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Juggling and Keeping Your Sanity: How to find balance in a crazy world

Do you ever feel like once in a while life as a young mom can get a little bit overwhelming?  Or maybe a LOT?  You are NOT alone!

So many of us young moms feel that way and it’s totally normal, I swear!

Lots of teen moms feel like it’s almost impossible to find a balance while being a brand new mom, keeping up with school, planning for college, saving up for a car, dealing with relationship stuff, and whatever else life throws your way! I know, it totally sounds like a lot. And it is. BUT there IS a way to manage it all, keep your sanity and be super happy!

Here’s a few ways to help you juggle (and keep yourself from going crazy) when you feel like your life is a three-ring circus!

young moms multitaskingManage your time – You might have heard the saying “You have the same 24 hours in a day as Beyonce” so why shouldn’t you get everything done that you want to do? I hate to support this because I’ve tried to argue with this, but it’s totally true. It just has to do with how you manage your time! Here’s 3 time management tools that I can’t live without:

  • MY CALENDAR – OMG where would I be without my calendar. Literally if it’s not in there, it doesn’t exist in my life. (I tell people that all the time) But seriously, the 2 seconds it’s going to take for you to pull a day planner out of your purse or even just schedule it into your phone on your calendar, will save you a HUGE headache later. I was famous for double-booking myself and my kids until I started scheduling every little thing, color coding it for my own stuff and my kids’ stuff, and then even setting tons of alarms/reminders for stuff. (Ok, the color coding might be a little OCD, but you get the idea…)
  • TO-DO LISTS  I LOVE making lists. If you were to go into my phone right now, you would see a list of the kids invited to my daughter’s birthday party, a list of stuff to get done this week, another list for groceries, and a list of apartments with notes since we’re getting ready to move. I take notes for everything because when you have 100 things on your mind, trying to remember specifics can get tricky.  Don’t be afraid to make lists on post-its, phone apps, mini-notebooks… whatever you like. This way you have something legit written down and there’s no second-guessing yourself about details. Plus, it’s an excuse to carry around a super cute little notebook if you want 🙂
  • DON’T PROCRASTINATE – I used to sit there and stare at hard projects at home or work, or having to study for a big exam, and put them last because I knew it was the one that was going to be the hardest and take the most effort. So instead, I would preoccupy myself with distractions and smaller, less important stuff that had to get done eventually. But then I always ended up stressing out more than ever and sometimes missing deadlines. Attack the tough stuff a little bit at a time OR just take a chunk of time and dedicate it to powering through whatever it is that you have been avoiding. I promise you your stress levels will go down big time!

piggy bank savingsMake a Budget and STICK WITH IT-This is a super-hard one to do, especially if you’re an impulse buyer like me. As I got older I realized my credit mistakes when I turned 18 totally caught up with me and made my life harder. So, I decided to actually make a budget and make sure I followed it. I have a color-coded excel spreadsheet (yep, there’s the OCD again) but there’s apps and websites like Mint or Learnvest you can use for free! Another cool thing you can do is sign up for SaveUp and get rewarded for paying your bills on time and putting money into a savings account! How cool is that? Just make sure that you put will love the feeling of knowing where the heck all your hard earned money goes and how to make sure you can afford to take care of you and your baby.
helping young mom friendDon’t be afraid to say YES – Ok, I know we all love being independent young moms who are out to prove that we can conquer the world. While this is entirely true, I want you to remember something: You’re still human! Sometimes we find ourselves feeling like we might need help but we’re too stubborn or determined to ask. (I may be speaking from personal experience…. maybe.) So here’s the thing, if someone is willing to help you out by offering to pick up your kids from school, babysitting for an hour so you can go to take your midterm, or even offering to pick up some stuff at the store for you while they’re out so you can avoid the mission of packing up the diaper bag and the kids and spending 20 minutes loading up the entire car just to go get a gallon of milk, just say these simple little words: “Yes, thank you so much.”
I know, I know. You are fully capable of taking care of those million things to do all by yourself. I am NOT doubting you at all! But, if you can realize for a second that those people who love you and see you after you got 2 hours of sleep with a restless baby last night are trying to help you simply because you might actually benefit from it, why not let them? It’s not a bad thing to need other people sometimes. We all do. So don’t be afraid to take help when it’s offered and, more importantly, don’t be afraid to ASK for help too!

There are so many more ways to help keep your sanity and I promise to share them with you later in another blog post. But, for now, make sure you use all these tools to help manage your life and to live every day how it should be: HAPPY!

What are some tips you have for other young moms out there who might need help juggling their busy lives? Tell us in the comments below so we can all be supportive to each other 🙂

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