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How to Dream Big when you live in a Small World

Do you ever feel like a goldfish, wanting to swim in open water but stuck in a tiny bowl?

It can be really tough when you want to learn how to dream big but people or circumstances are trying to keep you small.

Watch today’s video to find out what you can do right now to start outgrowing your little bowl and make your place out in the great big ocean.

How to Dream Big when you live in a Small World- Video Transcript


Do you ever feel like you have really big dreams, like you think big and you just want to grow but you feel like you’re trapped in this small world? If that sounds like you, then keep watching this video.

I’m Danielle Ford, the founder of Young Moms club where young moms go to empower themselves and design their perfect lives.

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And I want to talk to you for a minute about goldfish which is totally random but you’ll figure out in a second why. Goldfish are really special creatures, they’re actually able to grow depending on the size of their environment. But unfortunately sometimes they’re kept in a very small fish bowl and they’re only able to grow so much. But if you allow a common gold fish to swim wherever it wants to, like in open water, it could grow to be a foot long. And that’s really sad, even the little gold fish thats stuck in the little bowl might think it’s happy but it has no idea what kind of potential it has and how big it can be.

And that same concept actually applies to humans. And I’m not talking about your size, I’m talking about your goals, your dreams, the way you think, all of these things will stay small if you stay in a small environment.

Not everybody wants to play big and dream big and think big and that’s ok but if you do, and you think you might be stuck in a fish bowl, then you need to get your ass out in the ocean, pronto.

Now let me just clarify something. Your fish bowl isn’t where you live necessarily. You could live in a tiny apartment, tiny house, wherever and not let that stop you from thinking and dreaming really big.

Your fish bowl could actually be your family. You know its really hard to be a big dreamer and be a big thinker when everyone around you is just very small minded. Your fish bowl could be someone else.

It could be someone else who thinks of you in this way and they’re portraying their thoughts onto you and its really hard to have a belief in yourself when they see you as small.

Your fish bowl could also be a belief system, some people get so into their belief system that they become really small minded and short sighted and they’re kind of unable to get out of that little fish bowl of their belief system and become a bigger fish.

And your fish bowl could actually be you.

If you allow yourself to give into fear, to let negative emotions control your life, then you could be your own worst enemy and you could be the one who is keeping you from being the biggest fish that you can.

So now lets talk about some ways that you can grow bigger.

  • The first one that pops to mind is travel. If you can experience different cultures, see the way people live, see how big the world is, realize that it makes you feel so small when you tale somewhere and you’re away from everything that you know. Now I know that many people don’t have the option to travel and that’s ok, you can still learn about other cultures and all sorts of places. But really just getting out of your house and your neighborhood, just driving to a different city, and just seeing how big things actually are.


  • Another way is the internet and a lot of people are on the internet, everyone’s on the internet, but many people get sucked into their little circles on the internet and they’re in silly groups and they’re surfing for things that don’t matter and they’re just reevaluating everything that they know. But you can use the internet to do so many awesome things. You can join groups that are actually beneficial. You can find things to learn. You can connect with people from across the globe. there’s so many things that you can use the internet for and that’s gonna help you see the world differently, think bigger, dream bigger, become bigger.


  • Another way that you can start to get bigger is by reading books. There are lots of books that make you think bigger, there’s tons of books that are amazing to just inspire you and get you going. One book in particular that I love, I read it a few years ago is called  “The Think Big Manifesto”
    by Michael Port and that book is fantastic and as soon as you read it, it makes you want to go and do everything. That’s a great book, check it out.


  • You can also search out people, no matter how small your city is, search out other people who are desperate to think bigger. Start a group. Start a mastermind group. Start a club. Anything, and just talk to each other and learn from each other. Connect with people like you.


  • And the last thing that I can think of right now for you to expand your mind and dream bigger and think bigger is to interact with people from all different walks of life. You know we tend to hang out with people who are just like us, who are the same age as us and the same nationality and the same social status and all this stuff. Hang out with other people. Go try to meet the richest person you can. Go have conversation with the poorest person you can. Make friends with people from other cultures, any culture that you’ve never been friends with, younger people, you probably have kids but teenagers, older kids, they all have different perspective. Older people, people in their 40s, the elderly, all of these people have different perspectives on life, they all have amazing stories, they have ideas, they have insights, and just talking to them, making connections with them is going to make you think bigger and dream bigger.


Well, that’s pretty much it for today but I want to know from you, I wanna know, are you a big fish or a little little fish? How big do you wanna get? What kind of fish bowls are holding you back? And what kinds of things are you going to do to start to dream bigger? Let me know in the comments and we will chat about it.

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<3 Danielle

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