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Don’t Forgets – 16 Things to Remember when Life Sucks Balls

We all have those days when sh*t hits the fan and we don’t feel like getting out of bed and instead we decide to throw ourselves a pity party.

Here is a list of 16 Don’t Forgets to review on the bad days.. and the good days, too.

1. Someone always has it worse than you.

2. Right now is the youngest you’re ever going to be.
Take advantage of it. Don’t get caught up in the small things. Stop to take comfort in the littlest details.

3. When you get angry at someone, you give them your power.
The more you practice letting things go, the more control you gain over yourself and your life.

4. You can’t rationalize with an irrational person.
Doing so only turns you psycho and puts you on their level.

5. Do the things that frighten you.
This is the only way to force yourself out of your comfort zone and into a space where big things can come to you.

6. The sexiest thing you can wear is your expression.
Nothing is more unattractive than a girl all dressed up- with a sour face. Showing happiness unconsciously makes others around you happy and makes people like you more.

7. The most valuable thing you can give your child is your time and attention.
It’s the only thing that can’t be bought at a store and it’s what they will remember and love you for the most.

8. Don’t stay with someone who doesn’t think you’re awesome.
You are awesome- imperfections and all.

9. Every sh*tty thing that happens to you will either make you weaker or stronger.dont forgets
You decide which by how you react to it.

10. You don’t have to keep everyone as your friend.
Don’t give up attention to your good friends for ones that aren’t so good.

11. Optimistic people go way farther in life than pessimists.
Pessimism is contagious. Avoid negative people like they have chicken pox.

12. You don’t have to know exactly how everything will turn out.
As long as you’re taking steps- even small ones- in the right direction, you’ll get there.

13. Take lots of pictures.
Even if you think an event isn’t that important, you’ll realize later that it was.

14. Always have a plan written down.
A goal that isn’t written down is just a wish. Remember: it’s OK to change plans, you just always have to have one.

15. Exercise creates endorphins. Endorphins create happiness.
Even a walk around the block can make a big difference.

16. Spend more time looking to the future than the past.
You don’t own your past, you have every right to release it as history. The future is the only thing you can control.

Write these Don’t Forgets down, print them out.. whatever you have to do to remind yourself.

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Don’t Forgets – 16 Things to Remember when Life Sucks Balls