getting over a break up

Getting over a Break Up

We all know that getting over a break up sucks.

But how you come out of it depends on how you choose to deal with it. And if you wanna deal with it in a healthy way and come out an even better, more amazing person than you already are, then watch this video.


Getting over a Break Up- Video Transcript

I’m Danielle Ford, the founder of Young Moms Club, where young moms go to empower themselves and design their perfect lives and in this video we’re talking about getting over a break up, the right way.

Now the first thing that you need to make sure to do is to exercise. Get those endorphins going. I talked a lot about his in previous videos and I’ll put one right here, but endorphins just are amazing for you to get out of depression, get out of sadness, and just get yourself in better spirits, so make sure to do something to exercise.

Now sometimes after a break up, your instincts are just to stay home and cry and listen to sad break up songs. But that is not the healthy way to do it. You wanna get out of the house, you wanna go socialize, go meet new people, and make sure to go to places that you haven’t been with with your ex at.

Next, you’ll want to start a new activity or join a new group. something that you weren’t doing, involved with or a part of while you were in that relationship. You wanna put yourself into new environments.

getting over a break upAnother thing that helps is to do something new to your appearance. Now don’t go crazy with it. a lot of girls tend to, when they want like a change, they go out and they cut off all their hair. Or they go get some crazy tattoo. Do not do this. Now, short hair and tattoos rock, but don’t make that decision because of a break up. Maybe try some new layers or new lipstick or a new style of clothes. Do something to change it up, to look and feel a little different on the outside, and just kind of freshen up your appearance.

You’ll also want to throw away, or at the very least put away any old pictures or sentimental things, anything that reminds you of him.

Lastly and most importantly, for the love of God, do not talk to him. Remove him from Facebook, remove his family or his friends, or at the very least block all of them from seeing your stuff. If he calls, don’t answer, don’t text him, just ignore him.

If you want a friendship with him, that might be possible in like, 6 months, or something. But you’re never gonna get to a place in your life where you’re completely over him, where you can open yourself to allowing another man into your life, if you are still in communication with him.

No guy wants to date a girl who is still getting over a break up.

So those are some of my tips, but now I wanna know from you  if you have used any or if you know any other ways of getting over a break up. Let me know in the comments.

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