Stay at Home Mom Activities! 10 Ways to make INCREDIBLE memories Every Day

I am so glad I decided to be a stay at home mom.

I get to enjoy waking and sending my kids off to school with their homework completed, lunch made and school attire wonderfully chosen.

Then I love and take care of my youngest during the day.

Some of my fondest memories are of being home with my kids and helping them grow by my influence each day. A great responsibility not to be taken lightly, but very much adored.

Each day we get to decide how to mold these little minds.

In the evening, we get to cuddle and eat dinner, study and prepare for the next day. Nights are great because I am here to tuck them into bed and read the occasional story.

During the summer, I am usually right here with them all day for outdoor play.stay at home mom activities

It sounds like a lot, and it is, but we as moms often sit back and think, “All that fuss and I still really enjoy it.”

The life of a stay at home mom can be really great if you incorporate the right attitude of fun into it.

There are lots of precious moments that make up the day, so lets talk about what you can do to enjoy them.

I love to make up homework activities that include reading, writing, and worksheets. Coloring and crafts are the usual creative choice. We also love to play games that encourage learning.

We love to change it up everyday. Gardening and science projects are some recent ideas that we have had. You can really have a great day if you have a schedule.

Write down meal times and finish important chores in a timely manner. Move on to activities every few hours, set times and stick to them.

My girls and I can make any day fun!

Here are some of my stay at home mom activities for you to try out

1. Be happy, dance and sing! Often times when you are in a good mood with your children, you come up with the best songs and dances! My daughters and I come up with unique dance routines to songs we made up or we listen to children’s songs.

2. Reading is definitely necessary and we even make up our own stories! Go by your local library for fun. The more you read to kids, the more creative they will be. Quality time and intelligence comes from story books.

3. Play in the dirt!! Go outside and explore the outdoors.  We have a garden that encourages our children to grow healthy foods. A lot of fun can be found just in sitting outside in the grass, picking flowers, and playing with bugs.  I Have  an outdoor picnic or ride bicycles. Pitch a tent and stay awhile, its going to be fun!  Soak up the sun, just remember to wear sunscreen!

4. Daily exercise is so important to your family’s health! Why not make it an essential part  of your daily SAHM routine?! You will be teaching your children habits that will last a lifetime and you will look good too! Have them create their own workout plan. Its amazing what kids think is fun and it uses their energy wisely!

5. Have your children take part in cooking! They will absolutely love it and you will get some unquestionable creative help! This is a great way to start planning meals for your family as well!

6. Art projects and crafts are so much fun for your kids and it keeps your mind creative and sharp. Modeling clay, coloring, painting, paper folding,  and jewelry making are just some ideas. My family loves to make seasonal crafts. We look up ideas and then put our own spin on it.

7. Take a trip to your local museum or park. Sometimes an outing can be just what you and the kids need so that your attitudes don’t become stifled and rough around the edges. You can learn so much about being in public, social situations and the attractions available to be viewed.

8. Movie night or game night can be so important because of  the family interaction. Instead of watching tv all day, tell the kids you are saving a special movie for the big event! Have snacks and personalized to your family’s specifications, let everyone have a say in the preparations.

9. Children just love to pretend, join in on the fun in any way you can. Play dolls, super heroes, or whatever your child is interested in. I know its by far the thing i struggle with the most, but you will be building lifetime memories with your kids!

10. 1 word: Sports. I could go on and on about the benefits of outdoor play, but I will just let you experience them when you play sports like soccer and basketball. Its so important to get your exercise so why not make it exciting by playing a friendly outdoor game? Invite friends to join you, go to the local park or fitness center and grow your athletic side. Encourage your children to play sports because they will learn about teams, sportsmanship and may discover talent and mature their personality!

I shared with you some of my favorite stay at home mom activities, now I want to hear the stories of your supermom abilities as a stay at home fun mom!!

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Stay at Home Mom Activities! 10 Ways to make INCREDIBLE memories Every Day