most of your thoughts are wrong

Most of your Thoughts are WRONG!

I don’t know about you, but my mind goes a mile a minute. If I would ever go to a doctor, she’d probably diagnose me with severe ADHD.

law of attraction danielle fordI just can’t help it, though. I try to calm the monkey in my mind. I meditate. It helps. But still, I’m constantly being bombarded with random thoughts.. and this is bad for 2 reasons.

1) It can make it tough for me to focus.


2) Most of the thoughts I have (and you have.. and everyone has..) are UNTRUE.

And to be able to find your strengths, set goals, go after your dreams and all those big things you want to do, first and foremost you have to separate your untrue thoughts from your true thoughts.

I know I might sound a little coo-coo right now but I’ll explain more in today’s video and I’ll give you examples of some thoughts that pop in my head.

Don’t judge me.

OK so now that it all makes sense (I hope!), I want to know what kind of thoughts you have that aren’t true. What are you going to do to separate them?? Lemme know and let’s chat about it! <3 Danielle