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How to Get What You Want -3 Things you probably Don’t Know that you NEED to!

Whether your goal is to make more money, lose weight, have a great relationship..

If you can shift the way you think about your desires and goals, I can show you how to get what you want.

Here’s what I mean…

Before I started Young Moms Club, I knew that I wanted to have an online business that would allow me to make a living by working at home. I wanted flexibility in my schedule, the ability to pick up my computer and travel and work from anywhere. And I knew I wanted to make a difference in the world. But I didn’t know how.

I spent a lot of time jumping from project to project, trying and learning new things and working my ass off. Everything I did was done to the fullest extent but it just wasn’t coming together and honestly, I was starting to get pissed.

I realize now that it was because I didn’t have an exact clear vision of what I wanted. “I want an online business.” “I want to travel.” “I want to stay home with my kids.” -These are not clear pictures of success. Without a clear plan, all of the “I Want’s” are just Fairy Tales.

The second I got clear on exactly what my plan was, the pieces starting falling into place. People I needed started appearing in my life, Resources I didn’t have before all of a sudden became available. As I kept progressing forward on this plan, I started seeing signs from the Universe that confirmed my intuition that I was going in the right direction.

how to get what you want

Working at my Starbucks office as I write This

“Having a CRYSTAL CLEAR picture of what you want and then working your ass off at it every day is the secret to success.”

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In the comments below, tell me 3 SPECIFIC things you want to see happen within the next year. Be direct. Don’t say “I want to make more money.” Instead say, “I want a promotion at work to ______ job.”

Don’t say “I want to lose weight.” Say “I want to lose “X” amount of lbs in “X” amount of months.

“Only with clear intentions will you ever meet your goals and start getting all of the things that you want.” <—Click to tweet

Do this now while it’s still fresh in your head because I have another post coming with action steps to take but you need to know your 3 things first…

How to Get What You Want -3 Things you probably don’t know that you NEED to!