college is possible

College is Possible!

by Jenna Faccenda

One of the biggest concerns I hear from young moms is that since they found out they are pregnant, that means they have to drop out of college or that they can’t apply. Hearing that statement always upsets me.

If anything, having a baby should mean you are more determined to achieve that higher education. College is NOT an impossible task for a mom. Many have done it and you can too!

The excuses I hear from moms are that they don’t have time, or money, or anyone to watch their child but here are some fun facts that may persuade you to take that next step!

1. Most Colleges Have a Day Care Center

Yes you heard that right. Most colleges, especially universities provide a day care center on campus for students with children. The hours normally match up with the school’s hours and are available each semester and even some weeks in the summer. This is perfect for when you go to class you can bring your little one to school with you and know that he or she is in good hands. And if the convenience isn’t enough most school day cares offer a subsidized child care program where they will help pay for the child care cost for individuals with financial struggles.young mom graduate

2. The Government Pays for Your Tuition

There is money available for young moms who wish to attend college. This financial support is called Financial Aid. You apply once a year and are awarded with a Pell Grant, Subsidized and Unsubsidized Loan. These go towards paying off your tuition. The best part is you only have to pay off one loan and you don’t have to worry about it until six months after you graduate! And even if financial aid doesn’t cover all of your schooling there are a lot of grants and scholarships available for parents, single moms, and young moms. You rarely will ever have to pay of out pocket! young mom graduate 2

3. You Choose your Own Schedule!

Just because you go to college doesn’t mean you have to attend a set amount of classes following a certain time. As a college student you have the freedom to pick how many classes you want to take a semester and the times that work best for you. This way you can cater it around your busy schedule! No one says you have to graduate in 4 years, now a day that’s not even the average! mom graduate

Are you a young mom who decided to further her education? Tell us how you did it!

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