5 Tips to make Losing Weight after Giving Birth Super Easy

So, you want your pre-baby body back and to fit into your clothes again but you’re having trouble losing weight after giving birth?

I know the feeling.

When you have a new baby you feel as though you can only spend quality time on them.

There just isn’t enough time in the day,” I have heard myself say so many times. Especially when you feel so tired, you feel as though you will never slim back down. We, as women know how it can make you feel so stuck and unable to improve your image. It’s no fun being in that place of dissatisfaction in ourselves. You may be having a hard time knowing who this person is that you are looking at in the mirror.

losing weight after giving birthDon’t make the mistake that most of us make, consider yourself  “too mommy” to be physically fit. Never give up on improving because mothers can be hot too!

And successful..

..and just as totally awesome as anyone else.

We women are diverse. This may be hard to believe right now, because of your dirty hair, spit up stained lounge wear and no makeup, but you can be glamourous! This is all about your mindset and seeing yourself how you want to be. The can do, positive attitude is what will make your goals a reality.

Taking care of a new baby is one of the most rewarding, but challenging, life-changing experiences that you will ever face.  At the beginning, you should take your time and connect with your newborn. Exercising with your newborn can help with postpartum depression. Be sure to wait at least six weeks after delivery and talk to your doctor before beginning your workout regimen.

There is a way to reshape your figure. With a few small steps each day, you can slowly regain your body strength and fitness. You can do it! If you have the desire, I will show you why it’s not so hard losing weight after giving birth. We will take it one step at a time. Now is the time to focus on your plan of action.

Your well-being is just as important as your baby’s. I know it seems as though there is absolutely no time for you, but you will start losing waist inches with these tips for losing weight after giving birth.

Make sure you know your “Why” for getting healthy. That’s what you should focus on. These reasons could include: having more energy, being more calm, a good example for your children and getting the confidence you deserve.

Hang this “Why” on a wall or somewhere you will see it everyday!

The 5 tips to losing weight after giving birth are….

1. Take 15 minutes for yourself each day, preferably in the morning, to stretch and relax, yoga is a way to do just that.
Tip: Try green tea to soothe and use an obtainable goal and plan to get fit slowly.
2. Drink lots of water

Tip: about 8(8oz.)  glasses or more a day

3. Eat healthy meals throughout the day as well as snacks.

Tip: stock your fridge with easy to grab items, Nutrition goes a long way.Cut out sugar and processed foods. This is anything packaged and soda drinks. Try fruit instead of sweets. Eat veggies with low-fat dressing instead of chips.

4. Get moving! Take baby for a walk, climb stairs, do 10-15 minute workouts at a time, because with your new baby that’s all you will have time for. It will work and you can gradually add more.

Tip: use household items to do your own workouts at home.

5. Get enough sleep!

Tip: you may need help to make this happen. Ask a friend or loved one to watch your baby so you can get rest. Hopefully, the child can be put on some sort of schedule. Try sleeping when baby is.

Stick to your plan, write a schedule, pin notes and don’t give up!

I have personally had to schedule my phone to tell me to wake up and do my workout! If you have to change your schedule to fit the kids, that’s ok. Just make sure you follow this through and get help with the baby. In fact, you can include your little one and she/he will be grateful that you did because you will be a happy, fit, more serene mom!

Baby benefits from exercise time, too.

Imagine the bond baby is developing with mom through interaction,” Maltbie says in this BabyZone article. “You are building confidence, self-awareness, human connection, love. Babies need these intimate interactions to adjust, to develop and grow. Also, the activities are exercise for Baby too, so he/she is developing cognitive and physical abilities.Click to Tweet this wisdom out!

Also, don’t forget that breastfeeding can also help you get back in shape!  Don’t go on a reduced calorie diet, this will hurt the nutrients in your supply.

Be sure to tell yourself everyday that you will achieve your goals. Surround yourself with positive people and recite daily affirmations.

You are a work in progress, but love yourself along the way. Treat yourself when possible, like mani/pedi or shopping. Just remember that weight loss doesn’t take tons of money or lots of skill, just commitment and it takes time. Be confident in yourself and love your body! Confidence is sexy and you will get addicted to improving that sexiness. Soon, this will all be habit and you will have formed long-lasting lifestyle changes.

Start today by writing your schedule and lists. To find out more details how to make your goals a reality, follow this series and fill in your email address to get updated when new material is added.

I hope this article about losing weight after giving birth was beneficial to you and would like for you to share what struggles you faced, in the comments below.

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Coming soon: Part 2: Taking mom fitness to the next level.

About the Author: Lacricia Sanders is a 27 years old young mom of Jaylynn (12), Leah (7) and Lilyanna (4). She has been happily married to Jason for 12 ½ years. She loves to be with her family, help with local charity events, and enjoying social interaction.

She is a budding entrepreneur with health, fitness and anything else that catches her fancy. When she isn’t enjoying time with her family, she can be found working out, shopping, singing or helping people with fitness.

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5 Tips to make Losing Weight after Giving Birth Super Easy