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Why I Vacation without my Kids

vacation with kids travelAloha! Today’s video is all about why I vacation without my kids and don’t feel bad about it AT ALL. (even though sometimes people try to make me feel guilty).

Also at the end is some footage from our trip.. I want to go back!


Why I Vacation without my Kids- Video Transcript

Hey so I just got back from a week in Maui Hawaii and it was amazing!

I was able to relax at the pool a lot..

paul ryan and danielle ford pool pic

and we went to really nice dinners..

danielle ford and paul ryan law andaz wailea maui hawaii

we kayaked out in the ocean, watching humpback whales from like 30 yards away, we did sunset yoga..

sunset yoga workout danielle ford

and I even surfed..

girl surfing hawaii

kind of..

surfing falling ocean

Now if you already follow me on Instagram then you already know that I travel a lot. Sometimes it’s just a quick staycation here in Las Vegas, sometimes its to a new city just to explore and every single year I go with my guy to hawaii to celebrate a week for Valentines day.

I do take the kids on trips a couple times a year but for the most part, when I travel, they stay with their grandparents. And sometime people make remarks like “Oh I could never leave my kids for that long” like kinda trying to make me feel bad about it.

But do I actually feel bad? Hell no!

I’m Danielle Ford, the founder of Young Moms Club, where young moms go to empower themselves and design their perfect lives. I’m a single mom. The kids dad isn’t in their lives at all. I don’t have a lot of help during the week so day in and day out its just me. I take them to and from school, to all the activities they have, to birthday parties, I’m helping with their homework and projects, I have to feed them all the time, and there’s nobody to ask like “Hey, I’m in a rush, could you pick the kids up from school” or “Could you watch them for an hour while I run to the grocery store?”

Fortunately I do get help from the grandparents on weekends so that really helps and I have absolutely no problem dropping the kids off for a Friday and/or Saturday night while I hang out with my guy or some girlfriends.

Now it might seem like I’m being a bad mom just dropping the kids off with the grandparents but I’m actually being a good mom.

Moms need to take some time away from their kids, whether thats leaving them with the dad for an hour a day or with the grandparents for a weekend here or there.

We need that break to keep our sanity. Now I talked about this before in a previous video all about why you should put yourself first even in front of your kids and I got a lot of criticism for that but I stick with it. If you wanna watch that, you can watch it right here.


So that video talks a lot about the why you should put yourself first in front of your kids but basically I take vacations or a night off and 2 things happen from that.

1 is it makes me miss them.

Look, anyone who says that they never ever need a break from their kids is either on some really good medication or they’re lying. Every mom needs a break from her kids now and then.

And 2, it makes them miss me as well.

Now as much as kids drive their parents crazy, parents drive kids crazy, too, especially as they get older. You know, it becomes a lot of “do your chores” “do your homework” yada yada yada, “stop fighting with your brother or sister” etc. And it give those older kids really a chance to appreciate you when you’re gone. And if they’re little, and they’re still not to the point where you drive them crazy yet and they still want to be with you all the time, then it’s still good for them to be without you for a little bit to learn to be independent, learn to adapt, and learn how to go on with life a little bit without you, not too much though cause you want them to still need you but its really good for them to become a little bit self sufficient.

So that’s all for today. Now I know that not everybody has the ability to just go and travel whenever they want to and they might not have as supportive of grandparents to watch the kids on the weekends but everybody has a way to be able to take a break here and there.

So let me know in the comments what you do to re-energize, to get a break and get some me time.

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