How to turn down a Date

I have a long distance boyfriend, so a lot of times when I go to events or out with friends, it appears that I’m single and guys will ask me out and I’ll be in that awkward situation where I have to say “No”. It also doesn’t help that I don’t wear a ring. (Hint: Boyfriend, if you’re reading this!)

::crickets::  ::awkward silence::

Actually though, when I was married and I wore a ring, I still sometimes got hit on! Some guys look at a wedding ring as challenge. We call these ones “douchebags”. Even though I could just hold up my ring finger and say “Married!” it was still uncomfortable to have to turn guys down.

dating danielle ford picBut the worst times I’ve gotten asked out would have to be be when I was single. Sometimes I was just barely surviving, trying to get myself together and not focused on dating. Sometimes I just didn’t want to go out with the dude.

Regardless, once again I was put into that uncomfortable situation of having to say, “No.”

I wish that during my marriage and after my divorce I knew the right way to turn down a date. It would’ve saved me a lot of stress and wasted energy.

In today’s video, I’m going to tell you how most girls turn down a date, which is the absolute wrong way.

I’ve been guilty of this many times. Thankfully I figured it out and when I get asked out and have to decline, I do it without hurting anyone’s ego or feelings and I feel really good about it afterwards. No more awkwardness.

Watch the video to learn how to turn down a date..

Now I wanna know about your awkward dating proposals.. When’s the most uncomfortable-est you’ve felt when turning down a date? Any creepers?? How did you handle them?

Let’s chat about it!

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TIOT - When Should I Tell Him I Have Kids

TIOT: When Do You Tell a Guy You Have Kids?

It’s Talk It Out Tuesday!

“When is the right time to tell a guy you have children? Is the first date too soon?”

This question was sent in by a young mom hitting the dating scene. We got lots of responses from women and even a guy’s perspective! Check out what YMC followers said about this week’s question…

FB User Aubrie Phenix


Facebook User Aubrie Phenix says… I’d say tell them right away, first date or sooner. They deserve to know the package deal they’d be getting. Not to mention, if they won’t give you a chance just because you have kids, chances are they wouldn’t make a very good father and it’s not someone you would want in their lives or yours anyway.


IG User waitingongrace



IG user @waitingongrace says… I’d tell him, but I wouldn’t bring him home to the kiddos until you’re sure he’ll stick around.


IG User jasminder_03


IG user @jasminder_03 says… Before the first date to see if they’re still interested. Why waste your time if they don’t want someone with kids? But I agree, definitely don’t introduce them to the kids.

FB User Ryan Schlotter




Facebook User Ryan Schlotter says… We deserve to know ASAP.


IG User prvncess_lyric


IG user @prvncess_lyric says… You should let them know soon. If he doesn’t want to stick around, don’t get pissed or upset because you should never let someone come before your child/children. If he doesn’t care about you having kids, then that’s great. But you should never introduce your kids and your date until you know for sure he’s the right guy. It’s only right.

Thanks for your opinions everyone! All of the ladies (and guy) seem to be on the same page. What do you think?

Are YOU a young mom on the dating scene who has told your dates about your kid/kids? Are you a guy who has dated young, single moms? When were you told about her children? Leave a comment below!

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Don’t Date This Guy!

There are tons of different types of guys out there.. Seriously tons.

..and most of them will do just fine for dating purposes.

dont date scrubs young moms club teen moms


But there is 1 certain type that you should avoid at all costs, and for the love of God or whatever you believe in, never ever ever date them!


I’m sure you know some of the type I’m talking about and if you’ve dated them, then I’m sorry. (Don’t worry, I have, too) Shudder..

Watch the video below to see exactly the type I’m talking about…

And if you’ve ever dated one of these guys, I’d love to know your experience and what you learned from it.
Let’s talk about it in the comments.

(And if you now have that song in your head, I’m sorry.) #sorryimnotsorry
<3 Danielle