Fun and Inexpensive Birthday Party Ideas

Your little one is having a birthday so you have to spend lots of money and go crazy on tons of presents, right?

Wrong! There are LOTS of fun and inexpensive birthday party ideas that your child will love.

Your child just wants to know you love them and will believe it is a great day if you make the effort to show how much you want to make them happy.

Children love the simple things in life, as you have probably noticed when they play with the box more than the toy itself.

Having children myself, I know how hard it is.

I know how much you want them to have everything that everyone else has and more.. but trust me when I say that “A little bit goes a long way.”

The first thing I do when planning a birthday party is decide “When?”.

After lunch is a good idea because you won’t have to come up with a lot of food to feed everyone, which saves money.

You want to choose the best time of day to meet your needs.

Parties at night can help with heat, while parties during the day provide for good lighting.

The time of the month is important too because of people’s schedules and there may be holidays to work around, just keep these factors in mind when setting a date.

“Where?” is the next question.

Paying for venues can run you a high cost, so keeping it local is best.

I have had many successful parties at my home. I like to do them outside, but that all depends on the weather.

Having a party at home sounds messy but it can be time saving and costs a lot less.

You can schedule your day around a house party, because everyone comes to you, it makes it so much easier.

Planning fun activities at home can almost be better than going somewhere because you and your child can bond by being creative.

Another way to save money on location is to go to a local park, you can even reserve a pavilion.

Play traditional games with the kids like freeze tag, or try a new twist to old favorites like this..

Here is a fun game idea..

Wherever you choose to have your child’s party, make sure its budget-friendly and fun-filled. Keeping it child-oriented will make it a memorable experience for your child and fun for their friends.

You don’t  have to go overboard with decoration.

Keep it simple with homemade decorations that the kids took part in making.

Create paper flowers, banners, and curly ceiling streamers. They especially like balloons, but you don’t have to spend money on helium, unless you want to make a balloon ninja game and shoot them with nerf guns! I saw this on pinterest:

Make easy eye appealing decorations with a little creativity and effort. I absolutely love these ideas!

inexpensive birthday party ideas

You can decorate with a theme in mind.

For example, cut out swords for a pirate themed party, or fill jars with candy for a sweet display!

Here is an excellent decoration idea! Just use some cheap table cloths (Hellllooo dollar store!) and some balloons and ribbon.. and Wah-Lah!!

kids birthday party decorations

Party favors don’t have to cost a fortune.

A great homemade idea I just found on was a homemade cookie in a CD sleeve, so cute!

Party hats can be handmade out of paper, name tags on straws, and colorful paper bags are easy to make, use and recycle.

To fill goodie bags use something inexpensive and helpful like crayons and a notebook or stickers and stamps to decorate their hats and bags.

I absolutely love this take home lego idea!

unique party favors


To keep food cost down, simply bake your own cake and have the children help you decorate it, its lots of fun!

No need for other food just a drink to go with it. A pretty and fun cake should be plenty for your tiny guests, just make sure you slice it properly to feed them.

Which brings me to the next topic, the guest list.

Depending on your budget, I would suggest keeping it to the number of age your child is turning.

There are lots of inexpensive birthday party ideas that your little one and their friends will love!

If you plan on using some of these ideas or want to share some things you’ve done for your child’s birthday, let me know in the comments below!

Fun and Inexpensive Birthday Party Ideas

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