How playing April Fools Day pranks can benefit your Life

I’ve always adored well-played April Fool’s Day pranks.

When I was 17 and 7 months pregnant with Angelina, I was almost finished with beauty school.

On April first, before class started, I was at the dollar store picking up some cotton balls and Q tips when out of the corner of my eye I saw about 10 pregnancy tests on a shelf. I bought all of them.

I got to school, practically bursting with excitement, and announced that I had to pregnancy tests that I was prepared to pee on and pass out on a first-come first-served basis to be used as an April Fool’s joke for their significant other.

10 girls I barely knew left that day with my pee on a stick..

and that’s how you pay it forward April Fool’s Day style..

Fast forward a couple years to when my kids were toddlers..

My best friend Courtney had a beagle who she actually thought was human. His name is Tanner Scott Goldstein.

She made him wear clothes and costumes and on his birthday, she would get treats from the dog bakery (yes, those exist) and the kids and I would have to wear party hats and sing “Happy Birthday” to him.

April 1st crept up and I’m not sure where the idea came from- it kinda just popped into my head- but I decided that I should list Tanner on Craigslist as “Free to a Good Home”. So I uploaded his pictures and a story about why Courtney couldn’t keep him.. and her phone number. And then I waited for her call.

It took about 30 seconds for the calls to start flooding in. She was not pleased, to say the least, and an hour later she sent her brother over to my house and he took all 4 tires off of my car so I couldn’t go anywhere.

To this day, she still doesn’t understand that her prank is not at all equal to the prank I pulled on her.

Another fun person to prank is my little sister, Alyssa.

On one April Fool’s Day, I went to my dad’s house and into her room, carrying about 10 rolls of wrapping paper, and proceeded to wrap everything she had like a present. I literally wrapped her bed, her books, her knick-knacks, even a full bowl of cereal and milk that she had left on her dresser.

It took me about 2 hours to wrap everything and she ended up spilling the cereal everywhere- but it was totally worth it.

A lot of people see April Fool’s Day pranks as “stupid” or “immature”.. but I think those people are dumb.

They’re actually a really great way to ensure that you stay young and silly longer.

The important part, though, is to know what the line is between hilarious and straight-out mean.. and then not cross it.

Here are some examples of good and bad April Fool’s day jokes..

april fools day jokes pranks


Now I want to know what April Fool’s Day pranks you’ve pulled– and what you plan to do this year.. (insert evil laugh here)..

Leave me a comment below!!


 How playing April Fools Day pranks can benefit your Life

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