4 Ways to Explain to Friends without Kids that you can’t go out Every Night

Having a baby doesn’t have to mean that “The Party is Over”..

But a lot of the time friends without kids don’t understand that you can’t just drop everything and go out whenever you feel like it.

Here’s how Brenda, Stevie, Jessica and Amanda handle peer pressure to go party from other friends without kids.


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Brenda Todd

Being a young mom means more than likely you are the only person in your circle of friends with a child or children. It’s hard for friends without kids to understand that you just can’t drop everything you are doing to put on your dance shoes at 10 pm and stagger through the door at 7 am.

The easiest way I found to explain this to my single friends was just straight forward, “Look I really want to hang-out and have fun just like anyone else but I need advance notice so I can make arrangements for somebody to care for my child.”

Maybe you can set the same day of every month to go out, for example the first Saturday of each month. If they are a true friend they will understand. -Brenda Todd


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Stevie Degenero


My problem was friends doing things spur of the moment and expecting me to get a babysitter at the drop of a dime. So I just told them, “Hey, I won’t be coming to anything ever, if u don’t give me notice.” -Stevie Degenero





jessica hetzel mommy blog

Jessica Hetzel

It is very hard to explain to friends without kids that we cannot go out all the time. My response is, “I can either be a good mom or a good friend and my first choice is being a good mom”.
Also if they were your true friends they would understand that being a mom always comes first. Maybe invite them to hang out with you and the kids so they can get a taste of what your life is like, then maybe they would stop asking so much. -Jessica Hetzel




amanda ferrell young mother pic

Amanda Ferrell


Most of my friends all have children but for they few that don’t, I just explain that “Being a mommy comes first and that as much as I would like to go out my son needs me more at home.” -Amanda Ferrell




What about you? Have you felt awkward or guilty when your friends without kids are giving you crap for not being able to hang out with them?

Leave a comment sharing how you handle this situation..

4 Ways to Explain to Friends without Kids that you can’t go out Every Night