Paying it Forward

Pay it Forward

We have another awesome post from our guest blogger, Melissa Monk! This out really spoke to me because I am a huge believer in karma and I love to take advantage of paying it forward as often as possible. Read on to find out more ways you can help others (and yes, there are ways that don’t involve money)!

So I know you’ve all heard of that saying “pay it forward” meaning just doing nice things for people for no reason. Kindness sparks kindness… it’s a chain reaction. Another way to look at it is, KARMA. I’m such a strong believer in karma!!

Because I’m a young mother and I’m not able to necessarily donate to “pay it forward” I have come up with my own way of helping others. You see, I have hundreds of young women, moms or not, come to me asking for advice, asking for a shoulder to lean on, asking for someone to just listen while they pour their heart out. I love being that person for someone… I was put on this planet for a purpose and I truly believe that reason was to help people. Eventually I want to go back to school so I can become a victims’ advocate for abused women and children, as well as an advocate for teen mothers. I want people to be inspired by me to do good with their lives.

I think my favorite part about helping people is because I’ve been through so much hurt myself, sharing my stories and my journey and listening to other people has helped me heal. It’s helped me grow a lot. I found myself through helping other people. Ultimately, I want Mackenzee to look back and be proud of me and know that I have a huge heart for people in need.

Honestly, I am one of the nicest, most loving people you will meet or ever talk to. I am willing to help anyone who comes to me in any way I can. And nothing angers me more than when someone tries to make me out to be someone that I’m not. I’m not a mean person, but nor am I perfect. We all have days when we say things we don’t mean. Or we do something intentionally to hurt someone for our own selfish purposes, but I have been trying so hard this past 6 months not to be that way. It’s a learning process though because again, no one is perfect or “nice” 100% of the time. But a few months ago, someone “payed it forward” to me and I kid you not it changed my life. 

I was at Stater Brothers with Mackenzee trying to pick up her prescription and there was a problem with her insurance. They weren’t covering her medicine and they wanted me to pay like $60 for her prescription. She was really sick so it was necessary for me to get it that day. Well, it just so happened that I just paid bills that morning and I had maybe $20 to my name until 2 days later (when I would get paid). At the time, I couldn’t ask Kyle for money because he would barely even speak to me and my parents don’t give me money so I literally had no way to pay and I didn’t know what to do. I was standing in the corner of the pharmacy, on the phone with insurance basically being told that all insurance was being cut off, trying my hardest not to break down into tears, holding my sick baby who at that moment had a 102 degree fever and was clearly miserable. Once I got off the phone I literally couldn’t fight back the tears. I just held Mackenzee in one hand and my head in the other. I took a second to breathe and try to think of what I was going to do and when I finally looked up like 5 seconds later, I felt a woman’s arm wrap around me and she whispered in my ear, “Don’t worry sweetie, it’s on me”. Apparently this older woman had overheard what was going on and she had paid for Mackenzee’s prescription. Literally, my heart melted. I couldn’t have been more moved by this woman and her kindness. She then explained to me how she was also a single mother and that she understood that pain I felt when I hung up the phone. She explained to me that her son passed away when he was 6 years old from a rare type of cancer and that her insurance hassled her for months before they would approve her son’s treatment and that a kind man who she had met at the hospital actually helped her pay off most of her son’s medical bills after he had passed. I literally can not even begin to explain to you the way it felt to hear her story. She then told me one day that she hopes I will be able to help pay it forward as well… every heart has a story to tell.

So do you want to pay it forward?? Here are some tips and tricks and ways to pay forward!!! They don’t always have to invoke literally “paying” money out of your pocket. Honestly, try a few of these out one day. I promise the reaction is amazing!

  • When you’re in the drive through at Starbucks, pay for the persons behind you
  • Smile at a random stranger
  • Help someone who needs it carry their bags to their car from the grocery store
  • Make friendly conversation with a stranger while in line at the store and compliment them
  • Go to a car wash fundraiser and donate, even if you don’t need your car washed
  • Clean out your closet and donate all your old clothes and shoes to family in need or a shelter
  • Take cookies or baked goods to a police station, fire station, or church
  • Add money to someone’s parking meter as it’s about to expire
  • Say thank you to your cashier and mean it
  • Hold the door for someone walking behind you
  • Thank a solider for his/her sacrifice and service in the military
  • Bring your co-workers coffee or smoothies
  • Run/walk in a charity race or event
  • Rake or mow your neighbor’s yard
  • Share store coupons with the person standing behind you in line
  • Let someone take your seat on the bus or subway
  • Send flowers to a random person who’s sick in the hospital
  • Take crafts for the children who are in the hospital
  • Leave a quarter in the vending machine for the next person
  • Donate to someone in need… (i.e. Canned goods, clothing, household products, etc.)
  • Make a holiday plate with leftovers for a homeless person
  • Leave an encouraging note for someone in a public place

And the list literally just goes on..There are so many ways to pay it forward!!

Thank you, Melissa! I am definitely going to add some of these to my list of ways to “pay it forward”. Do you do things, big or small, to brighten peoples’ days? Tell us in the comments how you do your part in “paying it forward”. We would love to hear your ideas and let’s share stories below about how people have reacted to your random acts of kindness!

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The Spotlight is on: Melissa Monk

Is it possible to stay positive and focused while mothering as a teen? 18 year old young mom Melissa Monk is proof that you can help others while raising a beautiful daughter!


Tell us about yourself and your family:

Hello!! my name is Melissa! I am a young, hard-working, single mother to a beautiful baby girl named Mackenzee Ryanne, 10 months old.
I fell pregnant at 18 by my boyfriend of five years and I couldn’t be more excited! Then reality set in and of course he spilt. So now it is just me and my baby girl living out our dreams. I am currently working full-time in a clothing store while I finish school to become a 911 dispatcher!!

My daughter has always been my number one priority. Mackenzee’s dad became very abusive mentally and physically after she was born and I had to make the hardest choice of my life to leave him. Though I do miss him and I wish things were different, leaving him was the best possible decision I could have ever made for myself.

I am currently involved in helping to create a teen mom support group with my church!! I really want to help teen mothers who are struggling feel like they are worth something, and that their children are always a reason to continue to fight for what’s right!! I am also trying to become an advocate to help prevent teen pregnancy! young mom picture

What were your biggest concerns when you first found out you were pregnant? How did you handle it?

I was really worried about my daughters father being able to let go of his horrible drug habit. He has a horrible addiction to smoking pot and drinking beer. I never noticed it as a problem until I was pregnant. I honestly handled it in the worst way possible at first. I used to nag him and yell at him and try to control him and then I realized that I cannot change him. The best decision I made was just walking away from him.

What kinds of things do you do to treat yourself, for fun and to stay relaxed?

To treat myself, I take a bubble bath every night after my daughter has gone to sleep! and once a month I buy something for myself since I spend majority of my money on my daughter!

What are your favorite things about being a mom?

I know I’m not a perfect mother but I do know I’m a good one. My favorite thing would have to be the love and trust my daughter has for me shows daily when the first person she looks for when she wakes up is me. When she’s playing with her toys and abruptly stops just to make sure I’m still within sight and smiles as soon as she sees me looking at her already. When she’ll crawl over into my lap and snuggle up to me. I know I’m doing something right. And she is so oblivious (obviously) to how much happiness she brings me, how much she helps me on a daily basis and doesn’t even know it. I love her so, so much. Yes, I do get overwhelmed sometimes, but that doesn’t mean I’m a bad person. It just means I’m human.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? If you didn’t have any obstacles, what dream would you pursue?

In five years I see myself working hard as a 911 dispatcher, living in a house with my daughter and possibly a husband. I want to be happy, healthy, and over all just settled!

What advice would you give to other young girls who just found out they’re pregnant or recently became a mom?sweet young mom and baby

My advice to other young mothers would be to just keep fighting. It is so hard being a young mom but the ending result is so amazing! there is hope for us young mothers. If you always put your child’s needs and wants first, and you make sure to also take care of yourself, then you will be happy. Let go of all of the negative in your life and embrace this journey that you are on!! Do not let peoples rude comments and stares get you down because no other person on this planet has the right to tell you that you are not worthy of being a good mother!!!

So glad Melissa shared her inspiring young mom story with us!

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