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5 Steps to Get Your Mom to Stop making Decisions for your Child

How are you supposed to tell your mom that you don't approve of something when she's helping to support you and you'd be lost without her? Here are 5 things to remember when you want to tell your mom off:

How to Work out your Ass from Home- 4 Exercises to get it High and Tight like the Models

Do you want to learn how to work out your Ass and get a High and Tight Rear End like a Super Model? Yeah, well so do I! Being a young, single mommy of two, I know the struggle to find time each day to exercise. Let me just say that I have tried every possible DVD exercise program, cream, wrap, anything under the sun - I have done it. So I can honestly give you my unbiased opinion about what has really worked for me.

How do you manage to get Enough Sleep? 2 Young Moms Share their Insider Secrets

I asked 2 Young Moms Club Mommies "How in the world do you get enough sleep?" When my kids were young I was constantly tired. Their responses were very informative and made me laugh. If I could go back in time, I would definitely try some of these things.
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How to Get What You Want -3 Things you probably Don't Know that you NEED to!

Whether your goal is to make more money, lose weight, have a great relationship.. If you can shift the way you think about your desires and goals, I can show you how to get what you want. Here's what I mean...