7 Great ways to Save Money during the Holidays

The holidays are meant to be a time full of love, joy and peace.. but that’s hard to do if you’re stressing about money!

It’s already a struggle to save money during the whole year but then before you know it, the Holidays roll around and you’re wondering how in the world you’re supposed to all of a sudden come up with extra money for gifts and all the extras that come with the season.

Below are 7 of our young moms sharing some great ways to save money for the holidays.


bailey-young-mother“To save money for the holidays, I have been setting a little jar out since September. Any time we pay for something and have any change we put it in the jar. I’m also not eating out at all or going anywhere. I also have been consigning some baby clothes that don’t fit my little chunk anymore.” -Bailee Smithson





jessica young mom“To save money over the holidays we try to eat in as much as possible. The holidays can prove to be very busy and hectic and we try not to get caught up in all the busyness that most families tend to do. We use the holidays to enjoy each other and not worry too much about buying things for people. Usually my husband’s mother sends us a stack of Christmas cards that she gets for free and we send those out to family. Dollar store also has nice cards we use. To save money on presents for the kids we usually buy them starting a few months earlier. We will buy a present for each paycheck and by the time Christmas comes we have no debt, and our children have gifts.” -Jessica Hetzel


stevie young mommy“I start picking things up here and there through the year so it doesn’t seem like such a chunk of money all at once.” -Stevie Degenero





karen landin“Sometime in October I come up with a list and a budget of how much I want to spend on each child. And I stick to it! Black Friday shopping helps save money as well.” -Karen Landin





rachel bustamonte“I always swear I’m going to start a Christmas fund every year but sadly it never happens! I set a limit of how much cash I’m going to spend and starting in October I put away every week for it!” -Rachel Bustamonte





samantha jernee young family pic“I love lay away because #1 it stores everything for you (especially for the snoopy children I have),and #2 we pay a couple hundred each week, so it’s not so much all at once and #3 if anything goes on sale, it automatically gives you the sale price!” -Samantha Jernee




heather rowlands young family of five“I try to save money and start buying for Christmas months in advance when I see a good deal on stuff. I also hit up the dollar store for cute little stocking stuffers (hair things, play jewelry, chapsticks). The girls love it.” -Heather Rowlands





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7 Great ways to Save Money during the Holidays