How to LOVE the way you Look

You know those days when you’re shopping for new clothes for yourself and you start to get super depressed?

All you want is a new pair of jeans or shorts and you start getting more and more frustrated because everything that you’re trying on is pushing into your love handles, creating a perfect muffin top.. So instead of just going into a larger size, you get pissed off at yourself, storm out of the dressing room, leave the store immediately feeling completely defeated, and then sit in your car and just cry?

If you’re one of those lucky bitches with superstar metabolisms that gain 20 lbs during their pregnancy (all in their belly) and then are back in their old clothes a month after having the baby, without dieting or working out at all- then you probably have no idea what I’m talking about- and I’m quite jealous.

BUT If you’re like most moms who have struggled with losing post pregnancy weight, then you’ve probably had some freak-out-after-shopping experiences, too.

I’ve definitely had my fair share of freak-outs.

Every time I’d get angry at the world and feel sorry for myself.

But then I’d look at my lifestyle choices like what I had been eating recently and my workout routine (or lack thereof), and then it was hard for me to feel sorry for myself because I knew that it was my own damn fault.

It took me months to finally get into a healthy routine of eating right and exercising to get to a point where I was happy with my appearance.

I’m not the best cook, though, and I didn’t really know what to do to drop weight fast, so I went through a lot of trial and error. (Many less-than-scrumptious recipes and wasting a lot of money on gym memberships and workout equipment that I never used.)

It would have been way easier if I had found a program that was designed to drop weight fast that just told me exactly what to eat and how to cook it and what exercises I could do (from home).

So after talking to Lacricia, our awesome fitness chick, and discussing how many moms go through depression and shopping freak-outs (A LOT!), we decided to create the program we wish that we had after childbirth.

We wanted to make it really easy to follow, fast easy and most importantly, EFFECTIVE.

So Lacricia went to work and created an entire program designed for new moms with extra weight to lose 6 pounds in 6 days- without starving themselves and while working out at home.

Sounds awesome, right? You know what’s even more awesome? It’s Free.

Seriously. There’s an entire low-cost grocery list with everything you need for 6 days of easy meals, a recipe guide that’s a breeze to follow, a workout guide that explains and shows you exactly what to do every day and at what times, and a calendar personalized for you that’s designed to hold you accountable and help you stay on track.

There’s also a private group just for the moms going through the program, to help support each other.

If it’s just been impossible for you to drop your baby weight, if you’re like me and not a very good or creative cook, if you don’t have time or money for a gym membership- I think you would really like this free 6 day program.

Here are more details and directions to sign up.

fast weight loss for new moms

I wish you tons of luck on your weight loss journey.

I know how much it sucks to not be able to button your jeans without your fat hanging over and not wanting to give in and go up a size. It’s seriously really depressing.

Yes, having a baby is a huge blessing and it’s worth the toll it takes on your body.

But that doesn’t mean you have to give in and give up. You deserve whatever body you want. YOU DESERVE TO FEEL BEAUTIFUL.

The more beautiful you feel, the more confidence you have. The more confidence you have, the more opportunities you go after. The more opportunities you go after, the better your life becomes.

Go get it, girl. We have your back. <3