Why Sale Prices DON’T actually Save Money

Have you ever gone shopping for a few specific things and you ran into AWESOME sale prices that you just couldn’t pass up?

You skip out with your new purchases while adding up how much money you saved.. Buy one, get one free.. 30% off your purchase of $50 or more.. 3 for $20.

You figure out how much it would’ve cost without the discounts, and then what you actually paid, and you feel like a rock star. You just made that store your b*tch.

In today’s video, I talk about why “sale prices” actually don’t save money; They waste it.

saving money with sale prices danielle ford young momI’ve been guilty of falling victim to sale prices more than I’d like to admit. What gets me the worst is when I buy clothes and then have to stand in line for 10 minutes, surrounded by all of the accessory racks. They always happen to be incredibly discounted, too! I just can’t pass up those cute sunglasses and mustache earrings. And at those prices, they’re practically a steal! ….except they’re not.

There are actually 2 definitions of the word “save” and anytime someone says you can “save” money, it should be a little suspect. Watch the video below so you can see exactly what I mean.

Do you now understand the difference of the 2 types of “save”?

Don’t feel bad if you’ve fallen victim to sale prices once or twice or twenty times. We all have.

It’s important to just always be aware of what’s going on and what definition of “save” actually applies at the moment.

P.S. Have you actually saved a bunch of money (without switching to Geiko), though? I’d love to hear about the deal you got in the comments. 🙂

<3 Danielle


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