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Low Self Esteem after Becoming a Mom?

I’ve never met a woman who hasn’t had to deal with low self esteem at some point. Between all the messages from the media telling us that our skin has to be flawless, our teeth pearly white, our hair voluminous and flowing… it’s easy to feel like we don’t measure up physically. On top of […]

10 Myths about being a Young Mom

Here’s the video of the Live hangout where we talk about 10 myths about being a young mom.   We’d love to know if there’s anything you would add to this conversation? Let us know in the comments and be sure to join the clubso that you don’t miss out on any future events like […]

Getting over a Break Up

We all know that getting over a break up sucks. But how you come out of it depends on how you choose to deal with it. And if you wanna deal with it in a healthy way and come out an even better, more amazing person than you already are, then watch this video.   […]

Why I Vacation without my Kids

Aloha! Today’s video is all about why I vacation without my kids and don’t feel bad about it AT ALL. (even though sometimes people try to make me feel guilty). Also at the end is some footage from our trip.. I want to go back!   Why I Vacation without my Kids- Video Transcript Hey […]

How to be Popular (it’s super Easy!)

Ever wonder why some people seem to just be naturally popular? A lot of people spend their whole lives trying to find the secret formula to get people to like them. But it’s really not that hard. If you’ve ever wanted to know how to be popular, then today’s video for is for you.   […]

Don’t be a Statistic

When I was a kid, pretty much every grown up in my life had a substance abuse problem or mental illness. Until I was 25, the longest I ever lived in 1 place was 2 years. Nobody could take care of me for an extended period of time. I attended 8 different schools growing up. […]