Gratitude.. Use it to get more of the Good Stuff!

Get on the Gratitude band wagon!

I’ve just started to prepare for Thanksgiving next week. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I have to cook or host anyone at my house, thank God.. But I do make a mean green bean casserole and me and the kids enjoy making Thanksgiving themed projects to give as gifts to all the houses that we visit.

gratitudeYou never really know what’s gonna go down at my family’s house, though. after everyone’s in a food coma and a little tipsy drunk.

If it’s a good year, we all end up playing Cards Against Humanity and laughing until we’re crying. Have you played CAH? Seriously, so fun. There’s nothing better than watching the grown ups get super embarrassed when they pick up cards like “the clitoris” and “sharing needles”. The best is when they don’t know what a word means. I’ll never forget having to publicly explain to my mom, in detail, with drawings, what the word “taint” is. That’s just something no daughter should EVER have to do.

Thanksgiving definitely has the ability to turn real bad, real fast, though. For instance, if you bring home a boy that your mother doesn’t approve of. Just ask my sister, she’ll never get over that Thanksgiving.

But family drama aside, I just LOVE Thanksgiving because everybody and their brother jumps on the Gratitude band wagon. All of a sudden, in the same week, everyone is grateful and happy.

But it’s no coincidence that the happiness soon follows the gratitude, there’s a big reason for it and THAT is exactly what I’m talking about in today’s video.

So check it out and tell me what ya think!


Also, I want to know what YOUR family does for Thanksgiving.. Are they as crazy as mine? Have you ever played Cards Against Humanity? If not, you NEED it!

Let me know in the comments below 🙂


With gratitude, <3 Danielle