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3 things to dig myself out

3 Things I did to Dig Myself out of my Sh*t Hole

Looking back and re-evaluating my past situation and the steps I took to get out of it; there are 3 clear things that I always did that I'm pretty sure contributed to getting out of that sh*t hole of a life I was stuck in.

Work at Home Mom Jobs -Are they too good to be true?

Pregnant at 19, now a Presidential Director for ViSalus- Kacey Brock speaks about work at home mom jobs, dishing the truth about hers. She shares the good and the bad parts and what it Really takes to be successful while working from home.
dont forgets

Don't Forgets - 16 Things to Remember when Life Sucks Balls

We all have those days when sh*t hits the fan and we don't feel like getting out of bed and instead we decide to throw ourselves a pity party. Here is a list of 16 Don't Forgets to review on the bad days.. and the good days, too.

4 Ways to Explain to Friends without Kids that you can't go out Every Night

Having a baby doesn't have to mean that "The Party is Over".. But a lot of the time friends without kids don't understand that you can't just drop everything and go out whenever you feel like it. Here's how Brenda, Stevie, Jessica and Amanda handle peer pressure to go party from other friends without kids.