we got in the car and we discussed my options. I decided immediately that I was going to keep the baby, and now almost 13 months later I have my beautiful 3 month old daughter Fiona Mae. I am not ashamed or regretful in any way #NOTEENSHAME❤


IG User christinamayhem

IG User @christinamayhem says…

I remember feeling like my period was going to start (sore boobs, cramps, etc.) but it just never came. I decided to tell my mom I thought I could be pregnant and she bought me two tests and I took them in the bathroom early morning and showed her. She immediately told me I had to get an abortion and was furious when I refused. I didn’t end up telling me stepfather until I was about 4 1/2 months pregnant (my mom told him) and he made me clean every day and do chores, telling me that if I decided to have an abortion I could stop and things would go back to normal. He made my life a living hell my whole pregnancy but I already loved my baby so much, there was no giving up. I didn’t tell my dad until I was 7 months pregnant (we don’t talk a lot). After my baby was born, I moved in with her father’s family and later on ended up leaving him because he cheated on/abused me. Now I have a new boyfriend and I work hard for a good life for myself and my daughter Cloudy Bell 🙂  #noregrets #thestruggleisworthit My advice would be to sit your family down and tell them with your boyfriend (if he’s around), firmly state that you are keeping your baby and that you would appreciate their support. Being straight up with them is the best way! #staystrong


IG User mariah_emmys_mommyIG User @mariah_emmys_mommy says…

I didn’t end up telling my mom until I was 3 and 1/2 months along, and the only reason she even knew was because she had found the test. She was very angry with me and she wanted me to give it up for adoption. After fighting with her for about an hour, she promised me she would not tell my dad about the baby until I wanted to. Somehow my younger brother Mike found out and told my dad. I came home from baby shopping with my girlfriends one day and he was furious. He started hitting and yelling and he told me if I didn’t get an abortion he would kick me out. I told him if he was going to act this way he better not expect to be any part of this baby’s life. He ordered me in the car and we drove to my boyfriends house. After my boyfriend found out he promised he would help out with the baby. But just before I was actually going to give birth, he broke up with me and completely denied that she was his child. I didn’t need a DNA test. I knew she was his because I had never in my life slept with anyone else but him. If you’re pregnant, the best way to tell your parents is to sit down with them and be honest. Tell them you want to keep the baby.

IG User ashleybellab


IG User @ashleybellab says…

I was very athletic so it wasn’t uncommon for me to miss multiple periods in a row, I was 5 months pregnant when I passed out twice in one day so my mom took me to the doctor and that pee test in a cup came out positive.


These young moms have opened our eyes to so many different experiences when it comes to sharing the news of pregnancies with their families. We appreciate your honesty and your willingness to share with our pregnant young mommy-to-be!

If anyone else has questions or life issues that they might need some support with, make sure you fill out our form to be anonymously featured on the next Talk it out Tuesday here. Also, as always, feel free to comment below if you want to share your story about how you broke the news to your family!

TIOT Blog - Natural v.s. C-Section

TIOT: Natural Birth v.s. C-Section

It’s Talk It Out Tuesday!

“Those of you who have experienced natural birth and a C-section which one did you prefer and why?”

One of our Facebook fans sent this question in and we were super interested to see what everyone would have to say. With every mom having a different experience with childbirth, we just had to share the answers with you! Read about our YMC followers’ answers to this week’s question…


Twitter User mommaliving (inked momma)


Twitter Follower @mommyliving (Inked Momma) says…

Had a natural birth & it was hell. Had to use forceps & he swallowed muconium, couldn’t hold him til next day. Terrifying.



IG User rosiemonterroza

IG user @rosiemonterroza says…

I had a C-Section. I had a good experience, I didn’t feel any pain at all. Although I was going for a natural drug free birth, my daughter had the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck so she wasn’t going down to the birth canal. I’d prefer to have my next child naturally, but if I had to go through a C-Section again it wouldn’t bother me. I had a smooth and pain free experience.


IG User xosabinalovee


IG user @xosabinalovee says…

I had a natural delivery with an epidural. I didn’t feel any contractions after I got the shot but I got it early so during delivery it had worn off by then. But it sure is true you forget all the pain after holding your baby in your arms afterwards!  🙂  …until postpartum! That kicked my butt!!



IG User @newyorkermom says…IG User newyorkermom

Personally it was definitely natural birth. The recovery was a lot quicker. I had a C-Section the first time and then a natural birth a little over two years later. I aimed to have a natural birth both times. I had to get the C-Section because every time I pushed, my daughter’s heart rate slowed down. After several attempts to push, I was pushed to the operating room. It was tough because although I had anesthesia given to me, I could feel the pressure of the doctor maneuvering her back up and through my C-Section. I felt cold and very nervous and too shaky to even greet my baby girl. I was knocked out and woke up in the recovery room and then transferred to the After Labor room and requested my baby to be pushed to my room. It was tough to breastfeed because she was on top of my C-Section. It was also tough to walk straight because it felt really weird to have the cut. I had to really keep it clean to avoid any infection and have a good heal. Exercising felt weird and uncomfortable too.

>>>>Then with my second I wanted to make sure that by the time I would deliver, it would have been two years after my C-Section surgery because that allows the most time for the scar tissue to heal and become strong for me to try a natural birth. The OBGYN constantly warned me of a uterus eruption from my C-Section scar but I really wanted to at least try pushing than forcing my contractions and scheduling to go under the knife. So when I felt the contractions, I pushed for the natural birth and was actually dropped by my OBGYN because she didn’t believe in my choice and my file was transferred to the on-call doctor at the Labor and Delivery Dept. I did take the epidural in case things did go wrong, I wouldn’t have to wait for anesthesia to be given to me. So when I pushed, I did need to get a cut or two for a bigger hole for him to go through. Got sewn up and was able to hold him immediately. I felt normal and was able to sit up and walk. Breastfeeding was a lot easier because I felt no pain really.

Wow, these girls really gave me a new perspective on labor and delivery! Thanks so much for your stories and I hope that these experiences shared are able to help other young pregnant moms who are getting ready to discuss their delivery plans with their doctors!

Did you have a C-Section or a Natural Birth? Have you had both and you preferred one to the other? If you have a story to share, don’t forget to leave a comment below!

…and don’t forget to submit YOUR Talk it out Tuesday questions so you can be featured next and get feedback and advice from young moms just like you!

The best foods to eat while pregnant

Dear new mom, I know that you want to give your baby and yourself the best nutrients that you can, right?

It’s a good thing to start eating a variety of nutrient rich foods now because your child will be more willing to eat certain things that you consumed while they were in the womb.

You will also need the best of foods to have energy and strength to take care of your newborn.  Many mothers (including myself) are interested, but don’t really come up with a meal plan for pregnancy.

I will help you to discover the best foods to eat while pregnant.

best food to eat when your pregnant

I know it’s hard not to eat everything in sight while pregnant! You don’t want to do that- but you can afford some extra calories.

Pregnancy takes a lot out of you to give to the baby, so you should consume about 300 more calories per day than you did before you became pregnant.

Here is an example of a day of meals and snacks:

Breakfast: an orange, 2 scrambled eggs with ¼ bell pepper and ¼ cup of mushrooms, wheat toast and a glass of low fat milk

Snack: ½ cup grapes and ¼ cup nuts or seeds

Lunch: strawberry, spinach salad! (This looks so good, I may go on a “I’m not pregnant but this is a great diet” meal plan!)

Dinner: Vegetable soup is great way to get full of what you and baby need!

Dinners should consist of lots of vegetables. You could try pre-washed veggies like broccoli, cauliflower and snap peas for a stir-fry.

Tip: Sneak in vegetables like grated carrots or diced squash into your tomato sauce!

(Here are some more great ideas for dinners!)

Snack: have a sweet tooth? Try a fruit salad with greek yogurt for part of your calcium requirement.

Some easy and healthy snack choices are:

Fruits like: apples, oranges, bananas, cantaloupe, really any favorite are perfect for a snack. Raisins have fiber, iron and potassium. The recommended amount of fruits is 2 whole servings.

Veggies like: spinach, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, and other dark leafy greens.

Tip: Try using some veggies like grated carrots in a sandwich, or avocado and tomato. 3 or more servings a day is ideal.

Whole grains and nuts are a perfect fast food for soon to be moms, as well as iron-fortified cereals. Its recommended that you have 6-8 servings a day.

Calcium is important as well and it is recommended that you have 3-4 glasses of milk a day and/or dairy products.

Meat and beans are important for your baby to get enough iron and protein. It is recommended that you have 5 ½  to 6 ½ ounces a day.

As always, I believe that packaged foods are a no-go and what you drink is important as well.

Don’t consume too much caffeine and just say no to soda all together. Your drink of choice should be water.

When you are in your third trimester, snacks can really save the day. Try packing small things to take with you, because you won’t have much room for big meals.

“Ziplock bags with walnuts, sunflower seeds, raisins, and dried apricots — a powerful combo of iron-rich foods that’ll nourish baby with a much-needed third trimester nutrient).” Dried fruit is perfect for when you are out and about.

Eating nutrient filled meals and snacks during pregnancy can keep you and your baby be healthy and potentially get you back to feeling yourself faster after delivery.

Proper diet is a great way to avoid things like low birth weight, anemia and other pregnancy issues. Eating small, frequent meals throughout the day will help with heartburn and nausea.

Here is a nutrient chart I think will help.

I wish you and your baby the best pregnancy and early childhood health possible! Truly take the time to enjoy and nurture this experience, because it doesn’t last. The good habits you start now, will last a lifetime!

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