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easy christmas crafts for kids

2 Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids

Looking for some easy Christmas crafts for kids to do this weekend?…
parenting mental illness

10 Steps for Parenting with a Mental Illness

Parenting is hard work. Adding mental illness to the equation just amplifies it. Thankfully we have a fantastic role model for any young moms who find themselves parenting with a mental illness.
high school motherhood

From High school to Motherhood: 6 Things to remember during your Teen Pregnancy

We came across a fantastic new blogger, Alyssa, and were so inspired by the positive spin she is putting around her teen pregnancy. This girl is what Young Moms Club is all about and we're so grateful that she offered to be a guest blogger and honestly and vulnerably share her story and advice.
morning routine of woman leader

The Morning Routine of THIS Woman Leader

I consider myself a woman leader, so when I saw Forbes' article about 12 Woman Leaders' morning routines, it intrigued me. ...(Still waiting on that email, Forbes!) Here are some examples included in the article, of what woman leaders do to start their day: