How to get over Fear and go after your BIG dream

I have a dare for you.

I DARE YOU to tell me what your biggest, scariest, most seemingly-impossible dream is..

Does that already sound scary to you?

Sometimes admitting what your dream is is EVEN SCARIER than actually going after the dream itself.

Why is it so scary?

Because it opens up that part of your brain that wants you fail.

It’s easy to be ordinary.

People don’t criticize others for doing ordinary things. People criticize others for dreaming of BIG things.

They criticize because they’re scared, too.

It’s scary to take risks.

It’s scary to just jump.

But without the jump, you’ll never know the excitement of falling.

Without falling, you’ll never know how good it feels to finally land right where you want to be.

Once you’ve landed right into your BIG dream, you won’t care what anyone else thinks about where you are.

The biggest fear almost every human has is Fear of Criticism.

That’s why more people are afraid of public speaking than of dying.

The secret that everyone going after their big dreams has learned is that you don’t “get over fear”.

You just act in spite of it.

You know the fear is there and you do it anyway.

You push through it until one day you realize that the fear is gone.

And then you think about your next BIG dream.

And it seems scary.

And then you jump again.

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