dealing with emotions

Dealing with Negative Emotions: Proof that Anger, Sadness, Jealousy & Fear aren’t Bad..

Do you have a hard time dealing with negative emotions?

Do people ever tell you that you’re too emotional?

Do you feel like you need to hide your anger, sadness, jealousy, fear, etc?

dealing with negaive emotionsWell, today’s video explains why those emotions are actually GOOD and why you should not be ashamed of them.


Side note: I am a pretty emotional person. I feel things really strongly and when I was younger, before I got good at dealing with negative emotions, there would always be chaos.

Thankfully, I grew up a little and realized that my negative emotions, weren’t “Bad”.  They weren’t something to hide, having them didn’t mean that something was wrong with me. They were basically just sensors in my brain, telling me when something was wrong, much like when your car makes a funny noise.


I’ll explain the whole “car analogy” in the video…



Now before you go, let me know if this helped…

Are you dealing with negative emotions right now?? What do you think they mean?

Let’s chat about it in the comments.  <3 Danielle