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5 Fun Outdoor Activities for You and Your Baby - Mercola

Mercola's Top 5 Fun Outdoor Activities for You and Your Baby

Being a first-time parent is undoubtedly challenging, and many young mommies and daddies often take great caution when handling their infant. Some are even afraid to take their baby outside, and end up being cooped up inside the house for weeks or even months after giving birth. But there’s no reason to fear going outside. In fact, the fresh air and change of scenery may be great for you and your child.
Handling the -Ex-Factor- Blog Image

Handling the "Ex-Factor"

As much as I would love to say this blog is about the TV show X-Factor (one of my guilty pleasures).... It's not. Your guess was totally right when you figured out this article is dedicated to dealing with difficult exes. I bet you a million bucks 90% of people reading this article immediately thought of someone from a past relationship when they read that title. Maybe you didn't think of the father of your kids, maybe you did... maybe you're a guy reading this and you thought about your crazy ex-girlfriend. No matter who it was that came to mind, this blog post might be helpful to you.
10 things young moms are sick of hearing

10 Things Young Moms are Sick of Hearing

Are you guilty of saying things to young moms that they probably are sick of hearing? Did you even know you were being rude when you said it? Probably not! Better yet, are you a young mom that wishes people knew when to keep their comments to themselves? Here's a list of the 15 things that you can bet young moms are super sick of hearing...
dating young moms pic

10 Tips for Dating Young Moms

We're gonna shake things up a bit. Up until now 99.99999% of…