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4 New Mother’s Day Ideas for Your Mom

As moms, we all know that our babies making us finger paintings warms our hearts way more than any expensive Mother’s Day gift could.


But, I think we tend to forget that it’s the same for OUR moms. Even though we’ve grown up and we’re off raising kids of our own, we should remember to do those little things that will remind our moms just how much we love them.

Here are 4 personal ideas, straight from the minds of the Young Moms Club staff, that you can steal for Mothers Day…


mothers day young mom danielle fordDanielle- The one thing I make sure to do every year is to put the kids’ recent school pictures in a nice frame and give them as a gift to my mom. I usually bring her flowers or something home-baked. I keep it simple because I know that it’s the thought that counts, plus my mom is one of those people who will be legitimately mad at me if I spend too much money on her.









mothers day young mom kim negriKim– Being 3,000 miles away from mom makes Mother’s Day pretty difficult, so one idea that isn’t at all expensive, but still personal is always a special greeting card customized through  I LOVE being able to add photos of the grandkids so it’s totally different every year.


My mom has CMT (Charcot Marie Tooth) which is a neuro-muscular degenerative disease so this year, I’m making a small donation to the CMT research foundation. Spreading awareness for a great cause means so much more!


mothers day young mom stephanie ramirezStephanie- Every year I like to add a personal touch to my gifts. If you’re like me and like to add old memories to remind your mother of your times together, I suggest to turn your Mother’s Day card into a time capsule. Find a few old pictures and remind her of why that time was special to you. For instance, I will be adding a picture of my mom cheering me on during softball games. Just to remind her of the supportive person she has always been for me. You can even make a collage of pictures and add a letter to it.








mothers day young mom samantha jerneeSamantha- My mom is very family orientated so brunch with everyone is a must! She is also one of the most selfless people you will ever meet, so for a gift I always get her something she wouldn’t get herself, like a day at the spa or a new purse. And now that she is a grandma, I have my kids make her something hand-made and truly from the heart.

Now that you know what we’ll be doing for mom this year, what ideas do you have?


Let us know your budget friendly gift ideas or tell us about something fun and different you’ve done to celebrate your mom on Mother’s Day!