Slowing Down Your Life

Written by Jenna Faccenda

Having a baby when you’re young is a huge game changer. It can sometimes feel as though your life is automatically being fast forwarded.

A whole new set of worries arise; buying your first home, getting married, and even landing a career. The things that you didn’t think you had to worry about until at least your late twenties and now it’s as if everything has just been thrown on your plate.

It’s as if taking care of a baby or even raising a child isn’t stressful enough.

But, here’s the good news. Yes you had a baby young and had to take on all the responsibilities of adulthood but that doesn’t mean you need to rush everything else.

Because, guess what? You’re still young!

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I am here to share with you on how to hit that pause button and slow down your life.

How to continue raising your baby the right way yet act your age (for the most part), in three simple steps.

The first step is to just breathe, remember that you are young and still have a lot of years to reach your late twenties and accomplish those set goals. Look at it this way, now you just get to start saving ahead of time. Not many adults thought about saving for things like a wedding or house during their early twenties. You have the leg up!

The second step is to create a goal plan. It’s important to take one thing at a time so you don’t overwhelm yourself. Take each major situation at a time. For example, I gave myself a four-year time span to save up for a house. I chose this time period because it was when I am graduating from college. By doing so this allowed me enough time to focus on schooling. That way when I graduate I will be able to buy my first home and then work on landing my career.

The third and final step is to give yourself a break.

It is ok to act your age every now and again. Allow yourself to be a little selfish and remind yourself of your age. Go mini-golfing, bowling, shopping, cliff-diving, hey even have an old-fashioned sleepover with some friends!

It is ok! Your kid will thank you in the end. A happy mom creates a happy environment for her child.

Being a young mom just means you got to enjoy your little one sooner. Everything else can take its good old time.


Tell us some of the other ways you slow down when you start to get ahead of yourself?

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