ex threatening to take kids

Is your Ex Threatening to take the Kids?

Let me guess.. you split with your baby daddy and now he’s threatening to take the kids.. Sound familiar?

ex threatening to take kids danielle fordBig shocker there! Never heard that one before! ..oh wait.. yes, I have. A million times.

My ex threatened to take my kids. Then I got full custody. My friends ex’s threatened to take their kids. They got full custody.

It’s always the same story. The mom is struggling, the dad makes more money and is more stable and now he’s threatening with attorneys and judges and says he’s going to take the kids away.

::yawn:: can these dads come up with some new material please?

In today’s video, we’re talking all about how to handle it if your ex is threatening to take the kids.

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I hope this helps! Be sure to send to any friends who you think might need to hear this.. <3 Danielle

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