7 Great ways to Save Money during the Holidays

The holidays are meant to be a time full of love, joy and peace.. but that’s hard to do if you’re stressing about money!

It’s already a struggle to save money during the whole year but then before you know it, the Holidays roll around and you’re wondering how in the world you’re supposed to all of a sudden come up with extra money for gifts and all the extras that come with the season.

Below are 7 of our young moms sharing some great ways to save money for the holidays.


bailey-young-mother“To save money for the holidays, I have been setting a little jar out since September. Any time we pay for something and have any change we put it in the jar. I’m also not eating out at all or going anywhere. I also have been consigning some baby clothes that don’t fit my little chunk anymore.” -Bailee Smithson





jessica young mom“To save money over the holidays we try to eat in as much as possible. The holidays can prove to be very busy and hectic and we try not to get caught up in all the busyness that most families tend to do. We use the holidays to enjoy each other and not worry too much about buying things for people. Usually my husband’s mother sends us a stack of Christmas cards that she gets for free and we send those out to family. Dollar store also has nice cards we use. To save money on presents for the kids we usually buy them starting a few months earlier. We will buy a present for each paycheck and by the time Christmas comes we have no debt, and our children have gifts.” -Jessica Hetzel


stevie young mommy“I start picking things up here and there through the year so it doesn’t seem like such a chunk of money all at once.” -Stevie Degenero





karen landin“Sometime in October I come up with a list and a budget of how much I want to spend on each child. And I stick to it! Black Friday shopping helps save money as well.” -Karen Landin





rachel bustamonte“I always swear I’m going to start a Christmas fund every year but sadly it never happens! I set a limit of how much cash I’m going to spend and starting in October I put away every week for it!” -Rachel Bustamonte





samantha jernee young family pic“I love lay away because #1 it stores everything for you (especially for the snoopy children I have),and #2 we pay a couple hundred each week, so it’s not so much all at once and #3 if anything goes on sale, it automatically gives you the sale price!” -Samantha Jernee




heather rowlands young family of five“I try to save money and start buying for Christmas months in advance when I see a good deal on stuff. I also hit up the dollar store for cute little stocking stuffers (hair things, play jewelry, chapsticks). The girls love it.” -Heather Rowlands





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Do you have any great ways to save money up your sleeve? Please share your tips in the comments below!


7 Great ways to Save Money during the Holidays

The Spotlight is on: Lacricia Sanders

How do you defy the odds and create a beautiful family and positive home after getting married and having children young?

Lacricia Sanders explains with her story below:

Tell us about yourself and your family:young marriage pic

Hi I’m Lacricia, the spunky red head that lives in a tiny town with all the people I grew up with. I had dreams of being a famous singer or Hollywood star when I was younger, but that all changed the day I met my prince charming, Jason. He swept me off my feet and took me off the dating market 12 years ago when I was just 15 and he was 19. Seems crazy to some that we got married so young, but we wanted to bring up our daughter in a stable home filled with love. Now, 31 years old he works very hard to take care of his 4 girls, his lovely wife who keeps the household running well and his three beautiful daughters Jaylynn 11, Leah 6, and Lilyanna 3.

I am now 27 and very much still in Love with my husband and our life is great. I believe that God has supplied us with every need and even a little room to spoil. I always say I am “spoiled” but it’s not because I don’t do any work or we have lots of extra money to spend. I say that because I have a wonderful husband that does all he can to pay the mortgage and utilities and still have some strength left to talk to me and enjoy our family. I have been fighting the whole stay at home mom thing for awhile now because I feel I dont get the outside social interaction or career stimulation I need, but I am so thankful that I have been at home enjoying every important moment with my kids while they grow. Now I am a work at home mom and I proudly promote health and fitness body by vi challenge pic lacricia sandersfrom home with Visalus and the BodybyVi Challenge. I am always researching nutrition and exercise so I can help my clients. I love my job and now my goal is to become a fitness trainer and my ultimate dream is to own a gym with aerobic exercise, yoga, weight training, kick boxing and martial arts. I love natural healing remedies and believe that what you put into your body is what determines what will come out, including positivity. I am also working very hard to be a good mother and find new ways to feed and care for my children. I want to make sure I do creative things with the whole family. Remember that no one and nothing is perfect, so make the best of each day!

What were your biggest concerns when you first found out you were pregnant? How did you handle it?

My biggest concern when I first found out I was pregnant would have to be how my life would turn out. I was determined to finish school and go to college, which I did! My oldest daughter was three when I started college and work. I feel i missed out a little on her, but I am glad I can say I did do it. I was afraid we wouldn’t have what we needed, but I prayed and it all worked out!

What kinds of things do you do to treat yourself, for fun and to stay relaxed?

I Love to exercise! I do a lot of running and home exercises. I love to read and I am a decent singer! I intend on going back to school for music.

What are your favorite things about being a mom?lacricia sanders young family

When I feel that I haven’t done anything worth mentioning, my children remind me how great of a job I do with them. We have a positive home and I can see how much influence I have in their lives and it reminds me to do the best I can to keep smiling!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? If you didn’t have any obstacles, what dream would you pursue?

I see myself in five years owning my own business place where people can come to workout and buy supplements. I also want to go back to school for music. I will be making enough money that I can volunteer and give back to the community, afford fun activities with my daughters, take some cool classes myself, and give my husband a fun break from working so hard.

What advice would you give to other young girls who just found out they’re pregnant or recently became a mom?

I would like to tell other moms to not be so rigid when it comes to raising their kids. Have fun, enjoy each moment, and don’t forget to discipline! You don’t have to do anything like other people do, parent in your own way. Don’t get so mad at people, but stand your ground when it comes to advice, just say, “Thanks” and do it your way. Listen to your heart, that’s where a true loving relationship with your kids comes from!

The Spotlight is on: Lacricia Sanders

Afraid of your ex getting Custody of your kid? Free Family Law Advice

Every single mom has been there at one point. Either having their ex threaten to come and take their kid or sue them for custody. Even if your ex hasn’t actually said those words, I’m sure the thoughts have crossed your mind.

This is why we’re offering free family law advice for moms like you and me.

It’s very scary to feel like you could lose your child in an instant because of what some judge who doesn’t really know your situation decides for your family.

What if your ex lies to the judge and makes you look bad?

What if the judge stereotypes you on appearance and just assumes you’re a bad mom?

What if you say or do the wrong thing or forget what to say all together once the pressure of the court room hits.

I know all of these fears from first hand experience because I’ve done it. I spent almost 2 years in court with my ex, fighting over custody, child support and visitation and let me tell you, it sucks!

I used to wonder if the judge would care that I didn’t make a ton of money or that I had to put the kids in daycare while I worked. If the judge would believe the bull shit that came out of my ex’s mouth or not.

I had a few consultations with attorneys but they all wanted several thousands for a retainer and wouldn’t answer any questions for me unless I paid $250 for an hour. I just couldn’t afford it. I couldn’t find any free family law advice to save my life.

So I went to court and acted as my own attorney, in front of the judge, against my ex husband multiple times. Each time I was so nervous, I thought I might pee my pants.

After all was said and done, I ended up getting full custody of my kids. Hooray!

Ironically, shortly after all of my court issues were over, I started dating a lawyer. (Where was he when I really needed him!?)

free family law adviceMy boyfriend, Paul Ryan, is not only the most awesome attorney ever, having over 20 years of law experience, but he’s also my best friend and the person I run all my ideas and plans by. He’s known every detail about Young Moms Club since it was just a sliver of an idea. So when the idea came up to merge both of our services and bring Free Family Law Advice to moms, it was an easy decision for both of us.

If you’re like I was and desperately need some free family law advice, Click here to register for the FREE phone calls.


I know I would’ve felt a million times more confident going to court against my ex who was trying to take my kids, if I had the peace of mind of getting some free family law advice before.

I’d love to hear your story! Have you “done time” at the mercy of the family law courts? Did you have an attorney? Go at it alone? Leave a comment or share with someone else you know who could benefit from some free family law advice!

Afraid of your ex getting Custody of your kid? Free Family Law Advice


grateful for the douche danielle ford mom blog

Grateful for The Douche (And I don’t mean Summer’s Eve)

Unless you’re one of the few that don’t have a computer, smart phone or access to social media.. you’ve probably noticed that a lot of people have hopped onto the Gratitude Bandwagon to give thanks and get in the spirit of Thanksgiving.

As I read through Facebook statuses, I see the typical “I’m Thankful for my Kids.. My family.. Friends.. Food..” all of the blessings that we tend to take for granted most of the year if we aren’t thinking about it.

What I haven’t seen people giving thanks for are the bad times, the sh*tty things that life has given them that have without a doubt had an impact on shaping who they are today.

And that got me thinking about my past and the huge let downs that I’ve had which seemed like the end of the world at the time but now, years later have proved to be the biggest blessings.

One specific example of a crappy situation that I desperately wanted to change stands out for me above the rest: My marriage.

Once Upon a Time I would’ve given anything to make my marriage work.

I had a 1 year old and a newborn and had just found out about my husband’s multiple affairs while he was overseas in Iraq. I went through a period of depression, I tried to get over it, I forced my husband to go to marriage counseling, I was willing to do anything to get past it and forget about it and was even willing to fake happiness if it meant keeping my family together.

During this time of trying to work past the adultery, he also developed a drinking problem. It escalated from 0 to 60 in a matter of weeks and before I knew it, I was dealing with a man who would drink an entire bottle of vodka and be passed out on the kitchen floor by 10 am. Several times he would get plastered at public family events and friends would have to carry his drunk ass into my car and then when we got home, I would just leave him in there sleeping. It was quite embarrassing, to say the least.

On top of the cheating and the drinking, he would throw away what little money we had. The first time was when he blew threw our entire savings at a strip club. Other times he would go out and spend hundreds- thousands of dollars on electronics and movies and forget to buy basic groceries that we needed.

He became violent and would trap me in a corner or my bedroom, just to show who was in charge, time and time again. The violence escalated and in his sudden, drunk rage, he strangled me several times.

You can pretty much name anything that a husband can do wrong and I guarantee you, mine did it at one point.

The above isn’t something I like to relive, so you might be wondering why I’m telling you all of this?

Well, given the theme of the month, Gratefulness- I can 100% say that I am sooo grateful that my ex husband was such a horrific, massive douche. I was so determined to keep our family together that I was willing to overlook and work past a lot of bullsh*t that I shouldn’t have.

I’m so happy that he was such an ass and not any better than that because if he was even a little bit better, I might not have made the leap to leave him.

Hallelujah.. I am so grateful I was able to get past my resistance of being “divorced” and over my fear of being “alone” and “starting over”. It was exactly what I needed and I shudder thinking about the life I would have now if he was even kind of a good husband.

Because of him literally forcing his family away, I’ve gained my independence, grown soo close to my kids and fallen in love with an amazing man- the kind of guy you hope will come along one day but you’ve pretty much written off to only existing in fairy tales.

So, Thank you ex-husband for being such a super douche!!

Thank you!!

grateful for the douche danielle ford mom blog

Now it’s your turn to give thanks to a person, event, or lesson in life that actually turned out to be a blessing in disguise!

Share in the comments below!



The Spotlight is on: Alexandra Marie Street

Take a minute to meet the Inspiring

Alexandra Marie Street from Allendale, MI, USA!!!

Tell us about yourself and your family:

Hello =)
I am a 23 year old wife, sister, daughter and mama! My husband and I met in 6th grade and have been together since! We had our son at 17. His name is Zane and he is now six years old! He is our little ray of sunshine with the biggest heart of gold!
My husband is in the Marine Corps and is a professional painter/carpenter.

I just recently graduated with my undergrads in Behavioral Science with a Sociology emphasis. I work as lifestyle/fitness coach with Beachbody and also work part time at a local salon and spa =). Life has been crazy, but we’ve always supported each other’s goals and dreams and have had a lot of fun along the way!cute pic of young couple

What were your biggest concerns when you first found out you were pregnant? How did you handle it?

My biggest concern was honestly that I didn’t like kids! Haha! No one had ever asked me to babysit, and kids just irritated me. I had no idea how I was going to be able to have my own!
On top of that, I was the child that you could say was on the fast track to success. I maintained honor roll/principle’s list status, was involved with many extra curricular activities and within the school and community. I had plans to go to college and was planning on pursuing a “normal” young adulthood. I was really scared that I wouldn’t be able to do that anymore, and was scared what my life would turn into without those things.
We at first considered abortion. Now I cringe when I say it, but I’d be lying if I said that I never considered it. I was never for it, but it’s funny how fast your views change once you’re faced with a teenage pregnancy. I didn’t necessarily want to terminate a pregnancy, but at sixteen I just wanted to be like my peers. I didn’t want to worry about morning sickness, I wanted to make all conference or state for the varsity cheer team and I wanted to go prom dress shopping. I didn’t want the responsibility and I wanted to pretend like it never happened. Most of all, I was terrified of my parents finding out.
Months passed, and if we didn’t talk about it, it wasn’t real. I really felt great, had no problems. So other than a little bump, it was easy to ignore. We kept looking and looking for abortion clinics that we could a) afford, and b) go through without parent’s consent. Eventually the months passed and options ran slim. We continued to hide it from everyone. We knew we had to do something – make a decision. The only options were out of state and at 6-7months pregnant, the only way was really surgery. This was soo out of our budget and we knew we couldn’t hide it. That’s when we decided to tell our parents and consider adoption.
Our parents were supportive but scared. Supportive doesn’t mean happy! There were many tears and worries, lots of phone calls. The main concern of everyone was as to how we were going to finish high school and still be able to go to school and pursue other dreams. After talking, we decided there was absolutely NO way that we could go through with adoption. If we had gotten this far, we could do it. We figured that just because it wasn’t “convenient” didn’t mean that we couldn’t do it. We would just make all the adjustments needed, whatever it takes. To make a long story short, everyone was very flexible and supportive in any way they could be. My parents and his parents babysat, we lived at home for a few years while we saved our money. We both worked full time and I went to school full time. Eventually we moved out on our own and continued to work, go to school and communicate to make things work.
The biggest help was support. Surround yourself with only those who are there to help lift you higher, ignore your old friends if they don’t respect your new lifestyle. You’ll make new ones. Don’t be afraid of change but embrace it.


“Surround yourself with only those who are there to help lift you higher” -Alexanda Marie Street –Click to Tweet this out!

What kinds of things do you do to treat yourself, for fun and to stay relaxed?

I firmly believe in taking care of yourself before you can take care of anyone! Definitely don’t take this as negligence, but when appropriate, it’s MORE than okay to reward yourself!! I like to go shopping, out to lunch/dinner or have a glass of wine with mom and sister to treat myself! We also love to travel, so we try to do as much of that as we can!
For fun, I love to work out and cook! I love to read, play piano, check out local bands and new restaurants. My husband and I enjoy watching movies together, being outside (skiing and camping) and entertaining. I LOVE to meet new people, my mom and I host a free fit club two mornings a week for other moms.
For me to stay relaxed, I have to stay organized in a few different areas. First, I can’t miss my work outs lol! They are my stress relievers and where I sort out my life and finalize my goals and dreams! I also love to read for personal development. Some of my favorites are The Magic of Thinking Big (can’t remember the author!) and How To Win Friends and Influence People. These will burst any stereotypes and stigmatisms that we as young mothers face and it’s a great confidence boost! It helps so much in relationships and helps me feel like I have control over my life. This helps me stay relaxed!!
little boy in tuxSecondly, I like to stay organized with my husband. We both have crazy schedules and sometimes it’s easy to forget that you’re a couple first and foremost. We like to take minimum five minutes to ourselves, no cell phones, kids, tv, internet – just us to reconnect.
Third – I like an ORGANIZED house. Not necessarily super clean, just uncluttered. We currently struggle with procrastination – especially on school mornings so having little things in line; like the lunches ready or the dishes loaded in the sink keep me in a good mood! Haha, dirty dishes in the sink put me in a bad mood!

Fourth – COFFEE. Need I say more?

What are your favorite things about being a mom?

I love the innocence of it and the unconditional love. Kids have such a fantastic view of the world. They don’t hate, they don’t judge. Everyone is their friend immediately and they take you for who you are. They don’t care about your past or where you’re going, as long as you love them and treat them with kindness and respect. I can’t push this viewpoint enough, I feel like the world is missing this.
I love the little things, like a surprise trip to the park and how it makes their entire day. They tell EVERYONE about it and it makes you feel like the best mom ever. I love the giggles and finding out their little personalities. The sense of humor is adorable, and so genuine. The belly laughs are the best!!
I also love how we get to be big kids again!! The holidays are awesome. It’s totally acceptable to carve the BIGGEST pumpkin you can find, go trick or treating, build snowmen and put a million lights on the Christmas tree. It’s fun to believe in Santa again, and to “Ooh” and “Ahh” at all the fireworks on the 4th. Birthday parties are so exciting!
It really is all of the little things! Kids take us back to what really matters, and that’s the best part about being a mama!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? If you didn’t have any obstacles, what dream would you pursue?

In five years, I see my husband and I building our home, maybe with another baby. We will probably still have our two cats and dog. I’d like to be home with our kids, and able to travel. I’m not sure if my husband will still be in the Corps, if he is I don’t think we’ll be moving. I’d like to travel as much as we can!
I really don’t like to think that I have any obstacles. I realize this sounds arrogant, and I TOTALLY do NOT mean for it to be! However, I just really believe that everything happens for a reason and children, money – WHATEVER, there’s nothing hold you back. As long as you aren’t afraid to dream big and go for it, you can achieve anything. I plan to pursue my dream of helping as many people as I can. I want to be a go-to girl for young mom and men and women everywhere for whatever they need. My experiences have made me a better person and if I can do it, ANYONE can do it. I’d love to help people realize and achieve their highest potential and beyond =)getting married at a young age

What advice would you give to other young girls who just found out they’re pregnant or recently became a mom?

If you recently became pregnant, the advice that I would give would be:
1. It’s okay to be scared, mad, happy, cry, worried… all of it. No one can tell you how to feel and you’re entitled to experience it in your own way. Don’t feel bad for any of it.
2. Rid negativity in your life – even if it’s people. If you wouldn’t want to be like them, don’t hang around them. Sometimes this means the dad, don’t be afraid of that. Put yourself first and take care of yourself and your baby will always be taken care of.
3. Don’t be afraid of the stereotypes – just break them. Don’t let other people’s comments get to you. Again, read number 2.
4. Smile! Pregnancy is freaking crazy and some people love or hate it. Either way, you’ll be sharing stories your whole life so have fun!

If you recently became a mom:
1. It’s okay to feel ANY emotion too. I wasn’t immediately attached to my son. I felt like a bad mom, but this is completely normal. The bond shows up really soon! I promise!
2. It’s okay to miss your old life. It’s a huge change and you can’t expect to bury that part of you over night.
3. Don’t get mad at the little things because there will be a lot. Have a great support system and think logically, plan ahead.
4. Don’t think that you’re being held back in any way. Children are a blessing no matter how old YOU are when they show up! I believe that young moms have a baby so soon because that child is just too special to come any later. These children do amazing things and are very influential and such a gift. Embrace them and build them up, you’ll be happy you did.
5. Don’t sweat the small stuff! Have fun! You’re going to have dark circles under your eyes, you might not shower for days at a time. Your sleep will be messed up and your friends may not call as much. But embrace this time! You are your baby’s WORLD and they think you look so pretty and are so funny even in your frumpy jammies =)
6. Take a million pictures!


The Spotlight is on: Alexandra Marie Street

parenting with love and logic best parenting book

Parenting with Love and Logic- The Best Parenting Book I’ve Read

If there was ever 1 parenting book to read, this is the one. One of the things I regret is not reading this book and applying the strategies in it since Angelina was 6 months old. The philosophy behind Parenting with Love and Logic is that we should teach our children to be independent and how to make their own choices from a young age, when the cost of making a bad choice isn’t as severe as when they’re older.

Benefits to Parenting with Love and Logic are:

  • No more yelling

  • No more begging or bribing your children

  • Kids who do the right thing because they know where the wrong thing leads to


The secret is: Not always having to be “right”.parenting with love and logic best parenting book

Letting your kids be the one to call the shots 95% of the time and allow them to experience the impact from their choices.

You do this by giving them choices (and only 2 choices) about as much as you can- every little thing you can think of.

“Do you want to wear this shirt or that shirt?”

“Left shoe first or right shoe?”

“Go play at this park or that park?”

You want them to feel 100% in control of their life.

*Of course, when there’s a decision to be made that will affect their health and safety, you call the shots- no questions asked.


Here are a 2 examples of how Parenting with Love and Logic can work:

Example 1:

Before: Your 2 year old just finished playing with his blocks so he goes over to his pretend tool box set and starts playing with that. He doesn’t mind cleaning them up because he knows either mommy will pick them up or they’ll still be there in the same spot tomorrow.

Using the Parenting with Love and Logic approach: Before he walks away, you ask him, “Would you like to pick up your toys or do you want mommy to?” If he’s like most kids, he’ll point right at you. So you smile and say “Ok” and then you pick up his toys into a bin and proceed to place it on the highest shelf you can find where he can’t easily access them. If he gets upset, you just hug him and say “Aww you miss your toys, that’s so sad.” (In a loving way, never with sarcasm) and then move on to the next activity. The magic happens tomorrow after playing with the toys again, when you ask “Would you like to pick your toys up or would you like mommy to?” I bet his answer has changed. 🙂

Example 2:

Before: Your 9 month old has learned that while sitting in her high chair, if she throws her sippy cup, mommy will immediately pick it up, wash it off and give it back. She takes another sip and throws it on the floor again. It’s starting to become a fun game for her to see how many times mommy will do this, while doing other funny things in the meantime, like wave her finger around, saying “No no no.”

Using the Parenting with Love and Logic approach: You would ask her “Do you want to have your sippy cup or do you want to throw it on the floor?” Assume her reaching for the cup is her answer and when she throws it on the floor, you show her sympathy and place the cup out of arms reach. Give her a loving kiss on the forehead to show her you aren’t mad and then let her cry for her cup for a few minutes. Ask her again, “Do you want your cup or do you want to throw it on the floor?” Repeat this process, if needed, each time keeping the cup away from her longer. She will get the hint that keeping the cup is the best choice.

The book has a lot more examples and it actually becomes pretty fun to try and even more fun when it works!

The Parenting with Love and Logic system is one that takes a lot of consistency and practice but I think it’s really important to start it at a young age.

It’ll result in less frustration for you and much wiser and independent kids. Obviously, it’s much easier to understand once you’ve read the book but after you do, it’ll make perfect sense. Click here to get a copy of the book and start Parenting with Love and Logic 🙂

Curious: Has anyone else read this and what did you get from it??

Also: What are YOUR favorite parenting books and why??

Leave a comment below 🙂


Parenting with Love and Logic- The Best Parenting Book I’ve Read

6 Bath Time Must Haves to keep Baby Happy and Safe

Bath time- the best part of the day for a lot of children..

Below, 6 moms share their bath time must haves. Keep reading to find out how to make bath time safe and fun for baby- and clean up a breeze for you!

For an infant, you definitely need support, like a mesh bath bed, you don’t realize how slippery they get and all it takes it a slip and they go under. Safety first with our precious babies. -Samantha Jernee


bath time foam letters and numbers

Isabella loves the Foam Bath Letters and Numbers. I had to buy these twice because she uses them so much. We spell her name and words and use them to learn counting. -Meagan Jordon





My son has never taken a bath, he only takes showers. When he was little my husband or myself would hold him and as he got bigger he would stand next to us. Now he showers all by himself. I think it’s so much easier and there is no worry of drowning. All you need is a slip resistant mat 🙂 -Tara Johnson


color changing bath foamI would say my kids love the color changing bath fizz by Crayola, I think they sell it at Walmart and at Babies R Us they have a bath bubble blower, my baby and 6 yr old love it and at Walmart they have a monkey toy holder that doubles as a scoop so u just scoop up the toys. (We all know they have like 100 bath toys and always wanna bring another in.) So u scoop ’em up in the monkey and just stick it to the wall with the suction cup thingy and they drain. So they don’t get gross and looks cute, too ..but for a great bath time anywhere all u need is bubbles and a fun attitude. -Janelle Dewey-Bienvenu



Well as far as toys go, my 14 month old gets a kick out of the Fishing Toy, he thinks he’s really fishing lol. My favorite thing is definitely Johnson’s baby lotion though. It’s good for his skin and makes him smell sooo good after. I use it on myself too :). -April Jensing


first years bath stoolMy bath time must is the First Years step stool. It helps my back as well as doubling as storage and a step stool for the older kids to reach the sink. You can adjust it to two different heights as well. I have had the same one for YEARS. -Heather Rowlands




Thanks, Mamas for sharing your bath time favorites!!

If you have any other bath time tips to share, comment below!!!

3 things to dig myself out

3 Things I did to Dig Myself out of my Sh*t Hole

“WTF dude, I am a good person. I’m never mean to anyone. I would bend over backwards for anyone that needed it. I’ve spent the last 2 years doing nothing but trying to be a good mom and do everything I can for my husband and family. So why do I continuously get screwed over? What the f*ck is wrong with me? Or what am I doing wrong? What am I supposed to do? Give up everything I have and start from scratch again, only this time with 2 kids? Well yeah I’m pretty sure that’s what I have to do.. But this freaking blows…
I no longer believe in Karma….”

I wrote this post 6 years ago on my MySpace and for the record, I now DO believe in karma.

When I was writing the excerpt above, there was no way I could even try to foresee that I’d be where I am now.

I’m not claiming to be a superstar or anything but getting out of that point of my despair and into a space where I feel completely satisfied with myself and my life seemed completely impossible at the time.

It was actually a lot easier that I thought it would be.

Looking back and re-evaluating my past situation and the steps I took to get out of it; there are 3 clear things that I always did that I’m pretty sure contributed to getting out of that sh*t hole of a life I was stuck in.

3 Things I did to dig myself out of my Sh*t Hole:

1. Keeping Faith- I literally left my husband and drove 1000 miles home with my kids and what few possessions I had in my car. It was annoying to just leave everything that I owned 50% of but if I had stayed to bicker over material possessions, I wouldn’t have been out of there and creating my new life as quickly. When I got a little apartment for the 3 of us, we literally had nothing but it didn’t matter to me, I saw the emptiness as an opportunity to bring even better things into my life.

2. Not caring what anyone thought- I’ve made so many decisions that other people didn’t like and if I cared what they thought, I’d probably feel like total sh*t right now. Fortunately, I couldn’t care less. Everybody’s always ready to give me their opinion on how I should live my life and I just let it go in one ear and out the other. I use my intuition to direct me when making choices and if someone doesn’t like me for a decision I made, well, they can go suck a fat one.

3. Taking risks- I’ve had so many opportunities come to me from risks that I took that I didn’t feel good enough for yet. When auditions came up that other girls with more experience were flocking to, I still auditioned. When a job was offered to me that I didn’t have the skills for, I learned the trade as quickly as I could. I don’t always feel confident in everything I do, but I don’t let it stop me, either. When the thought of doing something scares me, I allow myself to feel the fear of it, and I act anyway. If I had let fear stop me from doing things, I would’ve missed out on a lot of the opportunities that have changed my life for the better.

I write this post not to brag about myself- I’m definitely a work in progress!- but to tell you that life does get better and the sh*t storm that you’re in is only very temporary.

There’s no way to see exactly where you’ll be in 6 years but even I know that you will be fine! Just keep doing what you do and while you do it, Keep the Faith, Don’t Care about what Anyone Else Thinks and Don’t be Afraid to Take Risks!

You’re writing your story now and it’s going to end Awesome.

xoxo Danielle


3 Things I did to Dig Myself out of my Sh*t Hole

The Spotlight is on: Stevie Degenero

Meet Young Moms Club’s Spotlighted Member: Stevie Degenero!!!

Tell us about yourself and your family:

Hi, I am Stevie Degenero. I live in Ohio with a family of 5. I am wife to Jason, mother of Travis 5, Owen 4, and Kyle 3. There are less than 3 yrs between my first and 3rd son. Having 3 little boys is a lot of work but it is also so wonderful! They are best buddies and worst enemies hahaha luckily worst enemies don’t last long 🙂

When I got pregnant with Travis I was 19 and I was in between jobs but luckily Jason had a full time job. I got a part time job as a cashier when I was about 3 months pregnant and we were doing pretty good. We had our first son in Nov of 2006 and shortly after my husband was laid off, due to the business going under. He searched for a job non stop. We flew to Vegas (where our families are) in July 2007 with our son and got married 😀 When we got back home Jason got a fantastic job at Worthington Cylinders where he still works and in 4yrs he has moved up to an assistant group leader. I am very proud of him, he has stepped up for us and taken care of us. family of five

I got a new job at Jenny Craig I worked there for 3 yrs and was laid off in 2009 when I was 6 months pregnant with my last baby. I have been a stay at home mom ever since and my husband just works all the time to make up for us having one income. It would cost about $400 a week for childcare and Jason work 12 hr shifts with alternating days it is too hard to be on opposite schedules. So, I started a little In home baking business called “Sweets by Stevie”. I make cake pops and cupcakes and sell them at the flea market/swap meet on weekends. I also do personalized birthday cakes. I am still figuring out the marketing and selling part but right now I’m just working my ass off trying to get my name out there! I love doing it and I am hoping to make some income to benefit my family 🙂

What were your biggest concerns when you first found out you were pregnant? How did you handle it?

Well, I was worried that I was too young and even though Jason and I had been together for 4 yrs, I was worried we wouldn’t stay together because we weren’t married and we wouldn’t be able to afford having a baby. Also when we went to close family we were told not to expect any help at all and actually encouraged us to have an abortion but Jason and I could never do that, we already loved our little baby 🙂

After all the heart to hearts that me and Jason had, I was reassured that he was going to be there and that we were very much in love. No, we didn’t get help and we still rarely have a sitter but we get by. I would never trade my kids or husband for anything!!!

three boysWhat kinds of things do you do to treat yourself, for fun and to stay relaxed?

To relax every once in awhile I hang out with friends with no kids and no hubby. To relax I get my kids to bed early and take a couple hours to myself to sit and watch some TV or hang and talk to the hubby. I enjoy those hours without the sound of children. I also have a membership to the YMCA where I can put my kids in daycare for up to 2 and a half hours a day and workout, swim or just hang out in the spa 🙂

What are your favorite things about being a mom?

My favorite thing about being a mom is seeing my handsome, happy, healthy boys everyday. I love spending time with them and acting like a big kid 🙂 I love how much they love me and how they light up when I just smile at them.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? If you didn’t have any obstacles, what dream would you pursue?sweets by stevie cake pops

In 5 yrs I hope to own a home and have a full time job. Without any obstacles, I would love to own a bakery that serves gourmet sweets by me and people come from all over to line up and get some 😀

What advice would you give to other young girls who just found out they’re pregnant or recently became a mom?

Moms to be and new moms: Take all the help you can get. If someone says, “I will watch the baby, take a nap.” DO IT! All people are scared when they get pregnant no matter how old, young, prepared or unprepared. Motherly instincts kick in and you will know what is best for your child. Hard times come and go, and being a mother is the most rewarding thing you will ever do. Read up as much as you can so that you have researched and professional advice. It makes you feel good when you know what’s going on with your children.


 The Spotlight is on: Stevie Degenero

Work at Home Mom Jobs -Are they too good to be true?

Pregnant at 19, now a Presidential Director for ViSalus- Kacey Brock speaks about work at home mom jobs, dishing the truth about hers. She shares the good and the bad parts and what it Really takes to be successful while working from home.

It is absolutely possible to make a great income from work at home mom jobs.

I can’t speak for all companies, and I can’t make income claims, but I have made a wonderful income through ViSalus Sciences, promoting the Body by Vi Challenge. After 3 months in the business I was matching my full-time income at the bank I was working and within 6 months I was making more than double.

visalus familyBeing an independent distributor means you are working for yourself! The company has the policies, procedures, system, compensation plan and everything already figured out for you, and all you have to do is promote! The effort you put forth is what determines your income and success.

The only thing I miss about working a “real job” is the social interaction and the relationships that were created from working with the same people everyday. I still talk to some of my old co-workers and I still get social interaction of course, but if I just locked myself in the house all the time, I wouldn’t get much of it. However, I am a member of a local gym, a bible study, a Christian mom’s group, and I try to take every opportunity to hang out with friends and be social. I have also made wonderful new friendships because of my ViSalus team and the ViSalus community.

I try to keep a schedule to keep myself focused. Mondays are usually a big workday for me. I take this day to plan out my week, check reports, make phone calls, etc. I try to get as much of my ViSalus business done during the weekday, as well as, working out and school work so that it is finished before my family gets home.

When I had a “real job” I worked everyday from 8-4. I went to the gym til 5 or 5:30, then picked up my son, came home, made dinner, then spent most of the evening in my office doing school work, and then when I started ViSalus while working, ViSalus work too. The only time I spent with my family was the weekends if I wasn’t busy throwing in a photoshoot.

Now, I wake up, take my son to school, head to the gym for an hour, then come home work on ViSalus, and/or school work. There are times when I have to do parties or team/corporate calls in the evenings or weekends but these things usually only take up to a few hours from my family a week. Although, when I want to take a whole day off from work I can! Another perk of working from home!!

Work at home mom jobs would benefit anyone willing to do it!body by vi challenge pics

Working from home is very beneficial for mom’s who want more time with their family but who also want to help contribute to the family income and/or enjoy the feeling of success and accomplishment that comes with a career.  I find that the busiest people I know are the people that do the best at this business; they know how to manage their time!
People that cannot self-motivate would not be able to work from home. There are times when I am not self-motivated, but it doesn’t last very long! I have to be busy; I have to be accomplishing something! If I get a little UNmotivated, I just try and plug into something that motivates me! Whether that be a book, or just some fun music, a motivational speaker, etc. Luckily, ViSalus also has regional and national events quarterly; these events really get me pumped up and ready to work!!

I think that a mom considering quitting her job to work from home should do it! However, they should definitely have a plan if they can’t go through a period without the income their current job provides.

I would also do a little research on the type of business they are wanting to do or the company that they are wanting to work with. Find a company that others have had success with and that will be able to sustain for many years. Find a company that is moving and growing and that matches your values and even your personality. I actually did no research before jumping into ViSalus. However, I also had a decent paying, full-time job. I didn’t intend to build a business out of ViSalus, I just thought, “Maybe I’ll get some free stuff from being a promoter.” I had no idea what I was doing, but I did work hard and it was fun. I had already realized that at my “corporate” job, no matter how hard I worked I still only got the same raise as everyone else that didn’t majorly screw up and that it would take me a long time to get anywhere, especially with being “so young” and a woman.

While promoting the Body by Vi Challenge, I started noticing that the rewards and income from the company equaled, if not exceeded, the work I was putting into it. Not to mention the company totally matches my personality!! I went from having to wear pantyhose and skirts and having to look “professional” and in my opinion, boring, to quitting my job, putting a fun, red streak in my hair and wearing green tubesocks to our corporate events (green is a corporate color) !

visalus team picIn 5 years, I see myself at the top of this company. I know this company will be around for years to come because of the people that have had major weight loss and health transformations with the products. I have had many people tell me that they will NEVER stop using the products. The products appeal to men and women, the overweight and the fit. The company is also the #1 fastest growing company in our industry and we haven’t even left the U.S. and Canada! I want to be at least a 5 star Ambassador in 5 years. I will not quit and that’s the beauty of this type of business if you don’t give up! In 5 years at my old job, I probably wouldn’t have been making much more than I did when I quit, but with ViSalus, the income potential is essentially unlimited!



kacey brock visalusKacey Brock is a 27 year old wife and mother to a 7 year old son. Fitness and health have become her passion through her involvement with the Body by Vi Challenge. She began promoting for ViSalus in April 2011 and was able to quit my full-time job in banking as a loan processor in February of this year. She is currently a Presidential Director with the company. Kacey strives to educate herself and her family on better nutrition and health and help others do the same. She is in the process of finishing her B.A.A.S in business this December. Some of her hobbies include photography and singing.

You can find Kacey at her ViSalus website http://fitnesschallenge90.myvi.net/.