losing weight fast program for moms

I bet you’re wondering what the 6 in 6 program is exactly..

Well to simplify, it’s where moms like you will get the tools you need to lose 6 pounds in 6 days!

It was created by our own hot mama, Lacricia Sanders.

You don’t need fancy equipment, lots of money or tons of fancy recipes to get fit!


With our 6 day program you will receive:

  • A Low Cost printable grocery list to create your meal plan

  • Recipe Guide consisting of Fast and Simple meals for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

  • Quick and Yummy snack ideas for Slimming

  • A Customizable plan of 15 minute Fast, Fun, and Time-saving exercises that will make fat burning Easier

  • A Personalized calendar to keep track of meals and workouts to do daily that will help hold yourself accountable

  • Enrollment in the Facebook Group where all the 6 in 6ers help support each other in our journeys to get healthier

  • Access to a virtual Fitness Coach for the days when you’re feeling stuck or just need motivation

What do you have to lose (besides those pesky 6 pounds)?

The first step is to enter your email and we’ll immediately send you everything you need to get started..