How to turn down a Date

I have a long distance boyfriend, so a lot of times when I go to events or out with friends, it appears that I’m single and guys will ask me out and I’ll be in that awkward situation where I have to say “No”. It also doesn’t help that I don’t wear a ring. (Hint: Boyfriend, if you’re reading this!)

::crickets::  ::awkward silence::

Actually though, when I was married and I wore a ring, I still sometimes got hit on! Some guys look at a wedding ring as challenge. We call these ones “douchebags”. Even though I could just hold up my ring finger and say “Married!” it was still uncomfortable to have to turn guys down.

dating danielle ford picBut the worst times I’ve gotten asked out would have to be be when I was single. Sometimes I was just barely surviving, trying to get myself together and not focused on dating. Sometimes I just didn’t want to go out with the dude.

Regardless, once again I was put into that uncomfortable situation of having to say, “No.”

I wish that during my marriage and after my divorce I knew the right way to turn down a date. It would’ve saved me a lot of stress and wasted energy.

In today’s video, I’m going to tell you how most girls turn down a date, which is the absolute wrong way.

I’ve been guilty of this many times. Thankfully I figured it out and when I get asked out and have to decline, I do it without hurting anyone’s ego or feelings and I feel really good about it afterwards. No more awkwardness.

Watch the video to learn how to turn down a date..

Now I wanna know about your awkward dating proposals.. When’s the most uncomfortable-est you’ve felt when turning down a date? Any creepers?? How did you handle them?

Let’s chat about it!

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<3 Danielle

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