Top 5 Toys Worth Spending Your Money On

Top 5 Toys Worth Spending Your Money On

It is hard this time of year, when the TV is blasting commercials of the latest all singing-all dancing gizmo or toys that your child really can’t live without, to try and pick out something that

  • Your child will love

  • Is worth your hard earned dollars

  • Is something that your child will play with for years to come, not for a week or maybe two

  • Will benefit your child in an educational way as well as entertain them.

These are my top 5, tried and tested toys that I think all children should have in their arsenal..

1. Mini People.

mini people dolls for kids

Mini People

Pocket sized people are great toys. Not only is it handy to have one or two in your bag when you go out but they are perfect for role playing and story-telling. They come in a great array of styles, we have some plastic ones that often find their way into the bath or the yard (easily washable) and some wooden ones that tend to hang about fighting dragons and rescuing princesses. Often these sets come with pets too – perfect if you are not in the position to get a real puppy, and much easier to look after!





2. Stacking Cups.

stacking cups

Stacking Cups

These a brilliant, no really. Simple as them may seem, I could write a whole blog post or more on stacking cups alone. Some of the skills and activities a child can learn and use these for…
+ Learning how to stack in the correct order (OK that one was obvious)
+ Perception of size and depth
+ Colours
+ Pouring and measuring
+ Sorting
+ Play cooking
+ Making mud pies outside
+ Use as boats in the bath

Not only that, you can pick up a basic set for next to nothing.

3. Play Food.

play food

Play Food

Again this comes in all shapes and sizes, plastic, wooden, felt. You can make your own with simple sewing skills, check out this pinterest board for free patterns and ideas. A cardboard box can be turned into a stove with a sharpie and a bit of imagination and it can double as a storage box too. Add a small milk pan and a wooden spoon and your little chef will be kept happy for hours. The great thing with play food is that it is easy to build on, once you have a basic set you can easily add something here and something there when you can. When your child is getting to reading age, you can make it more advanced and write up a menu and teach them how to use money when they go ‘shopping’


4. Wooden Bricks.

building bricks

Building Bricks

For a long time these were very expensive but the price has come down recently as wooden toys have become fashionable again. Loved by both girls and boys and they can be used for so many things. I recommend getting a set that is either stained or just plain as painted blocks tend to chip easily and soon start to look shabby.




5. Play Silks.

play silks

Play Silks

These are great to build the imagination, turn your little one into a butterfly, a princess, a pirate or a ninja. Maybe it is a picnic cloth for an impromptu teddy bears picnic or perhaps a magic carpet ready to whisk you away on an adventure. No matter how many ideas I might have for these, your child can probably come up with 101 more!

We have all of the above toys, from when my son was a toddler and at 7 and a half, they still get used on a regular basis. I often have to share the bath with a workman, a doctor and a fireman sailing a round in a stacking cup! So, although none of these toys have the latest character on them and non are battery operated, they are all toys that are worth the investment as they will help your child become and imaginative, creative thinker.



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About the author:

Jo Ebisujima is a Brit living in Japan. She loves creating for children and helping parents to organize themselves and their children so that they can spend more quality time together. She writes about her work at My Organized Chaos. She can also be found at her personal blog jojoebi designs where she shares about her everyday life, Montessori, crafting, and raising a bilingual child in Japan.