fathers last name

Should you always use the Father’s Last Name?

In today’s Figure it Out Friday video, I’m answering a question that a viewer named Sarah asked.

She asked if I thought she should give her son the father’s last name or hers?

danielle ford video picShe was married but she’s divorcing and she didn’t want to have to deal with her ex the rest of her life.

So in the video I tell my own thoughts on the matter. I give my personal opinion, as well as some definite rules to follow regardless of personal opinion.

I also talk about what it was like growing up with 2 different last names. (My mom and my dad BOTH insisted on me having their last name and I didn’t have a very strong identity because of it).

You can imagine how easy it was for me to drop both of them when I got married and take his last name, FORD. Only 4 letters. Perfect.

Watch the video and then let me know what you think.. should it always be the father’s last name? What are the exceptions?

<3 Danielle