what to look for in a guy

What to Look for in a Guy- these 4 things are NON-NEGOTIABLE

Big news: I’m engaged!! ::happy dance::

My boyfriend fiance takes me to Hawaii for Valentine’s Day every year and this time he made it extra special.paul ryan law missoula danielle ford

It was ironic timing since I had just filmed this video about what to look for in a guy.

My guy has a million amazing qualities, in fact, I made a 3 page list of what I wanted in a guy before we even met and he fit every single one. I ended up giving him that list because I didn’t need it anymore.

Most girls get hung up on the wrong qualities when searching for a guy, they are too specific or they have a “type”. Really, there are 4 things that are non-negotiable when thinking about what to look for in a guy.


In this video I’m going to go over all 4 things for you and tell you why each one is important.


Now I want to know from you, can you think of any other factors to consider when looking for a guy? Let me know in the comments below. <3 Danielle