how to handle haters

How to Handle Haters

Unless you’ve been living in a bubble your whole life, I’m sure you’ve had your fair share of haters.

Being young moms in general, we tend to attract haters. It’s like there’s an invisible bullseye tattooed on our faces.

danielle ford how to handle haters teen momSo by being a young mom myself and in supporting young moms, I get a lot of criticism.

The funny thing is, after thinking about it, most of my criticism doesn’t come from other young moms very much. You guys are great!

The people that usually have something to say about me are either older moms or women who don’t have kids.

People have told me that I’m not “sending the right message”. I’ve heard that I should’nt use any bad language. (I’m pretty sure that if a girl is old enough to have sex, get pregnant and squeeze another person out of her vagina, she’s old enough to hear the word “Fuck”.

..fuck fuck fuck fuck fucking fuckity fuck.

And I’ve also heard worse things than that, which I spill in today’s video.

I’ll also tell you the 2 questions I ask myself when considering comments from haters.

There’s an actual art form of how to handle haters.

So now please tell me what you’ve done in the past. How do you handle your haters? What are some things you’ve heard?

Let me know in the comments and feel free to send to a friend who you think might benefit by learning how to handle haters.

<3 Danielle