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10 Teen Pregnancy Statistics That Will Shock You

Having a baby when you’re still a teenager has been exploited through reality TV. We have all seen the shows that some believe glorify being a young mom and most of them don’t show motherhood for the harder side of things.

Here’s a list of not-so-happy teen mom statistics you may not know about teen motherhood. (Let’s beat the numbers and inspire change!)

The Spotlight is on: Jesse Cooper

Read about this awesome teen mom, Jesse! Her handsome baby is only a couple of months old but she’s loving being a young mom. Being a NICU mommy can be really difficult but this teen mom has kept strong and all of the hard work and patience is paying off. Read about what progress baby Emerson is making and what having a baby and becoming a young mom did to improve Jesse’s life…

The Spotlight is on: Olivia Lightfoot

Hello, Beautiful! Meet Olivia and baby Emma Elizabeth on their new adventures!

This teen mom is telling the world about her brand new journey as a young mother. Even with having to struggle to get her family to support her pregnancy, she has stayed strong and is loving being a mommy! Read more about her great advice for teen girls who are pregnant…

The Spotlight is on: Jenna Faccenda

Jenna is a guest blogger for YMC who wants to share her story with us!

This mom blogger has as passion for writing, loves to spend time with her one year old son, and has so much drive to follow her dreams and to make sure her age doesn’t dictate her own fate or the future of her sweet little boy. Check out her story and see what she’s doing to get ahead in life…

The Spotlight is on: Lexi Mooney

Meet a young couple in Ireland who is showing us how it’s done! Through all the struggles of being teen parents, this couple has had support from one another and his family to help them through. Read more to find out Lexi’s favorite things about being mommy to Bentley and what she does when she needs to take 5….

The Spotlight is on: Hannah Whisman

Wonder what it’s like to be pregnant at only 14 years old? Hannah knows and now that she’s a mom, she wants to share her story! There are so many teen moms out there who find out that they are pregnant and aren’t sure what to do next. Being a pregnant teen can be scary, but Hannah stayed strong and is doing an amazing job at being a young mom. Read on to find out all about what it’s like being Gabriel’s mama…

The Spotlight is on: Rickelle C.

When Rickelle shared her story with me on Instagram in response to a Talk it out Tuesday question, I felt like her experiences should be shared with other young moms. Pregnant at only 14 years old, this teen mom had to grow up more quickly than she expected. But she is doing a great job as a mommy and still holds her goals and dream within reach. Read on to hear more about how Jensen changed her life.

TIOT: Home Remedies for Kids

It’s Talk It Out Tuesday!

“Do you have any home remedies for when your kids are sick?”

I know there is nothing in the world worse than having sick kiddos. It’s especially horrible when they’re so little that they can’t even tell you what’s wrong. There are tons of doctor appointments, medications, tissues, tears, and snuggles when our babies aren’t feeling well. But what else can we do? Here are some home remedies that YMC followers shared with us.

What do Single Fathers Look For in a Girl?

We all know dating and finding the right guy can be a challenge when you’re a single mom. But what about when you’re a single dad?

We don’t spend a lot of time focusing on single dads here at Young Mom’s Club, but we know it can be difficult to find the right kind of woman that you want to date and to feel comfortable introducing to your kids. We wanted to know what qualities guys are looking for in a partner when they’re on the dating scene and this is what they had to say.