9 Beauty favorites for Busy moms on a Tight Budget

I asked these busy moms what their skin, hair and nail beauty favorites are.

Their answers below will make you giggle (haven’t we all had a steam facial from the dishwasher?)

And will make you want to try some new technology (complete spa system in my bathroom? Yes, please!)

Enjoy, already-beautiful ladies!! 🙂 -Danielle

“My favorite hair product is anything from Big, Sexy, Hair. It really works to keep everything voluminous. Salons have more variety but Target has a good selection.

 My favorite skin product is Olay 7 in 1 total effects with SPF coverage. I get mine at Target or when I see it, at Costco for a great price! It’s not fancy from a department store but it feels so great on my skin and I love the sun protection.”
-Priscilla Davis – Photographer & Graphic Designer from www.priscilladavisstudio.com


andrea sanchez“My first product would be red lip liner from Sally’s beauty supply, its cheap and works great! Hair products would be Mane and Tail shampoo from Sally’s as well. And for skin I’d say my favorite foundation and powder is Revlon color stay and mineral powder makeup.  :)” -Andrea Sanchez




ashley vogt“As a mom of a toddler my absolute favorite nail product is Sally Hansen nail strips. They come in a variety of colors and patterns, and they are cheap! They cost around $8 and they last for a week or two. The best part is you just stick them on and boom you’re done! No need to wait for them to dry, which is the biggest selling point and my favorite thing about them. With a 2 1/2 year old running around I don’t have time for my nails to dry or to go to the salon. I need something that’s cheap, easy and quick! As far as my favorite hair product I would have to say it’s Be Curly by Aveda. It’s basically a lotion for curly hair that moisturizes while enhancing and maintaing curls. Since my hair is naturally curly all I have to do is put a small amount of it in my hair and I’m good to go! Again quick a easy a reoccurring theme for me haha! As for skin I don’t use much, but whenever the dishwasher is running I’ll open it and let the steam hit my face-stay at home mom’s facial hahaha!” -Ashley Vogt


abi wright milf advisors“For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had problem skin. It’s either too oily in the summer months or too dry during the winter season. Having gone through literally hundreds of skin products through my lifetime, I’ve found several different things that I like to use regularly for different reasons. St. Ives Blemish Control Scrub: This is my favorite everyday facial cleanser! It’s derived of 100% natural extracts and exfoliates, is formulated without Parabens and Phthalates, is dermatologist tested and it naturally moisturizes while gently removing all impurities and dead skin cells. It also has a 2% salicylic acid in it which helps control outbreaks. Even better than that, it retails for around $4.00 a bottle and can found in almost major grocery store including WalMart, Target and Kmart as well. I don’t go anywhere without it!

Also, just last summer, I was introduced to this complete skin care system Electric Youth: Look Younger With Galvanic Technology. The complete system retails for anywhere from $365-$450 but don’t let the price point scare you. Once you have the device(s), the initial package comes with a supply that will last you several months and the refills are extremely reasonable ($35-$50 depending on quantity). Also consider what it would cost you otherwise in a real spa for one visit- whereas this system allows you to indulge as often as you want. Definitely worth the investment and the results!” -Abi Wright of www.MILFadvisors.com

megan birkheimer“My favorite skin product is urban decay cosmetics. Anything urban decay is wonderful! I get it from Ulta or online. All of their product is very good quality. You only have to use a minimal amount compared to other brands.” Megan Berkheimer

jennifer powers“Bb cream is my favorite! I love how soft it makes my skin. I get it at Walmart.” -Jennifer Powers





joam estacio
“I can’t live without my “iWhite Korea Skin Whitening Vita Facial Cream.” It simply hides my imperfections! It’s a natural facial cream that gives you 3 benefits for a complete day care essential protection: whitening, dual uv protection  and make up base. So what else can you ask for? My beauty secret packed-in-one!” -Joan Estacio

Now I wanna hear from YOU! What’s your favorite beauty product and why? Where do you buy it at?

Leave your comments below, pretty mama! 🙂

9 Beauty favorites for Busy moms on a Tight Budget