What do Single Fathers Look for in a Girl-

What do Single Fathers Look For in a Girl?

We all know dating and finding the right guy can be a challenge when you’re a single mom. But what about when you’re a single dad?

We don’t spend a lot of time focusing on single dads here at Young Mom’s Club, but we know it can be difficult to find the right kind of woman that you want to date and to feel comfortable introducing to your kids. We wanted to know what qualities guys are looking for in a partner when they’re on the dating scene and this is what they had to say:


nick single dad

Nick Brannigan believes his perfect woman should have these qualities:

 If they have children they kids are as polite, respectful and well behaved as mine.
Respects her body. Workouts out on a regular basis and has good dietary habits.
Genuinely sweet person.
Likes kids (duh!)
Consciouspreneur mindset

Evan Louie looks for these things in a partner:

Has strong family values (if she is single) and bonds well with children.
Kind, compassionate, caring, and nurturing.
Intelligent, responsible, and ambitious (my own personal traits I look for).
Knows how to have fun and a sense of humor. It takes a playful sense to be around children.
Is open minded and sees a broader sense of the world. She can pass that ideology to my child.

evan single dad

brian single dad

Brian Burge believes that his ideal woman should be:

Down to earth
Open minded

Rory Byrne believes that the most important thing in a partner is:

Someone with similar goals and lifestyle.
A person that appreciates my child.
Someone who isn’t afraid to have the family expansion talk (this should take place sooner than later).
I have found the love part is temporarily the most important. Its after that you find if you can be good business partners.
To find someone that loves me for me.

rory byrne single dad

adam boaz single dad

Adam Boaz has become more guarded after he separated from his son’s mother so he looks for:

Someone who will love my son because he comes first.
Has to have a strong, loving character.
Must have a lot of patience.
A “motherly” instinct or quality (but doesn’t necessarily have to already be a mother).
No more girls who are still in their “partying” phase!


So, ladies, do you think that you have what it takes to date a single dad? Thanks so much to the guys who shared with us and gave us an inside look at what single fathers are really looking for! If you’re a single guy with kids who is reading this and you have something to add that might be on your list, comment below and let us know. We would love to hear what other dads have to say on the subject! 🙂

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