Must-read book for Christian Mothers

The book “There’s a green plastic monkey in my purse and other ways motherhood changes us” by Jessie Clemence is absolutely essential to a Christian mother’s collection.

The way Jessie incorporates scripture is very useful to motherhood. The readings of this work will inspire you to make loving, knowledgable decisions that will affect your family’s present and future in a positive way.

The introduction is witty and insightful. It had me laughing and I am sure you will as well. Everyone can definitely relate to the stories, allowing us all to assess our jobs as mothers. We are not alone in our fears and parenting struggles. We all want to do the best we can and perfection is not an option.

parenting book theres a green plastic monkey in my purse jessie clemenceThe first chapters help us discuss being a selfless, patient, calm and fun mom. By being well-balanced with God’s Word as a guide, we can find r blessings. We need not be jealous of others, but learn from them. By learning what works best for each of us and our children, we can make our short-comings work for the greater good.

We are not always happy with our circumstances, but we can learn to be content with what we have. We don’t always agree with others, but we can make differences into positive personal reflection.

I want to be happy and healthy don’t you? We are humans and don’t always have positive feelings, but we can ultimately decide to be happy by only giving in to our good vibes. The following chapters discuss how studying and enjoying spiritual means of parenting can develop healthier habits and attitudes in our lives.

Growing daily takes truly listening to our kids. We want to be in good physical condition, but it also takes faithful prayer and sometimes we have to accept conditions that ee hoped would never be. Health is both mental and physical and we have many decisions we must face. Hope in the Lord’s promise to care for you is the most important treatment.

The following chapter looks at beauty from God’s perspective and leads into being productive with what you have. What do you want to be your priorities? God has a plan for our time and we need to ask for wisdom and guidance to tell us what to do.

Trusting in Faith, we will have what we need and working together we can organize and budget and not be afraid of circumstances or the future.

Nothing can prepare us for the chaos that is motherhood- but I promise you can make it through.

This book embodies the very essence of being mom and I would definitely recommend it as a daily study guide. With lots of prayer, giving your all, the Lord will pour His grace on your household.

Get your own copy of “There’s a Green Plastic Monkey in My Purse” and then let us know what you think of the book.

10 Best Books for Parenting- 7 Mom Bloggers share their Favorites

Never-ending crying all night long.

Saying “No!” to every request you give.

Embarrassing temper tantrums in the grocery store.

Throwing “yucky” food across a restaurant.

Biting your friends’ kids on play dates.

If you have a toddler or school aged child, I know you’ve experienced a few of the above situations. If you’re pregnant or have a newborn, you’re in for quite a treat.  🙂

These are the times when you question whether that miniature person following you around, who resembles you an awful lot, is really your child- Or if it’s actually the Devil himself, disguised as your mini-me.

What’s the secret to stop your devil child from emerging? Being prepared!

Having a small library of books for parenting is sooo important! There are so many unforeseeable situations that happen with children and having a go to book handy on the subject can be a life saver.


I asked these 7 mom bloggers what their favorite books for parenting are and I got some great responses. I already placed an order myself 🙂


kathy hajduk stowellHere are a few: “The Baby Book, Revised Edition: Everything You Need to Know About Your Baby from Birth to Age Two”, “You Are Your Child’s First Teacher” by Rahima Baldwin has a nice introduction to some of the basic principles of Waldorf education and the importance of guarding a young child’s senses.
 “Toymaking With Children shows simple toys to make instead of buying value empty plastic junk.
 “Simplicity Parenting” by Kim John Payne is more than a parenting book, it’s a lifestyle book! It changed my life so much I got certified to teach workshops on it and am now offering them online at  -Kathy Hajduk Stowell


natanya lara helak“The one that comes to mind right now that I’d recommend is “The Whole-Brain Child” by Daniel Siegel and Tina Payne Bryson.It’s an awesome, totally readable book that gives practical advice on how to handle stressful situations with your child. The book is based on brain research, and the strategies support a child’s healthy emotional growth while helping parents understand why their kids act the way they do. Highly recommended!” -Natanya Lara Helak of



If you are wondering if there’s another mom in the world who feels like you do right now; if you want to find out how other moms are coping with their relationships, expectations, bodies, sex lives and more; if you want support in early motherhood; then reach out for the award-winning book, “Purple Leaves, Red Cherries: A Gift for Mothers with Short Stories, Journal & Toolkit. “A must read for new mothers.” – SheKnows More on the book at


dawn kenroy gibson“CALMS: A Guide to Soothing Your Baby” by Carrie Contey. This is a simple, yet powerful little book of step-by-step instructions on how to calm your baby. I highly recommend this for those of you with newborns and up. I used this book with my own babies and continue to teach my clients about the importance of self-regulation and the impact you have on your baby’s nervous system. This book is super easy and quick to read and even easier to implement. -Dawn Kenroy Gibson of



ursula markgraf

“The Fussy Baby How to Bring Out the Best in Your High-Need Child” was a life-safer when I had my second baby! Even though I already had a child I was in no way prepared for what happened. This book did not change what I had to deal with but it changed my mind and how I felt about the situation. I felt so empowered by this book and for the first time in my life started to listen to my instincts and trust them. It honestly changed my life and how I think about parenting!
-Ursula Markgraf of





“Buddhism for Mothers” by Sarah Napthali is a great book to help you get through those days of feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. I go back to it time and time again when I’m feeling a little frazzled. -Vari X of


jo ebisujima


“How To Raise An Amazing Child” by Time Seldom is a good intro to Montessori in the home. As a Montessori mom, I would also recommend Maria Montessori’s books. -Jo Ebisujima of


Have you read any of the above? Do you agree that these are the best books for parenting?

Leave a comment with reviews of what YOU think are the best books for parenting below!

10 Best Books for Parenting- 7 Mom Bloggers share their Favorites

parenting with love and logic best parenting book

Parenting with Love and Logic- The Best Parenting Book I’ve Read

If there was ever 1 parenting book to read, this is the one. One of the things I regret is not reading this book and applying the strategies in it since Angelina was 6 months old. The philosophy behind Parenting with Love and Logic is that we should teach our children to be independent and how to make their own choices from a young age, when the cost of making a bad choice isn’t as severe as when they’re older.

Benefits to Parenting with Love and Logic are:

  • No more yelling

  • No more begging or bribing your children

  • Kids who do the right thing because they know where the wrong thing leads to


The secret is: Not always having to be “right”.parenting with love and logic best parenting book

Letting your kids be the one to call the shots 95% of the time and allow them to experience the impact from their choices.

You do this by giving them choices (and only 2 choices) about as much as you can- every little thing you can think of.

“Do you want to wear this shirt or that shirt?”

“Left shoe first or right shoe?”

“Go play at this park or that park?”

You want them to feel 100% in control of their life.

*Of course, when there’s a decision to be made that will affect their health and safety, you call the shots- no questions asked.


Here are a 2 examples of how Parenting with Love and Logic can work:

Example 1:

Before: Your 2 year old just finished playing with his blocks so he goes over to his pretend tool box set and starts playing with that. He doesn’t mind cleaning them up because he knows either mommy will pick them up or they’ll still be there in the same spot tomorrow.

Using the Parenting with Love and Logic approach: Before he walks away, you ask him, “Would you like to pick up your toys or do you want mommy to?” If he’s like most kids, he’ll point right at you. So you smile and say “Ok” and then you pick up his toys into a bin and proceed to place it on the highest shelf you can find where he can’t easily access them. If he gets upset, you just hug him and say “Aww you miss your toys, that’s so sad.” (In a loving way, never with sarcasm) and then move on to the next activity. The magic happens tomorrow after playing with the toys again, when you ask “Would you like to pick your toys up or would you like mommy to?” I bet his answer has changed. 🙂

Example 2:

Before: Your 9 month old has learned that while sitting in her high chair, if she throws her sippy cup, mommy will immediately pick it up, wash it off and give it back. She takes another sip and throws it on the floor again. It’s starting to become a fun game for her to see how many times mommy will do this, while doing other funny things in the meantime, like wave her finger around, saying “No no no.”

Using the Parenting with Love and Logic approach: You would ask her “Do you want to have your sippy cup or do you want to throw it on the floor?” Assume her reaching for the cup is her answer and when she throws it on the floor, you show her sympathy and place the cup out of arms reach. Give her a loving kiss on the forehead to show her you aren’t mad and then let her cry for her cup for a few minutes. Ask her again, “Do you want your cup or do you want to throw it on the floor?” Repeat this process, if needed, each time keeping the cup away from her longer. She will get the hint that keeping the cup is the best choice.

The book has a lot more examples and it actually becomes pretty fun to try and even more fun when it works!

The Parenting with Love and Logic system is one that takes a lot of consistency and practice but I think it’s really important to start it at a young age.

It’ll result in less frustration for you and much wiser and independent kids. Obviously, it’s much easier to understand once you’ve read the book but after you do, it’ll make perfect sense. Click here to get a copy of the book and start Parenting with Love and Logic 🙂

Curious: Has anyone else read this and what did you get from it??

Also: What are YOUR favorite parenting books and why??

Leave a comment below 🙂


Parenting with Love and Logic- The Best Parenting Book I’ve Read