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worlds toughest job people picture

World's Toughest Job- Been there, Done that!

If you saw the ad below, would you apply? Do you think you have what it takes? 2.7 million people saw the ad for "Director of Operations", yet only 24 applied. Watch and let me know if you think you'd be the right fit for this job.
make reindeer candy canes

How to Make Reindeer Candy Canes

In this video, Angelina walks you through the step by step process of what you will need to make reindeer candy canes and exactly how to put them together. PS. Watch the last 20 seconds.. these kids are so hilarious...
jasmine teen mom

Teen mom goes Zero to Silly

Teen mom speech: "When I was 15 years old, I became a mom. Troy is my son and at that point in life I decided I needed to have a serious attitude adjustment. I started taking myself seriously." Watch Jasmine's inspiring talk below where she explains how she found her "silly" in the most unlikely of places. She also shares what she learned on her life-changing trip: The 3 most important things you need to create connection with strangers, with people in your community and even in your own home.

Life as a teen mother: a first hand account of a young mom

When I decided to write this, I was very emotional. I thought about how terrible it was for me to get pregnant at 15. Then I thought, is that really the worst thing that could have happened? It truly could’ve been a lot worse. I could’ve been raped. I could’ve gotten pregnant by a loser who didn’t want to take care of me. I could’ve had parents that didn’t care at all what happened to me or disowned me for my careless choice. I have made it through this with a beautiful family and some wisdom to share. I want you to know that you will make it through this as well.