6 Bath Time Must Haves to keep Baby Happy and Safe

Bath time- the best part of the day for a lot of children..

Below, 6 moms share their bath time must haves. Keep reading to find out how to make bath time safe and fun for baby- and clean up a breeze for you!

For an infant, you definitely need support, like a mesh bath bed, you don’t realize how slippery they get and all it takes it a slip and they go under. Safety first with our precious babies. -Samantha Jernee


bath time foam letters and numbers

Isabella loves the Foam Bath Letters and Numbers. I had to buy these twice because she uses them so much. We spell her name and words and use them to learn counting. -Meagan Jordon





My son has never taken a bath, he only takes showers. When he was little my husband or myself would hold him and as he got bigger he would stand next to us. Now he showers all by himself. I think it’s so much easier and there is no worry of drowning. All you need is a slip resistant mat 🙂 -Tara Johnson


color changing bath foamI would say my kids love the color changing bath fizz by Crayola, I think they sell it at Walmart and at Babies R Us they have a bath bubble blower, my baby and 6 yr old love it and at Walmart they have a monkey toy holder that doubles as a scoop so u just scoop up the toys. (We all know they have like 100 bath toys and always wanna bring another in.) So u scoop ’em up in the monkey and just stick it to the wall with the suction cup thingy and they drain. So they don’t get gross and looks cute, too ..but for a great bath time anywhere all u need is bubbles and a fun attitude. -Janelle Dewey-Bienvenu



Well as far as toys go, my 14 month old gets a kick out of the Fishing Toy, he thinks he’s really fishing lol. My favorite thing is definitely Johnson’s baby lotion though. It’s good for his skin and makes him smell sooo good after. I use it on myself too :). -April Jensing


first years bath stoolMy bath time must is the First Years step stool. It helps my back as well as doubling as storage and a step stool for the older kids to reach the sink. You can adjust it to two different heights as well. I have had the same one for YEARS. -Heather Rowlands




Thanks, Mamas for sharing your bath time favorites!!

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